Hi guys today we are showing you how to make your own cute Santa costume form Christmas you can wear it to parties or other Christmas party yeah any kind of like Christmas event like volunteering or anything so this we took the inspiration of the Mean Girls browsers Jingle Bell Rock jingle the bell. But it’s really inspired by Mean Girls is obviously not exactly the same it’s still up yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the post start it. So we’re gonna start with how you make the Santa Claus skirt your you need to measure from where you want it to sit on your waist to however long you’d like it to be as well as around your waist so how it’s actually gonna work is you’re gonna lay out a red fabric of your choice and take the size of your waist divide it in half and add that back so you’re gonna make it one and a half times as big as your waist and however long you’d like it to be plus a couple inches for seam allowance and yours making a really big rectangle the fabric we chose was crushed velvet a red crushed velvet so then we’re gonna put that over and you’re just gonna make a top little loop tunnel.

So we just pin this, and we sewed it. But, if you don’t feel like sewing it you could just use a fabric glue and glue it. So you can see we’re just sewing the loop and just make sure that you can fit a piece of ribbon through it then we’re going to take this fur trim that we got from the fabric store and it’s really simple you just add it on to the bottom we pinned it and sewed it. But once again fabric glue it’s totally an option, and we just sewed that on and once then it’s gonna look like this so this is how we make it look like an actual skirt you’re gonna take a piece of ribbon or any extra fabric you have just cut it into the long long long piece of ribbon size, and we attached it to a paintbrush to weave it through we just did that by taking it to the end and you can see once done it’s gonna look like this and then you’re gonna want to put it on and tie it up just to see how it fits in everything and once you have it at the right size you can cut your ribbon.


But be careful that the ribbon doesn’t go back into the tube. Because it will so now we’re going to soak the side. But you are going to want to leave about a four inch gap at the top. So that you can still get it over your hips since our ribbon is not elastic and then we just pinned up the side of the skirt where we’re going to sew and here we’re sewing up the side of the skirt.

But once again leave about four to five inches at the top right there you can see that hole. But you can’t see it once the costumes on. So we’re gonna do is take a measuring tape and measure around your bust and you’re also gonna measure from however long you want the top to be so take your bust measurement and just divide it in half and so you’re just drawing a giant rectangle with your 1/2 measurement and the length of your top right so make sure that your fabric is folded in half, when you do this so just cut out that giant rectangle shape that you’ve measured out so what we’re gonna do now is fold the fabric this way. So that you have the seam matching up in the middle this is.

So we can put the velcro on so just take any long strips of velcro and line them up where they would need to be. But you can use like a zipper or it snaps, if you didn’t want to use velcro or you can even just glue it, if you are fabric is stretchy enough. But ours isn’t so here we’re just pinning the velcro onto the sides of the top. So we know where to sew it and we’re using a sewing machine.

But you could easily hand stitch this or once again just use some fabric glue, if you don’t feel like sewing so once it’s on its gonna look like this and we’re wearing it inside of just so it’s easier for sewing so it’s gonna be a little loose in places. Because your body isn’t a rectangle so just take some pins and go up the side so it fit better and once you have that shape the way you want it we’re just gonna take the sewing machine again and go along that kind of curved shape to it so that, if you our body a little better and, when you’re done flip it inside out chance you look like this. So we took some fake fur trim and made a little sweetheart neckline so just start by stitching a point in the middle a little lower and then curve it around or, if you don’t feel like that you could just sew it straight along and, when it’s done you just put it on and tie your skirt up around there and there you go all that’s left to add now is the belt. So we did this one by already having a black belt.

But then making the buckle we took a business card and on a piece of cardboard just traced out trace it out twice then we rounded the edges and decided to after we cut it out decide to paint it gold so with the painted gold we added some masking tape around the edges just. So that we didn’t get that black color everywhere and then you just take a sharpie and do a couple coats of that so that’s mimicking the black spell card. But it all looks good at that, if you don’t already have a black belt you can always just cut out any kind of strip of black material and for temporary reasons we taped it. But you can definitely glue that, if you don’t really need to wear your black belt again or anything like that or pin it and to complete this look we just added some a high-top leather black boots with Santa buckles and the black tights, and we also added a cozy little Santa hat and there’s the completed look oh ho hope you enjoyed that post we just went there, if you want to make the elf hoc scheme you can click Becky right about now yeah.

But, if you are like maybe not then, if you check out our other Christmas or Christmas lately which is up end the post right now happy holidays guys.

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