Hi guys today we have um and hi guys my name’s Abby and we’re and today we have an amazing floor-length tutorial for you so cheap so chic this was gonna be just like a glance over tutorial in my bedroom makeover.

But then we were like it’s a little bit complicated and, if we did just glance over and not do a full tutorial everybody we’ve been like kinda has a full tutorial. Because I want to highlight this we know you guys little wanted it so here we are telling you exactly how we did it and it’s really not that hard at all. But we just thought we would you know laid out for you anyways so this is kind of based on a real lamp in a store and a blog post. But then we just kind of expanded it.


Because the blog post didn’t go into super in-depth and it was blog post not a post and obviously we all like the posts and so Abby was full bedroom makeover will be coming out on Tuesday so make sure you stay tuned to see how we style this lamp in her room as well it’s going so good so let’s do it let’s do it for our copper tripod lamp we’re basing our tutorial off of a blog post with some slight changes on our end of course follow link it below for you anyways so you’ll need three copper pipes ours are half an inch thick and our four feet tall you’ll also need a lamp kit yours might come with more pieces. But these are the main ones you’ll need depending on how your lamp shade attaches you might need this gold piece. But our source without it. So we won’t need it next you’ll need a small block of wood which will hold everything together draw a triangle with one and a quarter inch sides we’ll be drilling holes at each point next you’ll need a protractor we have to drill our holes at 105 degree angle so the legs extend out to form a tripod since our copper pipes are half an inch in diameter you’ll need a 5/8 inch drill bit the half-inch measurement only accounts for the inside diameter of the pipe hold your protractor flat against your block of wood and hold your drill bit at the hundred and five degree angle and begin to drill slowly we found it easiest to actually drill straight down to form a little groove to stop our drill from slipping and then angle our drill and continue not angle drill about halfway down your block.

But don’t go all the way through repeat that for the last two holes make sure to always angle your drill towards the center of the triangle at that 105 degree angle as you can see the pipes fit in nicely n lanes at the right angle don’t worry, if it’s not a hundred percent perfect. Because we’ll glue it exactly in place later next place a dot directly in the center of your triangle and with your lamp kit look at the bottom rod of the base piece and select a drill bit that’s that size drill a hole all the way through your wood your block of wood should look like this and is ready to go now we need to put two holes in one of our copper pipes for our lamp cord to go through place a dot about two inches down from both ends of the pipe select your sharpest drill bit for this our copper pipe was pretty thin so this is easy to do, if your drill bit ever gets too hot while doing this let it cool for a minute and then continue safety first guys make sure there are no sharp bits of copper where the hole is and it would be a good idea to add a rubber grommet to keep your copper poles safe from the electrical wire take your cord from the lamp kit and thread the NAM plug side into the bottom hole and up through the pipe and out the top hole we’re using a paperclip turned into a tiny hook to pull out the cord this is optional. But we’re spray-painting our wooden base a matching shade of copper and at this time we’re also going to spray-paint our lamp shade Navy now to connect your pipes to your block we recommend Gorilla Glue for this. Because it expands and will fill any wiggle room in your drilled holes this glue is activated with water so wet the inside of your wood along with the tips of your pipe line the edges of the inside of your holes with the glue and then add your pipes for the pipe housing the cord make sure that the plug and is at the bottom and that your wire end is closest to the wood we’re using a triangle with even sides that we cut out of cardboard to hold our legs into place slide the triangle up and down until the legs are spaced as much as you’d like tape the legs to the cardboard to hold it while it dries this is our crazy.

But effective taping job, and we even taped one of the lights to the wall. So that it doesn’t fall over well dry once you’re happy with how it looks let it dry fully after it’s dry it will look like this and as you can see the glue expanded out of the holes. But that’s alright. Because our legs are tightly secured into place and the lampshade will totally cover this now to wire our lamp we aren’t professional electricians.

But this is extremely easy to do to start you’ll need these two pieces, if your base has a little screw in it remove it for now screw your threaded pipe into the base of your light and slip the pipe down into the center hole that we drilled earlier add a nut underneath to tighten it into place and add your tiny screw back in take the wire that exits from your copper pipe and thread it up through the center pipe take the switch part and slide the silver and cardboard tube up to reveal two little screws one should be silver and one should be gold loosen these with a screwdriver feel the two ends of your wire and you should feel a rich one and a smooth one wrap the wire from the ridge side clockwise around the silver screw and use a screwdriver to tighten up the screw then wrap the smooth wire clockwise around the gold screw and tighten it slide the silver and cardboard tube back down to cover the screws and then push the entire piece down into the base and now you can take your lightbulb screw it into place and you should have light here’s what it looks like once we’ve added our Navy lampshade to clean up your copper you can use some nail polish remover to get rid of any writing on the pipe and you can use ketchup to shine up your pipes and remove any tarnished parts you can find a more in-depth explanation in our copper pipes laundry hamper DIY to finish off our lamp we’re taking these copper pipe caps and adding them to the bottom add some e6000 glue into the cap and then add it to the ends of your pipes and that’s it for our copper tripod lamp hopefully you guys like that tutorial it was a little bit electrical bad girls are we’re shoemakers now or electricians. But definitely do this at your own caution. Because electrical safety is important not to scare you guys at the same time it’s extremely easy the lab kit that we bought is made for people to kind of construct their own limbs out of it yeah it’s totally normal thing to do it really looked hard at all no just make sure that you’re being mindful we’re doing all being like Oh be mindful so how much did you say that you saw it in the stores for oh I don’t even remember. Because I just like block out those parts of my life, when I got things over a certain website I think you think about yeah I’m like this is god achievable like ignore ignore this didn’t happen I thought you’re just sad.

Because you look at cans that. So I would say to make this one it probably cost us around 50 yep around 50 which I mean whatever might sound expensive for a DIY. But, when you compare it to the actual lamp we’re modeling it after which is probably around $300 it’s pretty cool, if I can find it again it should be hard to and so, if you do want to see Abby’s entire bedroom makeover masterpiece and see that lamp style you can click on this post and it’ll be here, when it comes out and, if you’re reading it, when it’s out I really didn’t click now you’re so lucky so reading uh yeah I’m so excited to see her turns out we’re like halfway through the process and it’s just it’s gonna be amazing looking great guy you know what you guys have like a dream bedroom or like, when you finally get that piece of clothing that you’ve been wanting like it’s one of those moments it’s exciting yeah should be this excited a really good bedroom. But you know can you spend so much of your time in it you should be excited it’s true you spend half of your time it’s true depending on how many hours of sleep you get maybe a third I guess any of you guys I haven’t already commentd make sure you do that.

Because it supports us and shows you like what we’re doing. So we can keep tape and keep making posts for you you guys have been so supportive the last lately like you’ve really been loving the stuff people putting out which has been pushing us to do with a bigger projects like this one definitely definitely Emily so thanks again for all your support and give it a like, if you don’t mind cuz it really does help us fun places um, and we will see you guys in our next post bye guys bye.

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