Hi guys today we kind of have the second part of a post that you just might have seen thank you for to the blue team this is how we kind of styled our DIY match piece that we made so Alice is like styling for the mantle that would made this totally applies to like styling your space in general yes these are just some really easy styling things you can do and a bunch of them are DIY and really cheap and from the surf store exactly so your thought we did it to really bring our Mansell together we’re going to create a full wood pile backdrop we started with some birch logs and then use a miter saw to cut them into roughly one to one and a half inch blocks they don’t have to be exact and instead it’s better to have different sizes and thicknesses you’re going to have to let them dry out for a couple days before you begin to glue them to your board we’ve also seen these pre-cut discs in craft stores or nurseries, if you don’t have access to birch or a saw next we took a piece of trifold foam core and use an exacto knife to shorten the flaps.


So that it would fit nicely behind our fireplace next we took our completely dried discs and started to lay them out on the center of our track holes alternate with small and large discs and keep rearranging to fill any holes once you have it laid out you could take some e6000 glue and just put a couple dots on the back of your disks and press them down and repeat for all your disks we have is a little piece of tape on the disk. So that we knew we had already glued down each piece let this dry overnight and then the next day all your pieces should be attached and looking good we slowed this behind our Mansell, and we think it definitely completes our fireplace we wanted to add a wreath above our mantel, and we couldn’t find an inexpensive one. So we headed to her dollar store and picked up a strand of garland for a couple of dollars we bent it into a circle and since it’s made of wire it easily held its shape we then used some snow in a can spray which we picked up at the hardware store in order to add some snow pieces to the wreath make sure not to use too much and focus on pieces that would be very exposed to any falling snow to keep it looking natural this made our wreath looks so much more expensive in the end we knew that we wanted to put the wreath around little.

Albert which is a little deer that we got from Carwood Safari, and we think that they look so woodsy together which is the overall theme of our decor this year in addition to our wreath we also wanted a snowy garland or on top of our mantel we purchased a strand the third sir for a dollar ninety-nine which was quite the steal we added some snow the same way we did for the wreaths as well as onto some pine cones and, when it’s put together on top of the mantle we love the look of it our second last mantle decor are these easy DIY stockings going with our natural winter woodsy theme we pick up some sand colored sweaters from the thrift store we simply drew a stocking shape while the sweater with inside out pinned both sides together and then cut it out with just along the sides and the bottom while obviously leaving the top open, when it’s done you can flip it inside out and your stocking is complete our next decor idea works for this mantel or for anyone that has an older fireplace that maybe doesn’t work anymore for this we use the white candles found a strip store and some that we purchase you want to make sure that you have all different sizes of pillar candles we arrange them with the big candles in the back and the smaller ones in the front in the end they look so warm and inviting this is also a great idea. Because it’s a great way to have some fire without actually having a fire.

Because obviously this is a fake fireplace since the candle fire was looking so bright and cheery we decided that we love to brighten at the top of our mantel as well we use some string lights and quickly wrapped it around the wreath and put the rest through the garland on the mantel in the end our faux fireplace and mantle decor rivals the Christmas tree for our favorite Christmas decor focal point to see how we made this fireplace mantel make sure you click here to say we are happy with that that turned out would probably be a huge understatement we are very very very happy and it’s just I’m so proud. And I just keep sending people pictures being like we’re just saying that this should be like set up in a store somewhere. Because it just looks so professional and put together. But like it wasn’t that bad at all and you guys saw us do it easy.

And I don’t too expensive either exactly yeah you know the decoration and obviously a little disclaimer here we did use candles and flames of this post and like we save anything just be careful these are candles don’t leave them unattended just watch it and you should be okay yeah we had ours burning for quite some time it was fine yeah. But I mean don’t leave the house yeah and keep it on and your pets or baby. Because these are on the floor be mindful of that as well just don’t even say look good not lit – yeah exactly. But yeah, if you want to like read something kind of fun.

Because you guys are smart you know how to be safe. But we’re letting you know anyway yeah so these are just a couple of our Christmas posts we have lots more coming more like gift ideas more decor we have some more decor still coming. But then also like a lot of gift ideas which you guys requested it obviously we give to you yes so make sure you guys are subbed for that so thank you guys so much for reading and, if you liked it always like this and, if you love it sub it and we’ll see you guys in the next post bye guys.

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