Yeah, we did one last year for you guys. It was a washable calendar. But this year, it’s a little more minimalist, a little more inspired by the company I can’t pronounce Haha We get requests all the time to do a DIY stendig calendar I am pretty sure I’m pronouncing that right If you guys know what this is. I am sure you’ve seen this everywhere in design photos all the time It’s like a giant minimalist big number print calendar. We thought across this for a long time. But we did not think that we could do it. Because, yeah, you think you can not make a giant printable calendar Yeah.

It is just a printed on paper. So, I thought, how do you DIY that? But then obviously we thought about it and we figured out a way how to do it. Yeah So we are going to show you basically our take on the stendig calendar. Okay – Let’s get into this DIY! But, before we start you are going to have to comment first! That’s like the entry password The comment button Because little secret: we only take requests from our commentrs Mhm, we know There is a way to know Yeah we know Hahaha And commentrs recommended this post And that is why we are doing it! So thank you so much for subscribing, we love you so much! So the easiest way we found to make the giant numbers was to create a custom stamp. We have a silhouette machine that can cut things out of stamp material. But, if you don’t have an electronic cutter machine, you can easily cut them out with an exacto knife. We have a template on our blog linked below which includes all the numbers and letters you will need.


The rubber stamp material in stamp logs we used will also be linked below. The best part about this system is that you can easily swap between the stamps, and you can see through the log which make stamping in the right spot super easy If you don’t want to buy those materials another option is to use basic craft foam, we are using this method to create a giant line in which you can write the months on Fill in the blank style Cut out whatever shape you want to stamp several times to make it thick. Glue it onto a block of wood and your custom stamp is complete! Okay, onto the calendar pages. We picked up 12 standard sheets of white bristol board which were less than a dollar each. So now it is time to do some math Since we need to duplicate this process 12 times we are actually drawing the template on to some craft paper around the bristol board To make our lives so much easier We marked lines for a border, where our straight line stamp would go and where the numbers would go. You can find the exact numbers for all this on our blog post that will be linked below You should end up with a grid on your bristol board and make sure to do this with a pencil so it is easy to remove after. Or you can ignore all this math stuff and just go free hand it but that’s way too wild for us With your custom stamps made, begin stamping the numbers into the corners of your drawn out grid I found it easiest to place the one wherever the one appeared on the calendar Instead of doing all the numbers directly in order which involves a lot of switching of your stamps Next, we stamped out our straight line which we will fill in later We also made tiny letter stamps for the days of the week.

Which we centered above our numbers Once everything is dry we erase our pencil marks and lastly, fill in the name of your month and your page is complete! With our template drawn out on the craft paper, it’s super easy to place the next sheet on top and draw on the new grid by placing a ruler on the dashes already marked out. Repeat this process on the rest of your months. We recommend pulling up a calendar for the year you are making to make sure you have all the dates in the right spots For the final touch, we cut out a piece of black bristol board to serve as a faux tear way strip at the top of the calendar. We are going to be hanging it with some giant binder clips so we estimated how much black we would need. This is about 4 inches tall and the width of your board Fold it in half and sandwich all of your months in between Add a clip onto each end to hang your calendar from two nails or removable sticky hooks if you are looking for a temporary option. Thank you guys so much for reading this post If you like stuff like this make sure that you comment because there is more coming! New Year, New Us! Lots of exciting changes. I am sure – Snapchat you already know – I can’t wait to tell you But, besides from that, we hope everyones New Year is off to an amazing start as well.

If you do have any more requests that are inspired by really expensive things, let us know because those are our favorite things to DIY To make them not expensive Exactly Thank you so much for reading and if you liked this post, make sure to give it a like And if you love it make sure to give it a love by subscribing! 2017: We don’t rhyme any more Oh Sorry Alright, see you guys next time! Bye! Guys, if this calendar wasn’t your thing, here’s another calendar option we did last year and it’s super cool! And if you guys haven’t already commentd to us, I think you know what to do! And there’s some links there that you should check out like Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter And we have our blog, filled with some cool stuff linked there too, check that out at the bottom. Like, so much stuff coming at your face right now so, you should click one thing here, just one.

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