Hello we have a DIY for you yes Oh what else is new so this is a hanging wall decor which is very on trend on sleek we still say that um Urban Outfitters sells these for like something like it we did our own like cooler spin on it. But for like a hundred plus dollars and this is great for, if you have a large wall you want to fill. Because any canvas even, if you’re doing it yourself a canvas that size like so much my hundred dollars just to start, if you want to buy artwork that’s a big stand down fabric is a great alternative to this so that’s what we use as the basis of this decor yeah fabric is so cheap.


Because it’s meant to be bought in like large volumes so do you only use a piece even this big it’s not that much and it’s totally customizable you can put your favorite quote you can make it for a male female baby we can show you a couple different options of what we did. Because we made a couple different ones we were feeling like extremely inspired so those five so here is how we did it to make our quote tapestry start with a large amount of you our favorite pattern material a thicker canvas material works best for this cut off any uneven edges until it’s the size you want make sure to leave a few inches at the top to compensate for the dowling loop that we will be making later we have the whole thing first by ironing over the edge and then gluing it into place with a glue gun next print out your favorite quote to the size you’d like we chose the quote feel the fear and do it anyway to create the stencil you’ll need some freezer paper which you should be able to find in any grocery store cut out some of the freezer paper to the size of your quote and make sure that the shiny waxy side of the freezer paper is facing down and go ahead and tape your quote on top using an exacto knife and a cutting mat you’re going to cut out each letter make sure you keep the inside pieces of any letter that we may have we’re going to need these later to complete the stencil it’s helpful to keep the inside piece of the rest of the letter. So you remember which pieces go where once everything is cut out you can take the tape and paper off from the stencil and using an iron on medium heat we’re going to iron the freezer paper onto your fabric this will create a perfect seal around your stencil making painting super easy also remember to iron the inside of your letters into place use the cutout paper piece to help you figure out exactly where to place it once everything’s ironed on it’s time to paint and since we’re not going to be really reading this it doesn’t have to be fabric paint use a sponge brush to stipple on the paint over the stencil we did two coats of paint. But this will vary between different types of paint before the paint fully dries peel the stencil off the freezer paper is awesome.

Because it doesn’t leave any residue at all on your fabric and also remember to peel off the insides of your letters as well to hang your tapestry both over the top edge a couple inches and glue it into place to create a loop we used a long piece of wooden dowling and some white string use some hot glue to knot and wrap the string around the end of the dowling and then pulling it fairly tight you can go ahead and glue the other end onto the other end of dowling as well and it’s ready to hang so hopefully you guys like that and learned something from it, if you didn’t really get the whole freezer paper technique down the first time we have another post where we use the exact same method it’s actually these pillows we have here on our couch so cute we’ve gr these as well four months ago using pretty much the exact same technique. So we will link below that, if you wanted to see it done a different way yeah and to do is okay. Because we’re gonna go have a bonfire party in the woods for Becky’s birthday and it’s really hot today which is good. But praying it doesn’t look at that bug move blush.

So we’re gonna go log bat, if you guys want to see that make sure you are subbing to our the story light blog which is the postedy blog alright thanks guys for reading this post make sure, if you like it you like it and, if you love it that you said it well boom and we’ll see you next Tuesday guys see you Tuesday.

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