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Your home has one central room that often attracts family, friends and most visitors: your kitchen. You feed your guests, you entertain, and you make them feel at home. All this warm magic happens in the kitchen, and it makes sense that most agree that the kitchen is the essential room in the house. Keeping sufficient countertop space is a critical aspect of life in the kitchen.

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While the costs for a countertop installation may vary, it is one project that the handiest homeowner can perform themselves once they’ve gathered the appropriate supplies. Before you order new countertops, which should be based on your home’s budget, make sure that you measure your current countertop space as well as your kitchen. Create a sketch that runs from the back wall to the edge of the cabinet. Be thorough and as accurate as possible. Be especially careful with your kitchen sink.

When you do order the countertops, you will receive iron-on end cats that cover finish ends but purchasing additional plastic laminate helps you know that you have a genuinely long-lasting grip on your new countertops. Also buying build-up strips, which support the top across the cabinets, although you may ask the supplier if these come along with the countertops.

As you begin to build the countertop, you must start with the most extended corner section, as most other pieces only fit in with this one. You will need miter bolts to secure the counter top to the wall and sides of the other parts and be sure to close any gaps in the backside of the backsplash to fit onto the wall, which sometimes proves tricky. The back edge will need to be sanded down, and the miter bolts will be removed after this step.

As each section is added, you may need to cut edges to make sure that each side is even and fits well. You can use a jigsaw with a medium-cut blade, as this will minimize chipping. Remember to measure twice and cut once. Contact cement is used to secure each piece in place, and miter bolts will b used again when parts are brought together.

The process, although it typically only takes one day, is not something everyone can undertake, so consult a professional. Suppliers such as will often help with every step in the process – from selecting the best countertop for your kitchen to installation. Installing new countertops in your kitchen will not only provide enough space to cook and feed your family, but it can also dramatically change the look of your kitchen. If you know that you may sell your home someday, updating old or damaged countertops will also significantly shoot up the value of your home.

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