Hi there you are reading our very first Halloween post of 2018 so this is the furiosa costume from Mad Max fury road the new movie that came out and this is a highly requested costume and you know we usually kind of stick to the Disney Princesses sometimes we decided to pull out all the stops of fear and started with furiosa and her costume is pretty intense. But super awesome was pulled all together we wanted to give you time, if you actually did want to make this you want me to give ourself time.

Because it was a challenge for ourselves to make this photo we were pretty happy with how it turned out very pleased. And I hope that we find it on any problems that we had that, when we tell you guys how to make it simple for you and that you’ll be able to put this together before Halloween I just going to put it a quick little disclaimer guys clearly we’re not like professional cosplayers just. So you know we do this just for fun on the internet. So you guys can have some like fun Halloween posts so, if anything’s not exactly like the movie we know that we’re not like legit costume designers you know the time or the money and these are to you guys so yeah sorry, if it’s not exactly perfect this is our best attempt.


But, if you are doing this for cosplay definitely like just look at the movie you know she might have a couple more straps here whose right her hand might be a little more specific so just take the materials and kind of like the ideas we’re even you and make it your own that’s like that’s all we asked for any costume to try you guys take from us so here’s our best attempt at the fury of death costume to make this Syrio sub costume we started with the arm piece you’ll need some shoulder padding we lucked out and found this kids shoulder padding at a thrift store. But you can use knee pads or any other gear you could find we cut off the hard shoulder padding as well as a longer piece of the padding underneath you’ll need an assortment of belt these were each a dollar or two at the thrift store in total you’ll need four brown belts and four black a key to making this costume look real is to have everything look worn in. So we sanded down our buckles and scratched up the leather and added some spray-paint to dull down with silver episode we also spray-painted our shoulder padding to cover the blue taking our thickest black belt we cut it into two armbands one will close with the buckle that comes with and the other we’re going to close with some velcro add velcro to one side and then wrap it around your arm and attach it together use fabric glue to combine the padding in the plastic shoulder piece next put on one of your three Brown waist belt as well as your shoulder padding using a thin black belt we’re going to attach it from the waist up around the shoulder and attach it back at the back of the belt we use binder clips to hold the belt in place once it was off we glue the leather with fabric glue and the plastic with e6000 which is a super strong glue to make the mechanical hand we started with a utility glove from a dollar store we’re wearing it backwards so the black is on the outside we cut it a little shorter and add another black band these are the same as the ones we made earlier next we’re using some foil tape to combine the last two fingers we also did this for the thumb as well next we’re just learning down the foil tape wherever we think looks best this might look different for everyone using some aluminum stove protectors cut two finger shapes with a point on the end for the middle finger bend the two ends to create a hook shape once you have your two hook shapes take a hole punch and punch holes in one of them repeat this process for the first finger as well. But this time don’t add the hook next we’re going to add some wires to the fingers for that robotic effect using a mixture of copper and silver.

But use whatever you can find glue them down the two middle fingers with some e6000 once that’s dry we’re adding our tinfoil finger pieces we made earlier on top use the foil tape to keep them in place again keep in mind we are professional cosplayers we’re just attempting this for Halloween costume you can go as simple or as complex as you want next put on your hand and your three arm cuffs using some various pieces of wire we take them starting from the top inside of the arm wrap it around the middle cuff and touching to the side of the hand once you have all your wire taped where you want it carefully take your arm cuffs off we glued the wire on the outside of the middle cup and then flipping it upside down glue the ends of the wire on the inside of the cuff. So that they’re hanging we haven’t a small piece of scrap fabric on top just so the wire wouldn’t scratch and let this all dry to finish the rest of the mechanical arm we’re again using some more various pieces of wire this time we’re concentrating them on the bottom half of the arm take them into place roughly where you want them to go to finish the top half of the art piece we’re using another thin black belt and connecting it from the shoulder pad all the way down the side of the arm again temporarily taping this into place add another belt coming from the back all the way down the arm very carefully take the arm piece off and using a strong glue like e6000 permanently glue them all into place just make sure you’re gluing all of your wires to the underside of the cuffs we definitely recommend letting this entire piece dry overnight so your wiring can be as secure as possible once it’s completely dry put the arm back on and we’re going to add our finishing touches we’re using these silver button pieces from the hardware store and gluing them down the strap on the arm we’re also adding some of these rounded nuts to the hand and wrist cuff add any little pieces of hardware to wherever you want to add to that robotic effect lastly we’ve picked up this plastic toggle from the hardware store and strung a piece of rope through it, and we glued it to the top of our shoulder pad to make a waist belt to give skinny black belt and cut it into two pieces.

