Haemon I’m Abby we just finished our whole Halloween screen. So that was fun yep so, if you guys are new to the blog you found us through Halloween welcome welcome and you do DIYs all year long we wanna start doing some costumes throughout the year not just that how many times so they’ll be exciting, if there’s a movie that comes out and you guys movie the costumes on it make sure that you tweet us.

Because we need to know what you guys want to see so okay this week’s DIY we had this whole desk that we want to give a little bit of a makeover and it’s actually pretty easy to do there’s a couple steps. But they’re quite simple and you could definitely do this for any piece of furniture that you have that you want to make you again yeah we realize that it’s like also making it look more expensive and yeah like it was bought we just were like we took this desk that maybe like it was purchased for like a hundred dollars and now it’s like four hundred dollars no easily could be from like anthropology or like Urban Outfitters so much money yes that was the goal uh-huh I think I did it so here’s how we did do it so to start we’re going to tape off any places on the desk that we don’t want to get paint on we chose to do ours with a wood color top and then white legs and base. So we went ahead and just taped around the top part of the table. So we did get into paint there next you’re going to want to remove any hardware career desk that you don’t want to get paint on as well this desk aim was to fake drawers and one actual real drawer in the middle.


So we went ahead and took all the hardware off all three of these drawers so our plan was to then add different handles to this desk. So we went ahead and use this wood filler here to fill in the existing holes so how this works is you just fill the holes with the filler and then using any piece of cardboard to scrape off any excess on the top so it makes a smooth surface here are the knobs that we are going to be replacing the old ones with we’ve got these gold ones from contra gee so next we’re just going to mark where we want the new holes to go so line up your handles and just using a pencil mark off where, if you’re going to need to drill new holes and then go ahead and just take a drill and drill in the new holes we put two holes in the middle drawer and one on each of the side drawers next you are going to paint. So we’re going to start with a primer and means the Zinser primer this eliminates the need to stay on the furniture which is a different way that you can recover furnitures by sanding it first and then painting it. So we applied two coats of V primer.

So we did the front and a leg and also the one drawer that comes out in the middle and you once you let this sit for one to two hours or until it’s dry to the touch next we’re going to do some final coats with a white interior paint in a satin finish we applied three coats. But this will vary depending on how light or dark the original furniture is and how light and dark you’re painting it and on your final coat just make sure that your brush strokes are very straight. Because you might be able to see them a post and, if you don’t want to be able to see them you can always try a paint roller instead this miniature controller so let your paint dry fully for 24 hours and then we’re going to add our new hardware into the holes that we drilled so the hardware goes into the hole followed by a washer and then a mess and lastly remove the tape from your furniture and you’re done so it wasn’t that hard, and we think it turned out awesome I love it so much. So I did post this on Instagram and asked you guys what colors new things that we should have painted it, and we got some really awesome suggestions yeah it’s kind of torn about what today a lot of you wanted to painted the same colors our palette table at the mint kind of color.

But we’re like weird have we can’t do the same capital budget crazy so make sure that you are following us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. Because we do ask your guy’s opinion a lot I’m really appreciate your help yeah thanks for letting us know thank you hun tentacles a lot of those sa also paint it white yep which is awesome. Because we did that of doing that and before we go we want let you guys know that next week we have an awesome thrill of these pillows closed we love how they turned out that is so a pillow and how to decorate it like that grade it with good vibes um so check that out on Tuesday that is kind of our unofficial official uploading day we are trying to get back into it I know you guys really want to schedule from us, and we would love to give you one so Tuesday we will see you next Tuesday for sure and Lee ever to think good yeah thanks for reading guys bye.

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