All right thanks we’re doing another episode of brick lloween edition so it’s raining outside it’s gross behind us. So we didn’t bring this big guy to the thrift store. But we deal with a post camera so here’s what you missed all right we’re on the hunt for a Halloween decor I guess it’s kind of cheating to buy premade stuff right yeah exactly though many of them it’s meant to be okay so now a roundup summary of everything that we picked up okay we got some thread they just happen to be in Halloween colors like are you kidding me that’s going to be something this huge bag of creepy crawly bug toys two candlesticks a bunch of different size picture frames and this is just cider webs which you know you can’t really do too much creatively with this.


But we use a rabbit thing and um along the same lines of the bugs we got some snakes and an alligator. But I only won’t use that, and we got this old clock that we might use for something super cool yeah all right so let’s take all these things and make some super sweet Halloween decor super scary not so super scary all right. So we’re going to start with these two super old-school candlesticks that we got at the thrift store, and we want to make some spooky fake candles too in them and since we don’t need these candles to actually work it’s just for decor we’re going to make our own candles out of some card stock. So we’re going to take some of this blue cardstock tone where we’re going to paint it and make two tubes that are the size we want our candles to be okay so this is what we have so far I’m just going to cover the top with a little bit of electrical tape.

So that it’s not so open, if you didn’t want throw like a tea light in there make sure it’s battery-operated or not flame operated definitely not a good time to do that so now to add some faux candle laughs I’m just going to take a hot glue gun and add some drips around the tops to make it look like a real candle all right. So we’re going to be spray-painting our candles black along with some other things coming up. So we’re gonna set you aside just for the moment so now onto this amazing old clock that we got we’re going to be using the glass bit from it as well as the base we want to take a part of the old clock on the inside. Because we’re not going to use that guy however you feel you need to so now we have kind of a spooky specimen jar we’re going to be stuffing it with this amazing rubber snake.

But first we got to paint this guy black as well as paint the face of the silver so these are all going to go in our to be painted pile so our next third flip a spooky Halloween decor idea is to do kind of like this taxidermied bug wall art. So I picked up these great little rubber bugs and the whole picture frames I don’t even know who this woman is and we’re going to be taking the glass out of this putting little bugs on it and then hanging these on our wall so the bugs need to get painted and the frames need to get painted so again into our painted file these things are going to get painted silver and these things are going to get painted black and once they’re all painted they’ll look like this so now that our creepy crawlies are all painted they’re ready to be mounted to our plaques and labeled I’m just adding little creepy sciency labels here using some paper and a black marker and then adding some dots with the silver paint pen on the corners to make it look like tiny nails and then glue them underneath your bugs alright so our Halloween decor is looking super spooky so far. But I’m gonna pass it over to Abby to show you some really easy wall art and also how to assemble and style all this on a table alright we’re going to make some super sheet spider webs on your wall not the white stringy kind this is going to be a simple black red kind and this is all you’re gonna need right here so to make this cobweb you’re going to take four long pieces of your string and crisscross them so they make a big star shape next I cut off a long piece of string. And I’m just going to start in the middle by tying a knot to all the cross pieces and then I’m just going to go outwards in a spiral tying knots to every cross piece as I come across them and to make it tight you can just slide up the knots until you see a straight line there’s no sagginess and, if you run in a string just tie on another knot cut the excess and keep going this is how the final product looks it probably like took me fifteen minutes.

But it’s like a super cool wall decor piece and to finish this wall I’m going to add the frames of the bug assessment that Becky need right here so for our table we’re just starting with some black scrap fabric we have this is great you don’t really need a tablecloth you can just use whatever we have around the house, and we also spread out the cobwebs as a base for our table we then added our candlestick holders and inserted our DIY candlesticks so as you can see Becky’s turned our clock into a nice showcase and these sell at like Pottery Barn and stuff for like fifty dollars so it’s one DIY your own this is how and we’ve done this before. So you can check out a post for that right here. But today I’m going to put some stuff in it including cobwebs and a snake and finish the whole thing off with some more creepy crawlies so this is our completed setup you can do this for like a dining table, if you’re having a dinner party or front hallway, when kids come to get some candy this only costs us 20 bucks I think it turned out really cool I hope you guys liked another episode of strip flip, if you’d like to see more through episodes there’s a whole playlist here that you can click on and watch we hope you guys got inspired by this post these throw flips are always just to kind of let you know what you can do with roasts or items. Because obviously you’re gonna find the same things that last what hope this inspires you to go up there and try makes up out of 50 items and hey for Halloween decor we never do it we always stick to the costumes, and we never get to the decor.

But this year we started the costumes so early we’re like okay wait time and a lot of you guys requested it. So we love to do you request yeah, and we also have some more Halloween decor coming up so make sure you guys are commentd, if you’re not already to make sure that you see that stuff all right, if you like this post make sure you like it, if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time bye-bye you.

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