Hi guys today we’re going to show you how to do a DIY hanging macrame organizer you guys might have just moved into a new apartment or door we just moved into this apartment, and we have a small bathroom with zero storage and a lot of clutter so come see what we’re working with. So we kind of have this over the toilet storage thing.


But it’s not great and obviously we have a lot of things kind of lying around that we would like to organize better. So we’re planning on putting our hanging macrame organizer right about here and let’s go show you that make back so now that we have all our materials together we are going to start so the first step that you need to do is take your rope, and we are going to start with a two arm’s length long a rope so what we decided to do so this and we’re going to double that just to be safe you could use less you could use more depends on how far away you want your pots to hang and how high you want them to hang now we have our six pieces and get ready to arm lengths this is up to you. But some of the ones we’ve seen like to have tassels kind of hang at the bottom so, if you want to leave a couple inches just to hang and look nice so take the rope that are just kind of lying naturally beside each other it’s kind of makes me just like want to play jump rope right now it’s now you’re going to take whatever pot that you want to use and go ahead and turn it upside down this will just be helpful figure out spacing for your knots so go ahead and take the big knot and it’s going to go right in the middle on the bottom of your pot and then space the three pieces out you know evenly so now we’re going to tie a knot where our pairs are and you want it to sit right where the edge of the pot is and this will vary depending on how big your cause oh big knot in the middle and your smaller knots are going to try and go right to the edge perfect so now that we have our first knots done we’re going to go ahead and split up the pairs that we’ve made so take the outside rope of each pair and want to put them together and make a new pair just like that so this guy goes yeah. So we’re slowly making the bottom like holder of where pot is going to sit for a second set of knots we’re going to want to make our next knock kind of near the top a little maybe an inch down so right about here and the best way to do it is pull your knot through and then line it up and kind of tighten it and we’re gonna repeat that with our other ones so like we said bringing one rope from each knot pair to make a new pair and repeating the process there we got Becky what was it like for you moving out of home for the first time it was definitely a little scary I was very nervous.

Because I have lived in the same house my entire life this was me going off to college kind of by myself. But I think it was a really good experience for me getting to learn what it’s like to live on your own oh yeah it was like amazing so it’s definitely good cuz I met so many more friends than I would have to staying at home. And I learned so many more life skills which was really good – so what do you think is the messiest between the two of us um I guess I would say me. But neither of us are like horrible it’s just some of us sometimes were like busy and you know we do DIY or we eat dinner, and we all have time to like clean the dishes.

And I’m pretty sure my Indian takeout sat on that counter for like whatever getting there getting there, if you need to adjust any not heights at this time then you can that’s pretty much the base of our first pot so next we’re gonna take our six ropes and tie them in a big knot just like we did down here and you’re going to keep in mind of what you’re putting in here, if you’re putting tall items you’re going to know you’re gonna want it to be like this tall, if you’re putting in short items that can only be that tall we’re probably gonna do like right about there Beckett looks good to me here man okay and a noise tight knot so now you can imagine that this knot we have here is identical to this knot down here and you just repeat the exact same process again let’s test her out oh yeah all right and you can even add other knots here like look you could do it again mm-hmm you could put beads on the rope do whatever you want get fancy with it all right. So we’re just gonna put in our last pot got it I think so and how tall do we think all right and now we’re just going to put in the rest of the pot the bathroom organizer virus on so now we’re going to take this into the bathroom and hang up. So we have our completed project and we’re here in our washer where we’re going to put it up let me go ahead and cut off any excess stick right about here Becky I’m gonna be a little bit Marxist go pray so then the last step to your organizer is obviously to put everything in we think that we want to probably do nail polish in the bottom one since we’ve got a lot of that longer MCS in here and the next one I think we want to do kind of like our skin care station area WRA has three product lines daily cleansing pork strips and acne and since PR was nice enough to hook us up with some products we actually have the perfect space for them now so these are our three favorite products from each B or e line, and we do recommend that you guys try out all the different lines and figure out which products work best for you let us know in the comments below. So we’re going to start with putting in our poor unclogging scrub from the daily cleansing line next from the poor strip line we have our deep cleansing for strips and from the acne line we have our acne fighting astringent yes to do and lastly in our top pot we’re going to put any extra hair things that we have lying around so like brushes and hair ties so why you think this apartment works best for us thankful to a movie we really had to take in what we need for an apartment so for this one we needed a lot of things for posting reasons so really big living room.

So we have space to DIY we needed a big window for lots of good light for posting and those just want a really decent size bedrooms too. Because we were living in really tiny ones before. So I think that all worked out for us pretty well what is some advice that you’d give someone who is moving into their first apartment I think I’d tell them to figure out what they do want in an apartment and what they don’t necessarily care about and also, when you move in like we actually had to buy a lot of furniture and like decorate a lot of things and stuff like that. So that adds up so DIY anything that you can or like getting an old chest from a thrift store and painting it all those little things can add up to saving money so DIY what you can obviously I’m getting it.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY hanging macrame organizer, and we hope that you guys find it helpful for, when you’re moving into your first apartment or first dorm room and thanks for reading bye.

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