Hey you love that Halloween akbash Jim what’s that so to start by making the ears you’re going to cut out eight your shape or you can freehand this, if you trust yourself so take a piece of orange felt and fold it in half and line up your ears stencil along the fold of the felt and we’re just going to trace out that shape repeat this again.


So we have two ears and cut both of those out once you have to your pieces you’re going to hold them around any headband that you would like to use go ahead and add a little dot of hot glue to hold them in place make sure the glue is only at the base for the time being now open up your ear and add a strip of hot glue inside and we’re going to use a black feather to add black Tufts to the top of the ears add some more glue to the other side and close your yet make sure that the feather is only sticking up at the top and not the sides and repeat this to the other side now we’re going to take a tiny amount of white feather and add it to the very bottom of the ear and again do that to both sides it should look something like this and to make the tail we’re going to take this wire we got this 16 gauge wire from Michael’s and cut a piece about this long for your tail we already kind of bent it in a questionmark shape.

And we also got this orange boa from the dollar store so with your question mark shaped wire you’re going to take some hot glue and put a dab at the bottom and you can secure the end of the BOA there and you can add another dab of glue a little bit further up wrap your bow around a couple times and secure in that place repeat this process again while we’re doing we’re wrapping and gluing all the way to the very end and then we took some white feathers. Because foxtails have a little white tip and we’ve moved them into a bunch and then glued that bunch to the end of the wire, when you’re done it should look like this to finish your fox costume or clothing I added weight hi and put your ears on it’s a detail you’re just gonna take a safety pin and put it kind of at the top been hurt and just safety pin it to the back of your own choice so put one safety and to complete your face with the ears to check out the post that this costume is featuring click here.

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