I don’t know where this friend came from. But I just noticed that there was these brass gold hands and everyone’s home decor photos and everyone’s home tours knows like where did that come from how do I get one I eat one and how do I not pay a lot of money for n for one exactly so like there’s a way to DIY this as there always it, and we figure it out and we’re going to tell you about that. But first we also noticed that a handful of you guys aren’t comment actually only 1/3 of the people that watch our post or comment which isn’t uncommon for . But we just want to say hi and, if you aren’t commentd you can know what to do bless our current commentrs a bless anyone who’s just commentd now we love you all thank you so much good all right.

So we get on to this post yeah we got a hand it to it’s a really good one okay hand punch it right now and go or go and go her gold hand we started with a hand casting kit which can be found online or in art stores the alternative this is buying alginate which is the material used to make the mold and plaster of Paris which is what you use to fill in the mold with separately. But we found that the kit was a better price. So we went with that the kit is also linked below for you guys we added six cups of cold water to our bucket at this point we recommend wetting your hands so it’ll be easier to slide out of the mold and practice how you want your hand to be placed we added that make a mold alginate impression mixture to the water and stirred quickly for a minute you won’t get rid of all the lumps and that’s okay you don’t want to mix it for too long otherwise your mold material will harden and your mold will just be able to stick that you’re mixing it with the probably waited just a little too long between mixing and putting my hand in. Because we had to maneuver some of the mixture over my wrist rather than filling in the gaps on its own and it’s hard to tell.


But try not to touch the bottom or any of the sides with your fingers otherwise it could compromise the end result our instructions said to leave our hand in there for one and a half minutes. But we left it in for three minutes for good measure how’s it going oh good call good once the time was up and the top was hardened. But still jelly I carefully wiggled my fingers and hand until I could pull it free you want to make sure that every part of the mold stays intact so be careful next we made our plaster of Paris to do this we added 1 and 2/3 cups of cold water to a mixing bowl we added the plaster of Paris to the bowl and mixed it together until smooth we then spoon to our plaster pairs into the mold a couple of spoonfuls at a time you need to make sure that you tilt your mold and vibrate it to get the plaster into all the nooks and crannies of your mold at this step we should have tilted almost upside down. Because my fingers were bent we didn’t get it into the farthest part of the fingers comment oMG I didn’t even notice below, if you didn’t even notice that the tips of the fingers were missing.

But again to avoid this add a little bit of plaster at a time and tilt and hit your mold on the table until you’re confident that the plaster has gotten everywhere once the digits are filled you can add more spoonfuls at a time and start to fill in the hand keep rotating and vibrating the mold to remove all of the air bubbles even, when the mold was full we vibrated until we stopped seeing air bubbles rise we then let it dry for two hours after the time was up we were able to dump her mold out of our container and then begin to slowly and carefully pull away chunks of the algae it took a while. But once the hand was freed we took some fine grit sandpaper to sand off any imperfection this is what it looked like after some sanding we also made sure that the plaster was completely dry and the hand clean of dust before moving on to our next step painting it with some gold spray paint we took the hand outside and gave it a couple of coats of gold spray paint once it is dry we brought it inside to add one finishing touch we decided to take some white paint and draw some flash tattoo inspired designs on the hand we did this to make the hand look a little bit more boho inspired decor rather than a statue or something from your bio class take your time with this and have fun free handing lines arrows and dots okay we need one more other pun for the outro okay um it would have fingers and draw I don’t know oh damn it we used them all up in the intro oh we hope you enjoyed our handiwork, and we want to see some creations that you guys do like there’s lots of different cool shapes you could do let us know what a home divorce stuff you’d like to see next we haven’t actually done we’ve done a lot of fashion recently. So we’re excited to do this home court home core for you guys of course you guys should definitely keep your eye out for this gold hand making an appearance in a certain post next week that may or may not be dorm related and all about dorm decor a lot of room decor stuff that you guys in the lab just told you what it is. But yeah it’ll be really exciting, and we posted it in actual dorm guys it sounds just like we did it in our office we went off campus for this alright well we’ll see you guys in that post next week alright thanks so much for reading, if you liked it make sure you like it and, if you love make sure you saw then and hand joyed it we noticed a handful of you aren’t commentd why don’t we see this I’m kidding.

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