Hi we’re bringing back an old favorite today what is that Becky Disney old-school Disney we’re doing a modern interpretation of krell de Ville and actually we didn’t realize we have posts post and then we just found out that they’re redoing korilla yeah I didn’t know with that Mazzone so apparently we’re ahead of the times as well maybe we’ll have to do another one, when that movie comes out based on what she wears them I know I wish I knew that now um. But we took karela de Valera ones favorite villain and imagined her kind of what you would wear nowadays, and we even have special guests who came and helped us make this costume so much better so comment, if you’re loving these Halloween costume tutorials and stay tuned to see who our special guest is all right let’s get into the costume so our modern-day Karla de Ville is a combination of thrifted items as well as DIYs and the person I’m going to show you is her fur coat is actually a combination of both of those things. So we found this faux fur coat at the thrift store for $15 the original Karla de Vil had red lining inside of her jacket. So we’re going to take this white fur jacket and add some red shiny crimson fabric into the inside we cut it to the size of the two front lining panels and glued it on with hot glue making sure to fold under the edges so it looked me, if you were finishing a proper jacket you might want to take off the old lining and sew in your new one using the old lining as a pattern and we’ve only got so much red fabric.


So we did this on the sides where you would actually see the red popping up for a cigarette stick we’re taking a piece of 3/8 inch dowling and sawed it to 11 inches long we taped off the end which will later be white and gold paint the rest of the dowel in black once it’s dry I taped the edge of the black portion and paint the rest white lastly we take up a small area where the black met the white and use gold paint pen to make it gold instead of her tail purse which is slightly disturbing we’re going to make a faux fur black and white pom-pom to go on her purse we took some black and white fur trim pieces and glued them together we then made the pom-pom the same way we did in our faux fur DIYs post. But to summarize cut out a circle in and out around in a circle and then pull tight stuff it with some extra trim and then sew it all shut we also added on a chain at this point we added the pom-pom to this cute little white purse from the thirst store and to do this we cut the chain to the length that we wanted and then use a jump ring to attach the change itself I are still lucky to be here with alb from LV in Wonderland she does makeup she’s also from Toronto amongst other things yeah I mean I do makeup chirls. But I also do like political rants. And I document my life my very pink cute like I guess a hideous challenge is like beautiful I like dream world so that’s what I do a whole barrage and today we’re going to do some Pirela demille makeup on this face the last step was adding this amazing gray and black ombre wig that was generously provided to us by everyday wigs calm we loved this way.

Because it’s a modern take on the classic karela de Ville and this coloring is actually so trendy right now so it can be used outside of this costume as well well link the way below for you, if you’d like to get your hands on it as well thank you so much for this makeup guys that looks so good you definitely need to go check out the full tutorial which is going to be on al B’s blog I have the whole thing up for you. So you can watch it from beginning to end with full full detail yeah and yeah check out my sub -, if you want yeah comment over there and, if you’re here from a news blog comment to here we’d love to have you nothing’s again thank you so much for collaborating with me to put this entire look together we added a long black dress some red pointy heels and some silky red gloves okay hope you guys like that and give a big thumbs up for alb who killed the make up a I made Kelsie looks so so so good I love it and a big thumbs up for those dalmatian puppies hello so cute it’s the ho cute Disney is probably our favorite thing to make costumes of and the thing that we’ve done the most on this blog so, if you want to see any more Disney costume tutorials they’re linked below playlists like all around and, if you guys liked this post make sure that you like it and, if you love that make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time bye guys bye.

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