Hi we are here to talk about a huge trend right now and it has been for the last couple years even making my hand moving it’s a yes serving Canada where it’s like super cold in the winter so it’s nice, when like fashion and then practical things come together yeah.

So we’re gonna show you three ways on how to get or make a circle scarf yeah yeah number one so the first way is probably like the most easiest way that you’ve probably already thought about. But in case you didn’t we’re gonna tell you anyways so I’m what you’re gonna need to do is get a long scarf that it’s like a straight scarf and the important thing is that it has like tassels on the end yeah like these so what you’re gonna want to do is take both ends of the scarf that have the little tassels on them I’ve never done this why am i doing it and you’re gonna take sections of the tassels like group them together and tie both ends together in little knots like so little nuts I do each tassel together. Because hey that would take you forever to do and feed them you can like never undo it yeah so yeah just time you’d be like three knots of them together so it’s pretty sturdy I thought what Abby did here was she tied three knots yeah and, when you go to bunch it up to where it you’re not even gonna be able to– just make sure you put the knots at the back your head will model this for you yeah we will yeah. So you want them not to the back of the head and then you want the other nice piece to go over and it covers the knots and instant circle scarf instant circle scarf is all good guys food you can’t really do, if you can’t like whatever I didn’t pay anything else for the circle skirt cuz I made it no mado – okay so the number two option is complete DIY and that is to knit yourself you’re on the circle skirt knitted Becky.


But I don’t know how to knit well I’m your show you um this is a black knitted one that I was wearing in the other post, if you happened to see that one um this took me about like three days to do and a lot of time I don’t know it’s actually so easy so the first step in making this circle scarf out of knit is to knit a straight row of basic stitch, if you already know how to do that then you can skip to here here and I’ll show you how to end it to make it a circle scarf okay so once you’ve knitted like a straight line of scarf I’m gonna show you how to turn it into a circle skirt so what I did was I took my two ends of the scarf the beginning and the end and basically I just stitched them together using the exact same wool. So that you couldn’t tell that there was ever a seam so here’s what I did it might seem a little bit silly. But it worked for me um since you’re basically gonna want to sew them together I didn’t have like a sewing needle that was um like that the hole was big enough for the size of yarn that I was using so what I did was they used to pen I had a pointy end as my needle. Because the holes in my scarf were so big like a pen was the perfect size to kind of stitch it together.

So you know I cut yourself a piece of yarn about as long as you think you need to stitch it together it all depends on how wide you need your scarf I’m gonna go with about this long for now then what you’re gonna do is okay then what you wanna do is take a piece of tape about this size and you are gonna want to tape one end of your yarn to the very bottom of the pen this is the way we’re gonna pretend that we’re threading our needle huh and it should look something like this so now you have your phone needle and thread put the two ends of your scarves together overlap them just a little bit enough. So that you can use your pen to make a couple giant stitches just enough that holds it together and then just tie a knot in the end, when you’re done to stop it from coming undone and yeah after you’ve put all those steps you end up a beautiful no Swami my laughing – rocky yes yes I do okay okay the other thing about these ones is one thing you use like big fatty needles is they’re really stretchy. So you can wrap them around place three times as many times as you want oh yeah like it’s stretchy stretchy yeah so whatever you feeling like however cold you are hot you are that’s there we need to make a circle scarf so the very last way to make yourself a circle scarf is by what you’re gonna do is take a large old sweater that you don’t want anymore it’s pretty large or you can use a really big t-shirt like, if you want to make the cotton kind that I know American Apparel sells those ones and then which this is a really cheap alternative just a heads up, if you are gonna use one that knows a knit sweater make sure that it’s pretty tight. Because, if you use like in a loose knit sweater it’s gonna fall apart yeah is this is your sweater end yes it’s huge – is it gonna take the part that’s right under the arms so this part down to the bottom and you’re just gonna cut a straight line across it.

So that you end up with this giant circle piece yeah so once you have the bottom of your sweater cut you should have this giant tube thing which is circle scarf which tells you a model so easy how do you think yeah it was the easiest one fun fact um. So you have this top part of your sweater and you’re like what do I do with that I just don’t always it. So you can take the sleeves and make them into leg warmers a little bit before the sleep and nakooma so yeah, if you put that under a boot it’s super cute okay so hope you guys learned something about DIY scarves, if you already were like that was so obvious sorry. But it was obvious.

But honestly is some people just don’t think of these things, if you know a different way to make a circle scarf besides buying one leave it in the comments below bye guys that’s it Oh.

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