I really needed ad jewelry tree that could hang stuff like my watches so it need to be a little bit more sturdy than your average little silver tree it’s a hanging jewelry tree that’s made out of branches.

But it can also double adjust art, if you don’t want to hang Julia it’s actually so true I was like. So you just need to go on a little hunt in your local forest for some branches preferably dead ones not only. Because you shouldn’t harm trees. But.

Because then the park is really easy to peel off. Because instead and it’ll leave a really nice smooth underneath yeah this is the perfect kind of year that he’s doing it. Because it is fall and so ya go out a little hike and pick out branches belt like this long in length and the really important thing is to make sure they have little twigs full nubbies coming off the side. Because that’s what you’ll be hanging your jewelry on, if you need to saw your branches to be more reasonably sized go ahead and use your hands off get help get yeah we laid it out like the down newspaper something physical and then we just kind of peeled off the bar so once you peeled off the bark, if you think it needs to be smooth or just took some sandpaper and went on the sides of the branches.


But be careful again to not break off a little bit this is very important so once you have your twigs all sanded and smooth and barkless and ready to go you are good to paint them in whatever color you want we went with a white and like copper rose gold color combo mm-hm Becky thought of this we were just I was just going to do white dip it in metallic yeah so yeah take them outside and give them a coat and white and then, if you want you can go ahead and tape off a sharp line with some paper and tape and then do one end in like a hotel yeah or turquoise or anything or do all color whatever man make it match your room do it and after the branches are dried just peel off the paper and the tape and you’ll have your nice clean done branch so the Haney’s we use fishing line and a little really cold it looks something like this you can get them at Home Depot or any hardware store to be honest they’re just literally screwing books.

So we use those in the ceiling we spray-painted the white just so they kind of blended in we did that yesterday was blended, and we really wanted to make the branches and leather come just hanging there in midair. But, if you want to be more obvious, if you use like flying or something yeah whatever you want to hang with go fly up to we marked off kind of a nice feelin where the one with the hopes to go over the bridge hangs did it in like a triangle formation post and it’s up to you you can have them all in a straight line or whatever you are getting them this side just uncle horizontal yeah it’s legally up to you so once you have some marks you can go ahead and put the screws in to see a really tiny solution yeah or you know, if you live in a door and we’re preparing to like no no don’t fill in your ceiling you just use like those peels stick hooks it won’t it won’t be like as small on your senior. But it won’t be putting holes you see yeah there’s there’s options so just work it, if you can so after you have your hooks ready to screw into the wall and you have your done completed branches you’re going to take some fishing wire and you’re just going to cut out more than you need like double more than you need from your ceiling height and then you’re going to take a hot glue gun, and we put a little bead of glue and wrap the fishing wire around the top of the branch a couple times and then tie it off with a couple of knots you can then go ahead and string your long system where I threw the hooks in your ceilings and what we did was we took the other side of the fishing wire and tape it to the wall temporarily.

So we kind of pull and adjust the hanging Heights get it exactly the way we wanted it yeah. Because you kind of want it in like a cluster of three with like one high one low so look once you have it exactly the way you want it you could go ahead and go up to your hooks and just tie them often or not yeah and then scores just cut the extradition wire and my favorite part of this DIY is that most doing trees you can’t hang like your watches on your sunglasses and like all these other accessories that are a little bit thicker and chunkier so this one, if you get a thick enough branch you can hang your watches on you can hang your sunglasses on it and then the little thin knobs you can hang like your rings or your necklaces especially like the instead of just sort of I was really kind of in a pile in the corner of your room this kind of makes it really like art hang it yeah really some of these pieces you spend along and so why not show it off sure all right thanks so much for reading guys we will see you next time.

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