Hello ladies and gentlemen today we have a very exciting DIY for you tell, if I can we make a world map out of cork board which is really exciting and fun.

Because you can put pins on it a places you’ve been places you want to go and photos yeah exactly either use it as a cork board or even, if you don’t it just looks awesome yes it’s very cool so this is inspired by a world map cork board that they sell at Anthropologie, and we kind of took it more like what that’s amazing let’s see, if we can do it, and we had dough. But it actually turned out amazing and it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be and a lot of times we see things that we think are awesome and Lord Bible were like that is so expensive. And I know I can do it for cheaper so that’s this is one of those times all right so what you are going to need for this DIY is a really thin like peg like exacto knife and you get these from Michaels I need cork obviously this is really important. So we did a lot of searching we spent half of our day looking for the right core it really did so a lot of cork they’re going to find is like shelving wine or pork I guess on the wire you want to line your shelves with cork so yeah the one quart I found that’s really popular is really really thin it has an adhesive back so this will look cool.


But your pins aren’t really going to be able to stick. Because they won’t be able to go anywhere I’m not sticking up so the one we found and that. Because all they define multiple stores we found this out close it’s a roll cork so it is about 1/8 of an inch anything from a hates image to a quarter of an inch is going to be pretty good size cork so once you have those are you going to need is something to stick it to the wall and you can either just like top glue it to a piece of bristol board or you can buy a ball adhesive little sticky two-sided stickers yeah much and you can get this for micro Michael’s dollar store anywhere optional you’re going to want to get a cutting board something to cut the cork on. Because you don’t want to making cut marks and like your table or your floor really this sounds like fun I don’t know not my thing you’re also going to need a little pins that you can use, if you want to put little pins up across the world to mark certain places yeah, and we did our own DIY pins and we’ll show you that at that so to start this off you’re going to need two side what you want to do.

So we did a world map. But you can also do a map of your country you can do a map of your province or state or state yet or territory or territory a little okay well um yes you just need to figure out what map you want to do and on our blog you’re going to find the map that we use we actually took the world map, and we kind of condensed it rearranged it all yeah so it was just easier to put out on a sheet, and we weren’t wasting so much space like where the Haitians were and stuff we did this. So that we could print it like each constant being as de as possible so it would use most of the corner right all right so to make your map giant and large we use this website called block posters calm and, if you know a better way to do this then just go ahead and do it. But we use this website so what your purse can do is to choose the image you’d like to upload.

So you can either use a plain map of the world or you can use our kind of condensed version we just kind of put all the countries together. So that we weren’t wasting so much space on the so you’re just going to upload your file so once it uploads you’re going to be able to see your photo there and kind of can see how it’s divided up via pieces of paper and you can choose whether you want your pieces of paper to go landscape or portrait and then it also tells you at the bottom how big it will be. So you know, if you know that your cork is 1 meter or 3 feet then it says it’ll be how big you can kind of like match up the size of the amount of cork that you have. So we decided that 4 pages wide by 2 is good for us and then you press next and download your PDF file and then you can just check it out make sure it looks pretty good and then you’re just going to print it out from there so now that you have your map on top of your cork I’ll pin down you’re ready to go cutting board underneath yes be careful umm really all you have to do now to say is you just cut the outline of the world or your state or whatever comments or your country yeah sounds really daunting.

But really don’t try to be too precise with it. Because I was worried that you’re being too like slash in general with it I think are just a little too detail yeah kinda wish it was more just like basic and, when you take the paper off, when you’re done like it looks like you try harder yeah I don’t know how to say that. But and it did take us a while to do it this way we did do a lot of detail we did a lot of islands just. Because we these are places we want to go what I didn’t you just can’t like start popping it out pretty simply just hold yeah the edges, when you’re doing a really small card yeah and then we would kind of use the edge of our exacto knife, if you had a really small like piece of land that one like that we kind of put our exact to make overtop of it and kind of push in and pull in an opposite direction so yeah just like use your fingers to kind of maneuver out all the small areas it’s not that hard I speak gentle you should be fine.

So we took our time and overall it took us about three hours to cut up the entire world so, if you’re doing a country or state only it’s gonna take you a lot less time yeah and that’s gonna be a lot basic even, if you’re doing it the same size it’s just like probably gonna be a lot easier imagine there’s topic United States oh just be like and as you cut out your countries we kind of started laying them out on a piece of brown paper, if you just have another table you can start kind of placing them as you cut them out just. So that you don’t forget. Because the islands all start to look the same. So you never like been there you don’t know your geography too well that’s another thing you’re gonna learn so much that’s that looks so much like you’d like yo just put Papua New Guinea over here.

And I’m like eh blue what is that I think that I’ll just start placing them kind of where you know the world goes and just look up a map for reference right on. Because the map that we gave you, if you using the one we gave you is not in order you can too don’t put the world together that way. So you know I look at a map and lay it out kind of how it supposed to be yeah so once you have them all cut out yay congratulations so now you’re just gonna take your sticky wall pieces and you know you could find little individual like dot kind of wall pieces or, if you just have some role of double sided wall safe tape you’re gonna start cutting pieces up from that we have this kind of they’re little like pieces of foam that are double-sided in their wall snake and thereby Scotch. So we started putting those on, if there was a smaller area we just kind of cut it up and then put small pieces on pretty simple so it’s fast done you are going to pull up your reference map and this helps to have another person with you someone who can stand back and say a little bits of laughs all right little higher a little lower oh my god not so high that’s a love we did here up slash Asia first just the biggest one you can kind of place everything relative to that relative relative yeah so start with the bigger land masses then work your way to the smaller ones and then your dad and then to make the little pins so like you said you can either just stick kind of like color-coded pins like Oh red beans up in there we means I want to go there or you can do our DIY flag through really cute yeah I like them better.

And I kind of you get to write the name on it. So that you remember what the places so for this you can use washi tape I think is a high qualit I think so alright washi tape or we took scrapbooking paper and then just cut up little strips of like one of your favorite patterns that’s not too busy. Because you’re writing words on top obviously um. So we cut out little strips and then we took old pins you can either use metal pins like this or, if you don’t have any which we did we had a whole bunch of assorted ones we took some wire cutters, and we just snipped off the ballpark.

Because we didn’t want it and then we simply took some hot glue or you can just use regular glue and folded our strip of paper around it so it becomes double-sided like yep, and we cut out too little we made a little yeah it looks like a little flag and then you sharpie and write the city on it or country, and we did like a color-coded system you might have mentioned this earlier we did like one color mint I’ve been here one color. Because I want to go here totally up to you yeah you can also do, if you lived there, if you lived in a lot of places that’d be awesome like a color for living there a color for wanting to go there and yeah color for visiting so although we could this is such an amazing summer DIY it’s great, if you do travel or, if you really aspire to travel it’s kind of like a dream board and the plus is that it is cork so like, if you have photos from places you’ve traveled to add them to the map it’s perfect yeah little mini fun wasn’t so cute we hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and you’re excited about it as we are, and we hope you try it and, if you do please let us know hold all the photos and send it to our twitter or instagram or Facebooks I will be linked below, if you liked it make sure you like the post. So that lets us know that we’re doing something you guys like. So you can do more of it yeah, and we will see you guys next week bye.

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