Hi everyone! today we have another DIY for you! You guys have probably seen these like giant paper bags everywhere on Pinterest. It’s blowing up! So we’re gonna show you how to make it, some different designs to do with it, and some ways to style it. All right, let’s jump right into this DIY. Wait! What? If you guys aren’t commentd.

You know what to do Nice. Okay, let’s go! I was literally like, what? So the first version I’m going to be showing you how to make is is more of the traditional larger bag that you can pretty much put anything in This is gonna be super simple to do as well.

So what we’re going to be making this out of is a thicker craft paper I got this from the hardware store and it’s actually meant for putting down if you’re painting or anything like that to keep your floors clean It’s a lot thicker than like, the craft paper you’d get at like, the post office or something like that I think this is gonna be better for this because it’s gonna hold up So I wanna make this paper bag pretty much as big as I can so I’m going to use the full height of this roll If you wanna make it a different size, just keep in mind that some of the height is gonna go towards the base of the bag so I’m probably actually gonna have a bag that ends up being about *this* tall with this much for the base so if you wanna smaller bag just remember to add some for the base So now to figure out the width I think I want my bag to be about *this* wide I’m gonna need to double it up obviously for the front and the back and you wanna leave a bit extra because some of this is gonna need to go towards the sides plus, a little bit as well to glue it together Also, hi — can we appreciate TSG new gold scissors? This is an addition to the family.


Ok, enough of you. Ok, here is now normally where I would show how to fold this whole thing together but I actually wanna paint one side of mine white to look more like the fashionable paper bags you may have seen on Pinterest so, it’s gonna be much easier to paint it while it’s a flat surface than instead of trying to paint it once it’s folded into a paper bag So I’m taking some white super plain paint and I’m going to paint one surface of it entirely white and then we’ll come back when it’s dry! Ok so, the paint has completely dried on the paper and it almost feels like fabric now that it’s dried, like a canvas? It’s really cool actually. So I want the white to be on the outside of my bag so I’m gonna flip this over So I’m going to bring the two sides together and then glue them to make a seam Just using some regular craft gluestick for this..

Cool! So the glue on the seam is totally dry and now we’re gonna fold this thing even more So something we figured out for the base is kind of a little bit of a system to figure out where to fold it so you wanna fold it doubly as much as you want your base to be wide Let’s go to the floor So let’s say I want the base of my paper bag to be about *this* wide I’m gonna fold it doubly as thick Ok so now let’s open it up and I’m gonna push down the sides to make two triangle shapes All right now we fold down the sides to meet the middle This is bringing me back so much origami nostalgiaanyone else do that in grade school? Lemme know in the comments! Thank you! And now we’re gonna tape it up. All right now, let’s put in the side creases So fold the edge of this triangle to meet the inside of *this* triangle..

Guys, this is so EASY. And same thing on the other side Ok, so now we’re just gonna open it up and make it look like an actual bag! Oh my god, this bag is huge So now we pretty much have to invert every fold we did and fold it the opposite way because we want the sides of the bag to be going inside the bag Tsk, you got it! Oh my goodness, I think we did it! This is so exciting! We made a giant paper bag, guys..

SO COOL! So, the options of what to put in this are pretty much endless and as a bonus style tip, I like to roll down the edges of my paper bag so then you can see the brown craft paper and that plus the white looks SO good together So basically you just roll it and just be very gentle so you don’t rip the paper but it’s OK, because the crinklier these guys end up being, the better they look! Oh my goodness, you guysI love this SO much, it turned out so adorable the white and brown

I’m just living for But Kelsey’s gonna show you some other ways to make these, design them, ways to use them, and ways to style them Cause like I said, these things have endless uses Kelsey [VO]: There are honestly endless ways to decorate and style these bags! You already saw Becky’s large white bag well, I’m making a slightly smaller version and I painted one side of my craft paper black instead of doing black on the outside, it’s going to be inside! So when I roll it down, you can see the black rim showing This other small craft paper bag, I just took some black paint and freehanded the word STUFF because that’s what’s going to be going inside of itjust STUFF This one is going to be used to organize some TECH ~STUFF~ Cables, cords, and extra remotes All that stuff that we have, but don’t know where to put We made a small version of the giant white bag and we’re putting a little plant in it Just make sure it’s potted properly, or with a base, or with built-in drainage so that when you water it Your bag doesn’t get completely soaked For the small craft paper bag with the black roll over rim, we’re throwing some scarves, hats and mitts in there I know only half of the world might FEEL US with this winter weather, but go ahead and use your bag for any large accessories that you may have Lastly, the large white bag this is so good for anything super big like rolls of paper, clean bed linens, or maybe blankets you have in your living room Hope you guys enjoyed that DIY! Honestly, this took us like not very long at all I love the result, I’m gonna use this, organization.

Hide my ugly cables The supplies were super inexpensive too! So I know you guys love those kinds of DIYs Yeah, and now we have extra craft paper whichwe love to have :3 Yes! Let us know what kinds of trendy things you guys have seen around so we can DIY them..

Let us know below! Yes, we always take your recommendations in the comments so hit us up there and if you’re not following us on other social medias, I know everybody says this ever but I feel like we give you so many different things on different platforms so I think it’s really important to follow us on like instagram and everything cause, there’s so many things happening to us right now and only some of it makes it to Youtube so, just like a heads up, if you like, care Yeah, definitely! And again, make sure you comment if you’re not, because we’d love to have you around more All right, like this post if you like it And again, make sure to comment I can’t tell you this enough I just want you to be part of my family! ; ; Sub it if you love it! Sub it if you love it. All right, we’ll see you next time. Bye! Byeeee!.

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