Hi guys today we have another amazing halloween costume for you it’s another one from this year’s huge movie trends ghostbusters obviously a thing. So we’re doing the Ghostbusters costume easy peasy lemon squeezy before we jump into the post we want to remind you guys as always to comment support, if you like what you see here some exciting news we were nominated for a Streamy and that’s all. Because you guys have been subscribing so please the team to do that and help grow the fam slit our amazing costume where it can get out there and get us more awesome things like streamys boom boom all right on to the costume so these next steps depend entirely on what you can find around your house all right your thrift store or in the trash and also how much time and money you want to send we gathered some Ghostbusters proton pack s materials this includes an old fan a backpack some plastic tubing and metal piping we picked up this backpack from the surfer. Because of the orange straps we’re going to start by cutting off the entire front of the backpack we will be keeping the back the straps and the bottom this is an old fan ax doesn’t work anymore.


So we took it all apart the grade on the front was the closest thing we could find to the circular piece on the proton pack, and we use multiple boxes and wires from the fans to build the look of the proton pack we glued all these pieces on the back of the backpack using e6000 glue this will take 24 hours to fully set. But once it’s dry to the touch you can pretty much do a coat of black spray-paint on the backpack portion and the fan great once the spray paint is dry we’re going to continue working on our backpack we use e6000 glue again to attach the fan grate and, if you’re not moving around too much you can proceed on to the next step we fold it over the bottom of the bag to replicate the black box found on the bottom of the proton pack, and we glued this into place lastly we cut a yellow strip of foam to look like the caution tape and adding black lines we halt glue this where the fan meets the fabric of our backpack so next we’re going to make the gun to make this we’ve got two pieces of one-inch metal pipe that were both 15 inches long from the scrap section of the hardware store to create the black rubber grips we glued on two layers of foam in different sizes and space them apart we then cover these with black electrical tape we did this on the end of the lower pipe piece and in the middle of the upper pipe piece we overlap these and tape them with foil tape to make the details on the end of the front piece we added a piece of aluminum foil to a piece of foam and then color it in some black lines with a black marker glued the entire thing to the end of the gun we also drew black dots on the front of the gun just like it is in the picture to attach the gun to the backpack we used some black tubing or you could just use clear tubing wrap a black electrical tape.

Because we use what we got here and you should too and attach this to the back of the pipe gun using electrical tape and to the backpack we use e6000 again and slid it under the fan great we also like to dirty up our costumes to make them look a little bit more worn in and realistic so go ahead and take some black paint to those pipes make them look a little bit greasy a little bit used and less like just some pipes and some tape our last step is the most important part the jumpsuit we found this hand jumpsuit on eBay for $30 and you’ll definitely link some more options below we picked up five meters of this reflective safety trim from the fabric store we cut pieces to create two strips along the chest and then iron them on you can use hot glue, if your trim is entire nibble to continue the look of the stripes on the arms cut trim that will wrap all the way around the arm and iron it on on an angle this way it will look straight, when you’re standing up in your arms move down to complete the jumper we’re going to create the Ghostbusters logo and you can definitely find this online just like an embroidered patch and we’ll leave some links for that below. But, if you want to make it we drew out the ghost portion of the logo on white foam and the circle portion on red foam once they were all cut out we glued them together and lastly we use a black marker to add on all the details and outline the ghost weehawk load this onto the arm of our jumpsuit so the Ghostbusters wear black boots with a reflective strip down the front.

But since the boots were using or actually from my personal closet and not from a thrift store didn’t feel like putting glue on them here’s a really easy temporary method we cut reflective trim to the right size and then also cut some thin black elastic that can wrap around the boot and attach to the trim at the top and the bottom glued the elastic to the trim at the top and the bottom and now we can slide them over the boot for a completely temporary reflective strip on our boots I hope you guys like that Ghostbusters tutorial from the new 2018 movie hope it helps you, if you want to be a Ghostbuster this year and it’s actually very simple especially, if you don’t want to worry about the backpack part I just want to do this suit it’s pretty pretty simple so hopefully you guys enjoyed it and let us know, if you’re going to make this costume and not we have so many other ones that I know you guys would like we also know that our Canadian viewers as well as anybody else is in a cold climate during Halloween was like yo I can’t wear your Wonder Woman costume outside like help me out. But Ghostbusters oh my gosh it could be like so comfy up fella yeah you could put like a onesie underneath the costume too so warm so good so hopefully it helps you guys out with that alright thank you guys so much for reading, if you liked this post make sure you like it, if you love it please stop it guys did you love it love that too, if you liked it only you can also comment. But we hope you loved it as well I will see you next time bye bye.

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