Hey guys my new selfie.

And I reckon, and we are and today have a book you avoid another one of our like favorite things to do which is DIYs that you didn’t know you needed until right now you know you need it and it’s very useful guys we found rose gold pipes at the hardware store who know hardware supposed to be so chic decades copper pipes guys we obviously know that was a thing before so this is how you make our DIY copper hamper to start you’re going to need some copper pipe you can get this from any hardware store you also need a pipe cutter we got ours for ten dollars we’ll be cutting eight pieces in total for that are 24 inches in four that are 14 inches its cheapest, if I one six-foot pipe and one 12 of pipe and then we asked to get our 12-foot pipe cut in half. So you can fit it into the car and get it home the pipe cutter works by tightening it around the area you want to cut and twisting it and tightening it until it splits in half once you’re done you should have eight pieces that look like this copper pipe usually comes slightly tarnished and dirty looking a simple way to clean it is by rubbing some ketchup on it waiting a few minutes and then wiping it clean this step might be a little gross. But you’ll definitely end up with some super shiny copper, when you’re done, if your pipe has any printing on it you can remove this with nail polish once all of our pieces are nice and clean is time to assemble them you’ll need eight copper corner pieces and some guerrilla glue start by making a big U shape with two long pieces and one of your short pieces to glue it together you’re going to dampen the ends of your pipe and then add some glue into the corner piece and then assemble it make sure that, when you’re adding any corner pieces that they aren’t the same angle. So we did this by laying them flat on the ground make two of these large u shapes and then we’re going to have two short pieces left and we’re just going to add two corner pieces onto each one finish it off by connecting your two u shapes with the two smaller pipes for the actual hanford bag you’ll need a long piece of durable fabric we’re going to start by tracing and cutting out one really long piece that was about 70 inches by 13 inches and two smaller side pieces that were 22 inches by 13 inches find the middle of your long piece and match up with the middle of one of the smaller pieces and then placing the good sides together we’re going to fabric glue or you could sell them together and repeat this process with the second smaller side piece on the opposite side of our long piece once those glue strips are dry you can line up the remaining long sides and glue them all together we’re basically building a fabric rectangle box once it’s all dry flip it inside out and then place the hamper bag inside of our copper frame just to kind of find out how high we want the bag to sit and make sure that it’s kind of lying flat with the ground make a mark with some sewing pins for where our velcro strips will need to go and then take it off and hot glue a strip of velcro to each side of the handles you and then they’ll crow your bag into this and you’re done thanks everyone for reading that post hope you guys liked it.


Because we are gonna fight over who gets this hamper now basically all we’re gonna have to make another one which also are not possibility how many like trends are in this hamper all in one lift there’s copper / rose gold and the print is like a tribal like Coachella boho II thing and plus it’s kind of like a geometric shape and link that’s kind of in as well dude guys it’s just so trendy you know you didn’t think your camper to be trendy make sure you guys are commentd for your number one source of on-trend DIYs yes that’s other guys we got this, if you guys go follow us on Twitter and or Instagram you should probably check that out we’re gonna give you a second here just go down that little down bar I know he works scroll down scroll down I know you can’t see our faces anymore. But it’s a football the instructions click open new tabs comment follow whatever you call it follow it okay at your back thanks for doing that we’ll see you guys over there on our social medias concepts where you can like catch up on us in between your Tuesday posts instagrams like my best friend basically yeah love it like creeping everybody and creeping everybody that likes my photos and again we suppose before. But like send us your DIYs on instagram too like, if you guys do things that ya done cuz i know you guys do it first a lot of them are like literally bad so yeah our be retiring also, if you guys want to see anything more with copper pipe. Because that we have some extra fashioned I know there’s copper pipe DIYs out there like whole bunch of different ones can I show them our MIDI rings don’t do this at home DIY MIDI ring see we tried it.

Because it looks dope. But it’s kind of it’s a little Shari to figure out a sand copper or something / this is totally you said it would go green in a day right. But stay tuned to watch us figure out how to make copper MIDI rings real thing right all right we will see you guys next time and.

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