Hi guys it’s healthy and it’s Becky and deepest our girls and oh my god shiz let me get some shoes remember that anybody knows early that was like yes, when there was like a featured page and that was always on it ships anyway so shoes are a growing DIY like trend that we’re doing here so funny cuz do it asked me years ago like can you di some shoes I’d be like no. But now the shoes that are in trend are just coming to a while. But like the whole lace-up thing whole pom-pom thing that’s what we’re doing today is a highly requested post I feel like I should know.

But I don’t really even know where this came from it’s just like a thing all of a sudden and people asked for it. So we’re showing you two ways that you can do out of these types of shoes and, if you guys already aren’t commentd make sure you do that. Because we have lots of dope DIYs every single week sometimes twice a week alright there’s post guys it is amazing pom pom charm sandals start with any basic flip-flop these ins are from our Dean and they were super inexpensive we’ll be using about five liters of this suede cord from the fabric store for the laces and we’ll need to use a leather punch to punch small holes along the straps big enough for the cord to fit through we’re adding too right besides a middle toe strap to halfway down and too near the back of the strap next we’re taking this pom-pom trim from the fabric store and cutting four strips the length of the straps using a simple needle and thread so the pom-pom trim along the straps, if your pom-pom trim doesn’t naturally have holes in it like ours says you’ll want to make sure you punch holes in these as well before we get to lacing gather all of the accent pieces you want to add to your sandals we’re using pom-poms tiny tassels wooden beads and little gold charms that were all on sale from the craft store take your suede cord and thread it through the two front holes from underneath cross the cord and thread it into the next two holes cross again and then into the last two holes and it should look something like this now.


It’s time to add on your charms for the charms with a jump ring open the ring and slide them onto the cord for the pom poms we’re cutting them from this trim so they have little bits of thread attached to them use the thread to tie the pom poms onto the cord in a knot for a wooden beads tie a knot in the cord on either side of the bead to keep it in place for the terms that aren’t held in place make sure to tie a knot around the jump ring to stop the charm from sliding continue all the way up your cord placing a charm pom pom or bead every couple of inches once it’s done it looks so cute tie them up crisscross places around your leg and knot them at the top for this more simplified gladiator-style we’re starting with this two strat flip-flop also from our Dean’s couple straps in half evenly fold the edge of your half strap over to create a little loop and stitch a straight line to hold this together this is actually quite easy to sew up. Because these shoes are in faux leather that’s pretty thin make a loop and stitch it up on the other side as well for our back straps for creating loops and stitching them up as well once you’re done you should have four straps with loops on each end for the laces of our gladiator sandals we’re using this flat braided cord from the fabric store we bought five meters of this and split it into four pieces since this rope frayed pretty easily we covered the ends with a tiny bit of electric tape tuck this end under to hide the tape and lay your rope along one of the remaining straps at the top use a needle and thread to stitch the strap and rope together repeat this on the other strap as well to lace the shoes slide the rope through the first loop cross it over and then slide it through the back loop once you’re done it’ll look something like this to tie up your shoes cross the laces back and forth all the way up your leg and then tie them in a knot at the top for that gladiator look oh I see hopefully you guys like that let us know which editor to is your favorite sandals and, if you make some please send them to us.

Because don’t sense the actual shoes send us photos which would be so cute yeah we love, and we also read posts photos on our Instagram you guys didn’t already know that go follow them there and everywhere else yeah alright thank you guys so much for reading oh and you guys always asked how much things cost oh yeah we have a website yeah story girls calm which is like our blog and that’s where we put like the difficulty the cost the supply is like that’s where you can go with need kind of like everything yes like, if you’re going out shopping you’re like I just need a shopping list this is the place to go to check it out and the blog and we’ll link the blog post in the description below I don’t know, if you’ve been doing that. But we’ll start doing that. So that it’s like it’s there for you alright well thank you so much for checking out this post guys and we’ll see you next time, if you like this post make sure you like it, if you love it make sure you sub it hey.

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