Hey we are back to our mini travel series we took a little break for Valentine’s Day.

Because we always had to do ballet today. But we are back with our fourth and final travel inspired DIY this one is a cord organizer just. Because, when you go on vacation or you go anywhere you go to like your friend’s house for a night you’re gonna bring out your phone charger and a bunch of other things headphones so this just helps organize them and it’s such an easy DIY do it’s so easy, and we all know the struggle of cords become a huge knot, when you try to bring it anywhere it’s such pain. So we figured out a way to help you we did see this on Pinterest.


And I know a lot of you might have as well. But we want to figure out, if it worked and, if it did work I show it to guys who may not have seen it then we did a different way of like tying it up just. Because the ones we saw it only worked, if you had a certain size you have to put the same chords and every single time for it to close yeah. But this one works there get one cord or like five so it’s part that’s great so this star you’re going to gather all the cords that you want to put in we used a phone charging cord a camera cord some earbuds and a USB charger we made this out of some teal vinyl and on the bad side we are going to lay out all of our cords just to space them out evenly then we are going to mark where the bottom of our cords kind of sit we’re going to leave a little bit on the one side and on the other side a little bit more maybe four inches and close that off to make a rectangle and cut a route then we’re going to relay our cords again and starting about an inch and half from the one side we are just going to mark each side of our cords leaving an inch and a half space between each cord just going to repeat this again so next were going to mark out the thickness of our slits.

So we did it about an inch thick and then we’re going to connect all those lines. So we should see where our slips are going to be and then just using some scissors we’re going to cut these out you can fold it in half to start with a little tiny slit and then put the scissors through to complete the line we’re going to then add two small slits on the edge and these are going to go vertical then you’re going to finish by putting in your cords you might need to make your slips a little bit bigger, if it’s hard to fit them through then we just took some leather cord we had left over from a DIY infinity bracelet we did a couple summers ago we just threaded that through our one slipped and then your final step is just to rule the whole thing up and wrap your corn around a couple times and tie off in a bow so that’s it it’s one of the easier DIYs you’ve done in a while and like so inexpensive I know how you guys would ask them for even more affordable tio as you try and keep them pretty cheap. But this one is like really affordable like that and, if you guys weren’t reading we did three other travel inspired DIY is earlier on in them so, if you haven’t seen those yet we will link them below you can go check them out they’re perfect for, if you’re traveling or, if not they are great just all times of the year yeah you’ll figure out a use for them, and we both what inspired the travel DIYs were us traveling so, if you want to see those posts mine’s already up and Becky’s will be make sure they we hope you guys enjoy those yeah there’s so much fun all right we’ll see you guys next week bye bye you.

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