Hey guys today we have an yourself elf costume BAM yup this is perfect for any Christmas parties you have any volunteering for Christmas time yeah I’ve been dressing up with a family or, if you’re going to any Christmas parades this Christmas those are my favorites you already saw a Santa outfit so now just meet the elf and to make it keep reading all right. So we’re gonna start with how you make the skirt, and we just used a green corduroy fabric.


So you first get a measure around your waist as well as however long you’d like it to be so first we measured out how long you’d like it to be and you just add three inches for a time allowance as well as a little loop we’re gonna make at the top and for the length the part that goes around your waist we just took your waist measurement and then you add half of that on again so it’s 1.5 times as big as your waist and, when you’ve drawn out your rectangle you’re just going to cut it out so then we fold it over a loop that’s about an inch big wish you use up two inches of fabric and this loop is where we’re gonna thread through a piece of ribbon, if you don’t want to sew this you can also fabric glue it anyone has done the loop a little look like that, and we also hemmed it along the bottom just by folding over a small amount and sewing it so next you’re gonna take a piece of ribbon and just tape it lightly on to a paintbrush or a pencil or pen, and we just push that through all the way until it looks like this then you’re just gonna put it on and see where the hem goes up to and you’re going to sew all the way up except for about five inches from the top that’s. Because you’re still gonna have to be able to pull it on off and that’s what it looks like, when it’s all done all right and next how you make the top so you’re gonna measure it around your bust as well as however long you like it to be so you’re gonna lay out your fabric so it’s folded in half and your measurements are gonna go half your best size by however long you want it to be that’s gonna be your rectangle size and, when you’re done cutting out it’s gonna look like this and then we just folded it in this kind of tri fold to lay out where we’re going to put the velcro, if your fabric happens to be stretchy you can just sew it up and you can pull it over instead of using velcro or a zip or anything. But we just use velcro.

So we pin that on to figure out where it’s gonna go and then we sewed it on all right so you’re gonna put it on, and we put this on inside out and it’s not gonna fit perfectly just. Because our bodies aren’t rectangular and just get a friend help you take it in and then you’re also gonna just so long that new line and it’s kind of gonna be like an hourglass figure so now we’re just gonna add some straps so to do that we just took some pieces of the green fabric and just get a friend to help me pin them on and then we criss cross them in the back, and we sewed the front straps on the outside, and we sewed the back straps on to the inside even though we’re pinning them here on the outside and, when that’s done you’re just gonna add some buttons. So we did this by tracing out cardboard a small circular object like a thread spool and then once they were cut out these spray painted them gold and then we just used a black sharpie to add four little dots and then we just hot glue samanas really simple, and we like this gold detailing. Because it matches the jingle bell so this is how you make the Hat so you’re gonna measure around your head.

And I would just add about two inches two or three inches for allowance and then you’re gonna make it however tall you want it I think we made ours about eighteen inches I’m not sure you’re gonna make a big triangle and, when you’re done cutting it out you’re just gonna fold it in half inside out and sew along that line address long edge right there and then it’s gonna have this little weird tail things we just cut it off BAM now we’re going to add the jingle bell. So you just kind of tie a knot around the jingle bell and you get these at the dollar store and then you’re just going to go through a couple times so it’s secure and then next we’re going to add some red trim to the bottom of the Hat. So we just took this extra red fabric from the Santa costume and hot glued it to the bottom. So you just put one line of hot glue at the top and then once you’re done all around the outside you’re just gonna fold it under.

So that it has a nice edge, and we just did this by putting a line of glue on the inside of the Hat and once done the inside look like that and you had a look like this and all together it looks like a piglet I’ll pass then we just added a red sash left from the left over Santa cop washing fabric as well as candy cane striped tights or heights knee socks and any kind of red elf shoes I’ll choose from the dollar sure would look really great and that’s it for the elf costume thanks so much for checking out this post I hope you enjoyed it and, if you’re interested in how to make the lovely yeah or, if not check out our Christmas holiday playlist right here bye guys.

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