We added two quick link chain links which you can find in the chain aisle of any hardware store you wrap the end of the belt around it and secured it into place with fabric glue this will be used to attach our skull piece later we drew out our plan for the sculpt piece based on some reference photos and using some medium gauge wire we created a circle according to our draw using some thinner wire wrap a straight piece across the middle of the circle and then bend it into a loop on each side this is how we will attach it to our belt later on next using some gray foam modeling clay roll out a thin long piece lay it onto the wire circle and wrap it around the back repeat this process for the middle bar swab to make a skull mold an oval out of the clay round the top and push it into the middle bar we added a ball play at the top to build up the forehead and don’t forget to shape out a rectangle at the bottom for the teeth. So I so pretty far down the skull right below the bar we sculpted them out with a pencil and using a piece of our thinnest wire we indented four teeth lines next we’re going to make the fire take pieces of clay and roll them in your hands to create a pointed tip lay multiple pointed pieces across each other to create the flame and make sure you curve the tip slightly to add that flame effect once you have a large strip of flames cut off any extra clay from the bottom and push the clay into the top of the ring to complete the skull piece once the clay dried.

We sprayed it with chrome spray paint next it’s time to add the chain we use a combination of chief necklaces from the thrift store and some chain we bought from the hardware store you’ll need some jump rings to attach the chain to the skull piece you can also link the chain through itself to touch to the skull piece as well next we’re using some s hooks to combine the loops on the skull piece with the chain links onto our belt pieces that we made earlier slip one side of the S hook onto the skull loops and then open your quick link to add the other side of the hook repeat this on both bail pieces and it should look something as I think put on one of your brown belt around your waist and line up where you want the skull piece to sit use binder clips to hold it into place until you take it off and then you can glue them to the underside of your belt for the talk we’re using this light tan t-shirt kind of strip off the bottom to make it more of a crop top we started by cutting off the v-neck hem and rounding it a bit as well as cutting off half of the left shoulder using a needle and thread do some really simple stitches in to gather the size of the top this adds to the bandaged effect going back to the strip we cut off the bottom cut it in half to create a long strip of fabric stitch one end to the bottom side of the t-shirt and will eventually be wrapping it around and safety pinning it into place. But we’ll show you that, when we assemble the entire costume for the waist corset we’re using this tight black tank flipper store and cutting off the top to create a corset band as a finishing step we took all of our pieces outside and lightly sprayed over various parts of it with a matte black spray paint this.

Because everything in uniform look and adds to the greasy dirty effect for the hands we wet around the bolts and wires and any creases with black paint this gave an amazing definition and made it look a lot more real to create furiosa’s hair and makeup to start with your hair pulled back into a tight bun we are using this professional-grade temporary hair color in black we sponge it on to the front with a sponge brush and faded it into the back don’t worry this washes out completely for the makeup we’re using black face paint and stippling it onto the forehead and down to the eyes we use a black cream eyeliner around the eyes and smudge everything out with black eye shadow the Messier are the better it would look we also add some brown eye shadow to the face to add to the dirty effect and finish it off with some black eyeliner and mascara to put on the costume start with green cargo pans and add your tan t-shirt, and we also added combat boots wrap the band around tightly in a slight sweetheart-neckline shape and pin it into place next pull your black corset piece over top and tuck it into your cargo pants we use a cocoa powder as our dirt and wiped it all over the keys of this look is messy and dirty next you can paint your forearm with a black face paint to simulate a few missing arm look put on your two middle belts and then step into your bottom belt with the hanging skull piece then slide into your arm piece and put the glove on and buckle everything up and that is how you make a yuri osa cost you so as you can see it takes a little work. But in the end it turns out amazing and luckily other than the arm and slice the crotch piece everything else is just kind of like basic clothing so it’s not like you need special pants or like no sewing and not even so these materials actually came from a resource and it was easy to buy really expensive so don’t worry about cost me to shoot either yes and you guys gonna see behind the scenes making code this costume can I tell you it was very fun like it was so exciting, and we got to use em my mom’s friend Jeep. So you want to see how that whole thinking about it see my reaction to, when I saw myself in person. Because I just healthy makeup what you guys saw I don’t know what makeup artists.

So I was just kind of doing it say from a picture. And I did let us see until the end so she was surprised to say the least. So we have my reaction and we’re going to see I’m very calming tonight as well as a mix in the six party so Sunday and the whole post on, if you guys want to check that it on our post blog to start Lee and, if you don’t know who we are you’re just coming to this. Because you want to have helpful posts we get a circles like I said we do how many posts in the DIY the rest of the year.

But this is just our first a little post I’m going to do so many other costumes this year that we know he doesn’t love you all different like specs exact up so, if this is it wasn’t your thing don’t worry there will be something that will be your thing here so make sure you are commentd for all that exciting stuff coming up I’m so excited to share with you guys, and we see you in our next post Oh somebody’s called us out on this we didn’t save you like you like it true oh my god, if you like it like it and, if you love it some it and we’ll see you guys next Tuesday bye you.

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