Hi guys we are the fire drills and today we’re making this super cute DIY frigate bracelet yes it’s great it’s almost like it just feels great except for it kind of make some boxes which makes it a little 3d which, and we love this even a little bit camp inspired it is the chevron pattern which is still in it’s been in for a while, and we love it and these are so easy to make you can make a ton of them really quickly which for our candy which is really thin right now yeah so there’s like ten minutes, and we chose this like royal blue color for most of ours which is Apollo so in for fall and it’s a Cour color for more ways than one oh no this, if you like you oh yeah bracelet on it. But it’s so sad that friendships are lasting anymore due to so much girl-to-girl boolean yeah whether it’s online physical or emotional bullying is damaging our female use across North America I thought we’ve teamed up with secret mean stinks and the fight against bullying there are many ways that you can help by taking the gang up for good pledge on Facebook my hashtag and getting up for good on Twitter to raise awareness by painting your pinkies blue to show that you support the gang up for good movement or by buying any secret means stinks products, if you buy in a secret means stinks antiperspirant or body spray secret donates $1 to the fight against bullying cool mmm-hmm alright let’s do it let’s gets at it so for this bracelet you’re going to need embroidery floss in any colors you want up to five colors and teeth and scissors you’re going to begin by measuring out the string twice around the length of your wrist plus a little extra you’re going to double that length and and copy this same length four more times. So that you have five strengths next you’re going to lay them out in the order that you would like with the leaves at the bottom and then you’re going to tie them together with a knot at the top make sure you leave some room at the knot at the top.


So that you can tie together at the end next you’re going to take the bracelet above the knot to a secure surface and spread out your strings now you’re going to put your strings on your fingers so one on your index finger your middle finger in your ring finger and on the other hand your index finger and your middle finger. So you can kind of tilt your right hand inwards a bit. So you can imagine a top and bottom of the strings taking your left ring finger go under the top of the light blue under the top of the white and just grab that blue string and pull it through and you can let go and shift the two strings up. So that your right hand ring finger is free and then pull it tight and then we’re going to do the same on the other side so taking your right hand ring finger go under the top of the dark blue string under the top of the white string and then grab that last blue string and pull it through let go and shift your two thread threads up on the left exposing your left hand ring finger and here’s a side view we’re just going under under and pulling it through taking your ring finger go under the top under the top grab that last string and pull it through and pull tight at first your bracelet in the beginning is not going to look like the chevron pattern.

But after a couple of times doing it you’re going to see that it’s going to look like it so don’t worry you’re doing it right so keep going like we said it takes you about ten minutes per bracelet, when you’re all done and you measured it around your wrist you can just tie all the bottom threads into a knot and pull tight you can then take off your tape and you have your page bracelet you all right so there you have it it’s so quick and easy you can make like a million in ten minutes make them all for your friends that’s a great way to symbolize your friendship we want to talk to the female youth of today to hear about their experiences of bullying and see what we can do to gang up for good let’s hit the street so do you think bullying is still problems in schools young woman yes very much it’s still an issue especially like with like Facebook there’s like cyber bullying there’s always stuff that we’re like born with that we get bullied for obviously you never get bully probably a good personality or a bad personality you get bullied for having like freckles or a little bit overweight which usually it’s just stuff you’re born with exactly it’s not something you can always help yeah I don’t think you’re born with and your genetics yeah do you have any stories or experiences to share. But okay, when I was at elementary school I had my ski sound Alex which I know middle it sounds really silly right that shouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings. But that kind of thing goes with you mine your older so it’s not even that she’s like you remember the way I made you feel No and you don’t really remember much from great very. But the fact that you remember that you bullied someone this guy shows you that face with you and you’re not gonna let go oh yeah, when I regret so much.

Because I didn’t I didn’t realize what I was doing, and we also made these friendship bracelets as part of a DIY so you’re our new friend so we’d like you to have one wall I promise it’s a boy this just goes to stand to show that friendships are really important oh no yeah I am a friendship strong I actually have been friends with her in the end oh yeah that’s good I apologized her, and we were good friends so what I think we can do to put a stop to this it’s ridiculous it should end yeah just a lot of awareness and spewing out to others and letting people know that like there’s people out there who is secret has to stay where you up hit your pinky and it showed like awareness that you support awesome anything all right girls it was so nice to meet you guys today and thanks for talking to us it was and hopefully we can all work together to end bullying. Because it’s we’re tired of it and bullying just plain stinks alright so the way that you can help out is go on a Facebook page take the gang up for good pledge or buy any product is that helps donate to the cause and just raise awareness it’s free and that’s one way to help stop this problem okay. So you guys can raise awareness is I painting your pinkies blue or, if you make our bracelets or do the blue pinkies make sure you sign us pictures on Twitter with the hashtag hang up for good, and we will retweet all you beautiful ladies yes all right thank you so much, and we will see you guys later hi back.

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