Hi guys today we have yet another concrete DIY for you guys okay and what you guys have loved in the past we did concrete DIYs.

So we’re gonna keep doing them why not why not you bought a new load of concrete more we’re ready to go disclaimer this post this is the third time we’ve made this damn wine in the last week I don’t know what it was we could not get this right you just did it work. But, if there’s one thing you can trust now it’s us 2 times failed concrete clockmakers we’re gonna be champions at the end of this I’m proud of my things that are concrete yeah alright so here is the correct way to make a concrete clock to start you’ll need an old clock to take the clock mechanism out of you could buy this piece new as well, if you wanted to. But we got this one from the thrift store and it doesn’t even hang straight it’s begging to be made over start by taking apart your clock to take the hands off the clock start by popping off the top button and from there you should be able to gently pull off the hands each clock might be slightly different you should now see a tiny nut screw holding on the back battery pack unscrew this in your clock should come apart now we’re going to make our cement base we’re going to pour our cement into this box to keep the mess down line your box with freezer or wax paper with the shiny side up next dry out how big you want your clock to be we did ours 12 inches so draw a point in the center and Mark line 6 inches out in all directions this helps to draw a perfect circle now we’re watchin need to figure out how thick to make the clock take your clock battery pack and measure how thick it is from the back to half of the way up through the threaded part this totaled to be about 2 centimeters so taking some old cardboard draw out strips 2 centimeters thick and cut them out now we’re going to use the strips to create a mold for a clock using some tape tape down the cardboard around in a circle make sure you’re placing the tape on the outside.


So that we keep it inside the smooth our cement once you have it taped down use long strips of tape to completely seal the cardboard to the wax paper this will stop any cement from leaking out later once it’s all done it’ll look like this and now we need to make a box to create an indent for our battery pack to sit in measure the size of your box and make it as tall as just the battery pack of the clock mechanism ours was 1.5 centimeters thick your battery box should look something like this next we’re going to use a straw to mark out the space the bar on our battery pack will sit in mark a line on the straw half of the height of this threaded screw part ours was half a centimeter place the straw directly in the center of the mold and pour some hot glue inside to hold it in place you’ll also want to punch a hole in the center of your battery box big enough to slide snugly over the straw now it’s time to mix the cement we’re using rapidset cement. But regular sand cement will work just as well it only take longer to dry the ratio for mixing cement is four parts cement one part water. So we’re adding two cups of cement and half a cup of water at a time and slowly mixing it together it should end up to be a peanut butter consistency pour the cement into your mold fill it all the way up to the top of the mold and then slide your box down over the straw push it in all the way until you see the line on your straw your battery box shouldn’t be touching the bottom of your mold shake the box gently to help the concrete settle and remove any air bubbles let the concrete dry entirely now onto our hands using some wire cutters to turn off the little circle accents at the end of each hand make it look a little bit dated then we spray painting the hands as well as the top button with some gold spray paint once the concrete has dried remove it from the mold some of our cardboard stuck to the back of our clock. But that’s okay.

Because it won’t be seen slide the battery pack into the back you should now be able to screw the little nut back on to the front to hold the battery pack in place add the hands back on in the order you took them apart and your clock is now complete hope you guys like that concrete clock tutorial we love it we’re so happy that it turned out and turned out amazing finally oh um any of you guys want more concrete DIYs DIYs I’ve never even what um not lies aren’t I lied yeah oh my god, if you guys want more concrete DIY make sure you let us know in the comments below. Because there’s like an infinite and infinite amount of things that you can make with concrete um we’ve already done a kettle I was gonna say who asked the ones who’ve done already linked below as well for you yet. But we were down doing more things once we have our bag of concrete or in this case our box of concrete we’re ready to go also need you guys notice that we’re starting to match our outfit to our DIYs like who are we we’re like we’re gonna do concrete today so let’s go we’re gray and we’re gonna do like a wall winds coming up where it’s a white wall and we’re both wearing white yeah like what are we okay that’s normal I’m slowly becoming the tiara we are the one with you I also I don’t know, if you guys have noticed you should know this that we have been blogging a bit more recently over on our blog blog the story life yet, and we kind of mentioned big clock fails in those logs as well. Because like multiple days we did these clocks um, when you’re walking and it just similar.

So you can go check that out for more yeah make sure you comment to our blog blog called the sword light and let us know, if you guys like seeing more blogs we’re kind of debating whether we should just do more that I guess a little bit less interesting cuz it’s just our day like day to day day or just keep them to want to go and do like actual exciting thing. Because we thought that you guys want to just see like our lives yeah as they are a bit about, when they’re less exciting. But I mean we blog today guys yeah we definitely can we’re going to post today so um this is the morning, if you can tell we’re like starting off the morning we’re going to post today hope to see you guys over on our post blog and here more often make sure you like the post to tell us that you liked and, if you do love it until you sub it and grow a little fan I’m a little bigger, and we will see you guys in our next post all right bye guys.

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