Hi there today we’re going to try and DIY that giant knit blanket trend that’s everywhere and you guys are requested it.

So we want to try it just for you to see you. But you a little bit for us too yeah and before we jump into the post remember to comment. Because we do DIY posts, and we want to see you here more often alright let’s let’s do this hi there welcome to Abby’s ratchet DIY studio so to do this tutorial you don’t have to have knitting needles. But like how cool our jumbo knitting needles.

So we got some PVC pipe here this is 1/2 1/2 inch I don’t know why they don’t know what size it is it’s one and a half it’s one and a half why didn’t say one to one and a half oh it says one one. And I’m gonna have this is one and a half inch PVC pipe we got some black ones and then into what we were like we have to make these look even more like knitting needles. So we’re going to use some cardstock and some styrofoam balls to like fill out the whole knitting me to look first I’m going to make these balls black by wrapping some black tape around them. Because spray painting or painting styrofoam balls is actually really hard now that these are done I’m gonna move on to making the tips of the needles so let’s try cutting this hearts off bit okay like a little hat nice talk to doc some tape now it’s nice and smooth okay and then I guess I’m just gonna hump glue this on the end cute adorbs all right.


So we are going to go on this adventure together making this giant knit blanket I haven’t knitted in quite some time we have like a really old post on our blog where I explain how to knit people said it was helpful so maybe you want to go check that out as well. But I’m gonna try and relearn it today and add in an extra step to make it look more blankety so the first thing in making this big giant blanket is getting a huge jumbo yarn so this is the fattest stuff I could find at the craft store I know they make even bigger yarn people actually use to make the real big chunky blankets. But just go for whatever you can find the biggest stuff you can get so the first step in knitting is what’s called casting on and that’s just getting this yarn on your very first row on the Jumbo knitting needle so the first step in doing your casting on is to make a slipknot so make up like a circle with your yarn put your hand through it and grab the long bit that’s attached to the ball of yarn and pull and now you have a melt and it’s a cast on you seed one knitting needle to start with. So we could put one of these guys to the side so now you have the slipknot you can go ahead and slide it onto the needle and pull it tight and then this extra stuff we don’t really have to worry about right now so now to make the other stitches that are going to go on here here’s what you gotta do put your hand under the yarn.

So that the yarn is wrapping around your thumb like that you’re giving me okay and you’ve got yarn around your thumb and then you stick the needle it’s gonna be hard I just have shoes knitting needles take the tip of your needle underneath and in between and then you can let go of your thumb and pull type and look at that you already have your second stitch super easy so show you again put your head under the yarn and make the thumbs up side and then your needle is going to go underneath here and out and then you can let go and pull tight and I’ll show you one more time for good measure so put your hand under the yarn make the thumbs up side and then your needle goes in between the two pieces and let go and then you’re going to repeat this for as many stitches as you want the more stitches you do the wider you’re going it’s gonna beep so that’s totally up to you so here’s where we now add in our second a knitting needle and the first row I’m going to show you is just a standard knitting stitch it’s the most basic one that you will learn, when you learn to knit it’s pretty much what you see, when you see your scarves that have with straight lines of knitting that’s what it’s going to look like so take all these stitches that you just put on your one side and put them in your left hand is this couch going to get in the way. So I have it where my row of stitch kind of is at the bottom here. And I’m going to work with my first stitch here so I’m going to put the new two needle underneath the first one into the first stitch so it looks something like this and then this is my yarns attached to my ball of yarn this isn’t the tail which is down here we don’t need this guy this is my working yarn and so far looks like this so all I did was stick the needle under the first ending needle then take your yarn with your right hand and it’s going to go around the top of this knitting needle so you’ve made kind of like an X shape that’s going around in between the two needles then you pull this needle out and you should be able to catch that stitch that you just wrapped around and push it on to the new needle and that’s creating your new stick and then with the new knitting needle you can push off the old stitch. Because we’re done with that guy bye so now on to the second stitch we’re going to do the exact same thing it’s going to go in our loop of yarn underneath the first knitting needle like that it’s going to make an X shape take your yarn wrap it around the bottom of the wheel in between the two like that pull this middle out and then you should be able to catch that yarn you just thread it through onto the new needle needle and then push off the old stitch.

Because we’re done with that we made a second stitch easy right so again underneath wrap around pull it out catch that stitch onto the new knitting needle and get rid of the old one and, when you get to the very last stitch it’s the exact same thing put your knitting needle on your knee. So you have this X shape take your yarn go around in between push this knitting needle down catch this stitch and then take it off your first movie needle and look at that you made your very first knitting stitch line to us guys so talented so here is how you do the purl stitch take your second knitting needle and stick it on top this time of your first knitting needle so instead of going underneath like we were this time we’re going on top take your yarn and go counterclockwise around and this time you’re pulling it on top. So we have it up here at the top take the second knitting needle and go underneath that yarn that we just wrapped around and then you can pull off this stitch so I’ll show you again so this time we’re going on top counterclockwise and bring it on top towards you go underneath and pull it off and again honestly this would be a lot simpler with much smaller didn’t show you again underneath. But this time on top bring your yarn underneath it around it ends up on top go under and grab it and then pull it off and that’s how you do the purl stitch so again go ahead and repeat that down your knitting needle same goes for your very last stitch make an X at the top this time instead of bum go around grab it and pull it off and there you go done a purl stitch row so those are the really only two methods you need to know, if it’s entire project the Knitting type of knit the Knitting stitch and the purl stitch and we’re just going to alternate back and forth the entire way until your blanket is as big as you want alright so this is what I have so far a giant giant blanket I want to say this it’s about seven balls worth of yarn and it took me probably around like an hour to do all of this it’s pretty much as long as I want it to be so I’m just going to show you how you can end your blanket and this is called casting off so the first thing you want to do is put two stitches from one go to the other you – and then are basically going to be looping the two on this side like across each other every time.

So that we’re eliminating one stitch every time. So you can induce your hands pretty easy is take your farthest away stitch bring it over the other one and she got one so now we’re going to put another one on so do one more stitch now we’ve got two again on this side take your farthest stitch little bit over and get rid of it alright so my last stitch on this side bring it over this side thump is knitting you know pick you so again take it far this one wrap it over and then now we’re on a very last stitch. So we care of that and then you can just cut off your tail and then take this and loop it through here basically tie a knot and oh my gosh you guys I think we did it think we did it well hope you guys liked that post brush this this is the softest thing ever so what we figured out is that it kind of looks like a net it’s like a giant fishing net it’s like a giant fishing net so what do you think happened I think our knitting needles were a bit too big and our yarn was also a bit small this is the biggest yarn I could find at the craft store. But I know in the pictures of people making it like their guard was like this thick is crazy so, if you can find super thick yarn that might help you out, if you can get smaller PVC pipe that might help you out I don’t know I was about to try yeah and it was soup it like it took you no time no like an hour to whip this together cuz it was so big alright, if you guys liked this post make sure that you like it and, if you love make sure you stop it and make sure to leave any future post ideas below.

Because we check the comments who respond to the comment, and we want a post we make it in the comments oh poor fur no I mean poor Tommy alright we will see you next week guys bye.

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