Hi guys welcome to a Thursday post Thursday we have exciting and arts what to make that we are currently working on a new style of selected episode girl there are a lot of work they are a lot of work so while that episode might not be out for a couple more weeks we’re actually starting to work on it right now see some time we’re doing a really cool DIY for it that might not make it into the episode like the process of it. So we wanted to show you how we’re doing it today. Because it is really cool, and we don’t know how it’s gonna go so yes that too so the items needed for this DIY we picked up from a thrift store.

But we also picked up some other things we’re gonna use in the Styles like the episode that we want to show you. Because they’re also really cool so, if you guys see in this post you kind of have like a little bit of a vibe of what’s gonna happen and, when you’re reading Styles like this you’ll be like I remember seeing, when they and like how they got them so let’s start off with a mini hoe and then they can get into the in DIY so there’s a couple of different things summer from the surface store and some are actually from a vintage shop which like there’s a curated thrift store they usually give me a little bit more expensive. But it actually wasn’t that bad picks up this from the vintage shop it’s one of those chalkboard things that like all the students would get. And I just remember that I have such a flashback, when I saw it I was like I need to pick this up we can use it in a really cool way in the style selected episode.


So you have to stay tuned to see how we do those stay tuned to. Because I don’t really know yet next up is this it’s what is it a drawer drawer like little cabinet thingy. But it’s by itself and this is $12 and it’s so cute it’s so cute and they pick the color vintage little roughed up yeah we’re doing some Reds with the pop of color in this space mm we got some post reels these are also from the vintage shop this is 12 and $10 there’s no post on them unfortunately. But they’re super cool now from the regular thrift store these are more baskets.

But they’re I like them. Because they’re like a matte black and the kind of industrial looking yeah cool it was worth $4 and $6. Because one of them has the lid and one of them is I don’t like can I not take the lid have it for cheaper we also knew that we wanted to do plants in this space that we’re decorating and pop can be expensive and they can be not very interesting. So I saw this I swear it’s like mid-century from like the 50s or 60s it’s a pot and then we decided to put a plant in it.

And I think it’s like super unique the vibe is cool so next time you’re thinking about potting your plants you don’t have to just go to the hardware store anything and get a pot you can get a real pot heck up getting pot and here’s another plant that we planted and this one’s cool. Because it’s in a clear container. So you can see their brief soil and all I also found this little tin box I actually saw it, when it open on the shelf in the surf start I just saw this compartment. And I was like that’s really good for the space that we’re decorating there’s like are you seeing this look at this giant fluff oh sorry there’s store life the keys are definitely not the vibe.

But I figured we could paint it cover it take it out like you don’t even need this boss to know okay so on to what we’re actually going to DIY today for this space. So we went to the tech aisle, and we found an old keyboard and some speakers now I’ve seen this done online not as the DIY just as like actual art so it’s electronics that have been taken apart and then kind of laid out in like an artsy flat leg where everything’s organized. But it’s disassembled this is actually inspired. Because the people that were doing the style of selected episode four they said hey we have some old hard drives yeah a little technology and were like that’s awesome came up with this idea and then found out that they have like the shells of the things and not the inside that were like no we only need the insides it’ll still be the idea we’re just gonna buy new old stuff these were like five dollars six six dollars they come on I know thing is we don’t really know what these look like on the inside they might not work at all for our plan we’re hoping they do I also tried to find the least funky keyboard which is really hard.

Because everybody dunks up their keyboard back in the day that was like the least gunky one it’s still pretty sticky. And I’m like this is gonna be weird so step one is gonna be trying to take these apart so wish it last well. So I think the key here is yeah I have thought you like take everything apart and you like keep all the pieces and then you start to see like what parts you don’t have to do much prints you do include I honestly don’t really know make sure that you are easy to pop so that’s good however in high school of all the keyboards they’re always like missing like the keys or two. And I’m like who’s chicken is cheese and why I used to take the ones off, if an important one was missing then I would take like a cross he went off and put in their nineties like five or I guess we got that or 2000 oh my god really Wow these insides there’s not much going on key the key weird how quickly things break.

But then, when you try to break it it’s not can’t get electrocuted cardboard drive another truck my dad is so unimpressed right now like a bunch of cute little like knobs and switches that’s cute said nobody ever about their yeah oh I feel like I don’t really use these top keys. Because they’re like shiny black and the rest is like a nice matte black yeah this is hard whoa it’s like a see-through plastic so Becky thought to step two which is make a like a board to put this on. So we have a ton of extra MDF I think we’ll use not you could use wood or plastic or anything really so I’m going to get a piece of MDF to put this up maybe you took away this side on this side just looks so much more like you guys haven’t seen our DIY supply tool in my tab that you know that we go check that out we must assume our most favorite DIY quarter-century some who put you together and how they do it a better is a post I have two speakers apart Oh had minor injury. But it’s okay band-aid sponsor me I finally got my speaker part.

And I don’t paint aboard okay this board is all dry so I’m gonna try and stick all these letters on one might get noisy for a sec you know whether we use this keyboard every day and like what I’m typing like brain obviously knows where the letters aren’t yet. But, if you guys can put it in order I wouldn’t know I have to reference it so weird finishing up looking good except for I have a lot of glue guns strength to deal with how zeros go on almost an it looks cute it looks like a boom box it looks like it’s still functional hello magic I give it still playing music that’d be super cool so yeah I’m just gonna go uh-huh take off all these glue guns strings and stay back get like five hours revealing this been so cool I love it with the nude background mm-hmm it’s simple it’s on the tape okay okay and this not tried to make it look like a boom box type thing oh there’s just like some superglue dripping cool I mean we won’t hold it up. But the people whose faces were doing are gonna love it and this is great, if you have any old electronics that are sitting around doing what to do with them try this seriously it was easy to do took a bit of time. But so easy and okay, when the episode is out for this a selected we will link it below not yet make sure to comment.

So you don’t miss it, when it comes out and they get to under opting this week this Thursday post and we’ll see you next by e .

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