Hi what is something a little bit different you a little different a little different your hair is different and this is. Because in today’s post we’re going to show you two amazing methods on how you can give yourself an instant hair makeover, if you’re tired of your hair and you refresh for spring we got it for you as well as with two really easy amazing hair DIY accessories a little bit of this which we’re gonna show you how to make yeah these are so great for like any event you have going on spring and facility in season in full swing everyone a Schwarzkopf for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this post so let’s show you how we did all of this fun stuff whoa okay so to give my hair a total hair makeover which it does it needs it needs it every time I look at me right now like why hair why.

So I want to bring some life to my color from this dull color that’s kind of faded to some amazing bright red which I don’t think I’ve ever gone this bright before so I’m going to use this Schwarzkopf hair to color in warm mahogany. Because I think I just want to be a redhead even though I’m like naturally a mousey Brown I call it so I’m very used to dye my hair at home. But this one is different. Because it comes with a pretreatment which is good.


Because, if you guys have ever dyed your hair and notice that your ends are a lot darker or more saturated of color than your roots as you guys your ends are dry out and they can absorb the color more so this pretreatment makes sure that you get an even color like all the way through tips are treated and now is the part where you feel like a chemist and you’re mixing the lotion and the color cream together the chemists much science this part always scares me, when I see the color. And I’m like what what whatever it looks like that and, if you guys haven’t ever a five color before basically start in the roots and then work your way up so all the color in my hair. And I’m going to let it sit for half an hour as it does its thing so it’s been 30 minutes and now I’m going to add some warm water kind of rinse it out until the water runs clear and that I’m going to throw in where who took my conditioner and once it’s rinsed out I’m going to quickly towel dry my hair and then add in the conditioner leave it for a couple more minutes and then rinse again how do we like it how do we like it I can get your notes super good and very bright colorful much more like back to my hair yes why does that always happen, when you die your hair becomes so soft um. But with this new hair I’m going to put it into a bun and then we’re going to make a really cute hair accessory so to do this bun I’m gonna add some volumizing powder.

Because with my silky new hair I’m lacking a little bit of texture and volume so let’s put some of this okay so already my hair has like so much fold and now we’re going to do our bun so I’m just going to put a point he’ll the top of my head now you know teve my hair bit to make my bun as big as possible now my buns duns my bones are dumb. And I’m going to just obviously get rid of some of these flyaways or some hairspray. Because I’m mad flyways now that my bun is in place I’m going to show you guys how to make an awesome DIY bun flower crown to make this mini flower crown start with collection of fake flowers smaller flowers will work better for this gently pull off the flowers from the stems, if they aren’t secured tightly. But, if they’re already secured then that’s great once you have a collection of flowers cut your stems into little pieces make sure your stems have a wire inside of them super glue the wire stems onto any of the flowers that don’t already have a wire base or, if your flowers are not secured like ours worked for the base of this you’ll just need a plain hair elastic, and we stretch this over a bowl to make it easier to add the flowers bend the wire around the elastic in a loop and repeat this for all of your flowers to add the lilac we created a little jump ring with the wire and bent this around the center of the flower and around the band once all the flowers are on it’s all done alright so here is my elastic flower crown for my bun now I’m going to do is stretch it and put it on scoot so for my hair makeover I’m going to show you can give yourself a whole new fun look without the commitment that hair dye might provide so for my makeover I’m going to try something that I don’t normally try and that’s a whole new makeover in itself usually you guys know that I keep my hair kind of loose wave curls.

But today I’m going to fully straighten it for a nice sleek look so as you guys know I regularly bleach my hair and that leaves it kind of dry and brittle like this so as the first step in my hair makeup where I’m going to give it some moisture and some light and today I’m gonna start with the Schwarzkopf amber + oil nutrition 60 second treatment. But you thought I guess there with damp hair so let’s give the elbow okay so starting with damp hair I’m going to apply this to the areas of my hair that out of driest and that is the end of my hair okay so I’m gonna let this sit in my hair for a whole minute to soak in and really moisturize my hair and then I’m gonna wash it up and be right back okay. So I washed out the treatment and already it’s feeling amazing and silky smooth I’m just gonna let it air dry and then I’ll come back and show you what in to do next so now my hair is fully air dried and it’s time to move on to the straightening part which is the fun part of the makeover. But straightening can really drive your hair so to kind of aid in keeping it healthier I am going to go and use the amber + oil nutrition which is an oil in serum I’m gonna rub that into my dry hair and get it ready for the straightening process okay serum Valen time to start straightening I’m just gonna do this the way you normally straighten your hair sectioned off parts and just how about it okay so now my hair is all nice and straight and oh my gosh I’ve not felled my hair that’s like smooth and straight and especially since.

I’ve cut it I haven’t seen it straight so it’s like oh my god I got an extra inch of hair so something that happens, when I straighten my hair is filling up with flyaways at the end so the last final stuff I’m going to do is use this oil and serum again just to go over everything and make it so silky smooth and complete and you can kind of like style the hair to make it lie the right way, when you’re doing this okay I’m not pretty much sums up how I would straighten my hair and also, if you noticed I gave myself a new part I put it in the middle and this is another little fun thing that you can do, if you want to do a little hair makeover that’s really simple and easy so now to emphasize this silky new hair style look and especially this new part I put in I’m going to show you how to make a really easy DIY head chain to make this DIY head chain you’ll need some various chains I got all these from across store take one of the chains and measure it around your head and Mark how tight you want it to be cut the chain to the right length and attach it together with a jump ring take your second chain and measure from the front to the back of your first chain and cut it to this size and lastly take your third chain and wrap it around your head slightly looser than your first one and cut this length to open up the first jump ring and add your Center chain to it now take a second jump ring and connect the center chain to the center of your first chain close up your last chain with a jump ring cut the chain in half at the middle front and add each side of the chain onto your front jump ring lastly we’re adding a little crystal charm to the front start with a quartz crystal and will link some below for you then using some thin wire bend it into a tiny loop then take the rest of the wire and wrap it tightly around the top of the crystal, if it feels too loose you can always add some super glue and this is what it looks like I’ll finished add this in the middle of the center jump ring and we’re all done okay so here is my gorgeous head chain made the little crystal on the front.

And I’m just going to show you how I put it on so the thing with head chains is a they get tangled really easily and see, when you put them on kind of just look like a mess of chain at the beginning so it takes some like arranging to get a nice okay got it the way I like it it’s langa the crystals nice and centered and that’s about it that wraps up my DIY head chain and my hair makeover I love it hope you guys like our total hair makeover is pretty simple and totally something you guys can do all of the materials for the DIY and the products we use are definitely linked below and let us know which one was your favorite you head on over to our Twitter at this oracles we have a poll going on right now and you can choose whether you’re team head change our team flower crown bun let us know alright thank you guys so much for reading and as always, if you like this post make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure that you sub it, and we will see you in our next post.

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