Hello today we have a really amazing DIY for you oh my goodness mind is blown oh my getting it blew our Oh whenever a literal literal favorite do I have to do those things that are in stores for a hella scrilla, and we do it for cheap, and we tell you how to do it yeah yeah well, if you guys didn’t figure out then like the title just thumbnail all that jazz this is our terrarium DIY which like can I say how this came about we’re like on Pinterest like we seen these green house kind of terrariums made from picture frames like obviously the main component of a terrarium is glass and it’s like what where do you get like cheap glass it’s like vintage picture frames. So we’re looking at these like picture frames to have greenhouses well like top a picture and like they’re not super cute, and we started looking more and more like yet none of them are really cute there was like one guy new one um and then Becky’s like well I have this glass cutter maybe we can just like cut the glass and one what your glass cutter yeah heck is that I did not know you existed I used it for my palette table I have a small one in my bedroom I saw a room tour. And I just bought it like for my own personal whatever didn’t think we’d ever actually use anything this cutting glass is like I bought so much more legit than it actually is so yeah so, when we’re like picture frames and glass cutter we can make our own shapes and then we just need to go with the others a pal and.


So we will tell you tonight how we did that to make is super awesome hella like geometric hella hella geometric terrariums okay here you go you guys after to start you’re going to need some glass we picked up a couple old frames from our local thrift store for a couple of dollars each we bought two eight-and-a-half by 11 and to eleven by fourteen crates next we’re going to draw out our template, if you want to make the same size we did draw out a baseline of eight and a half and the line of the middle of seven and three eights these are all inches and connect the points to create a triangle our second template is going to be a base of eight and a half and a midline of 11 inches and connect again to create a triangle we’re going to be making one of the size and two of this size we’re also going to go back and extend our lines on our triangle to make our glass cutting a little bit easier to cut our glass we’re going to a glass cutter it’s just a small tool with a little tiny wheel on it which helps to cut the glass it’s pretty cheap and can be found at most hardware stores so place your piece of glass over our drawn out templates and line a ruler up with one of the lines make sure to allow a tiny gap for the width of your tool. So that simu lines up with your templates firmly roll the glass cutter down the line in one straight move we’re scoring the line onto the glass instead of cutting through it it should make this really awful scratching noise, if you’re doing it right next we’re going to use a pair of cut running pliers these are very inexpensive plastic version, and we will leave a link to it below the pliers have a small bump in the middle which helps the glass to break in a nice clean line we put on some thick gloves for extra safety precautions. But it’s em right you shouldn’t have any small broken glass shards anywhere using the lightest amount of pressure needed line the pliers up with your score line and press down the glass should break smoothly along your line for our final front piece we’re going to add a line.

When I have inches up on our second triangle template we’re going to be cutting our final piece of glass into this shape to allow for an opening in our terrarium and here are all of our pieces cut out before assembling use some sandpaper to rough up all the edges of your glass your glue will stick much better this way we’re going to use some plain masking tape and assemble our terrarium from the inside this will help keep it together while we glue next we’re going to lay down strips of tape on the outside where we’re going to place the glue this will give us a clean glue line, when we take off the tape the glue we’re going to use is the LePage stick and seal which is specifically meant for bonding flat lay enough glue down to cover the ridge between the glass pieces and then remove your tape guards repeat this process on all sides of your terrarium and let your glue dry for about 24 hours once dry you can move your tape that’s on the inside of your trade to add a faux soldered effect we’re going to go over our glass flute in 6000 black this is a very strong craft glue so try out to get any on your hands and also try not to breathe it in mask up, if you need to place fairly thick lines of glue on all of your edges. But be careful not to over use it or it may start to run in places that you don’t want to go we also went around the edges on the inside of our opening to create a matching effect and again allow this glue to dry for 24 hours and disclamer yes we all know that proper glass frames are meant to be soldered with proper metal.

But in our true DIY spirit we want to find the easiest and most affordable way for you guys to make your own, and we think that it turned out pretty great hand and sidekick. Because of Lackey’s 6000 did not specifically mention glass on the label we picked up the clear glass glue as a first step just to be sure it would work we later tried a mini terrarium using solely the e6000 and it seemed to bond just as well feel free to skip the stick and seal glue, if you don’t want to use two types of glue or you’re working on a smaller project so it wasn’t that hard was it what’s not more mad and he’s turned out like so amazing I know so good so good so hella good so hella good. So we were on the Ed Selig looking up like in so pics and there’s so much money I know we’re like trying to figure out what shape we want to do like a diamond and like I think that out of all the ingredients of materials we had especially the picture frames we can get like three tramps out of that mmm and obviously the glue and the glass cutter can like last you yeah, if you were already done those things for whatever reason like it yeah I’m an expensive DIY yeah the biomaterials like it might upfront cost you a little bit. But, if you go in with it with a whole bunch of friends or something you guys make a couple then the cost goes way down it’s really just getting over the fact of like oh my goodness I’m cutting glass is scary.

Because it’s really not I’m on resting though I want to add is in this post we kind of had our trim already pre-made. But, if you want to know more into like how to actually build a terrarium with like the dirt and the rocks and the actual plants and all that goodness we did a post a while ago about like terrarium info on how to build your own a mason jars and jar yeah so we’ll link that below for you, if you want to know more on that and, if you guys don’t want to wait to see us until next Tuesday which is, when we upload every Tuesday duh and then you guys can catch us on our social medias links below you guys get it Instagram snapchat that’s a new thing. So we’re trying you know to use that I snapchat right now before we did this super fast to the Sun and you guys like to see you oh make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you guys next week bye.

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