Hi guys we have another Halloween tutorial for you proceed own a horse we do this is another hugely requested one this year so of course we had to do it soon cause it’s like every year it has been and all the other years like this new movie hadn’t come about so try and do her old costume which was like a full-on latex bodysuit would have been impossible or that very hard. So we’re super excited that Suicide Squad coming out and we’re doing the costume from that movie coming out next year so we’ve heard a lot about it. Because it was sown in Toronto which is where we are so bad exciting yes just like besides movies no yet so which is based on this caution while the couple pictures plus the trailer so that’s what we got to go on and this is only our second Halloween costume of 2018 we have lots from the other 5 years that we’ve been on, and we have lots or something so make sure you comment for more Halloween costume ideas, and we hope you guys enjoy to make this Harlequin costume we started with the shirt you will need a plain white long-sleeve shirt cut off the neckline hem as well as the arms right below the elbow and some off the bottom to make it a little bit shorter next we’re taping off the areas that we want to be red this will be about four inches down from the top as well as two bands around each arm we used a regular sharpie to fill in the armbands and for the top will be creating a dip-dyed effect using this red fabric dye wrap the bottom half of your shirt up in plastic bag to keep it as white as possible dip the top half of your shirt into the dye up until your tape line leave it in for a couple of minutes and then take your shirt oh and rinse it off once it’s all dry it should look like this our dye didn’t match our Sharpie perfectly.


But we think that adds the worn in effect of the shirt excuse inks of iron on transfer paper print out her dyed little monster logo and we’ll have a link to this in the description make sure you’re printing it out in Reapers cut it out and iron it onto the shirt according to the directions of your paper and, when it’s all done it looks like this for her glove we took a regular driving glove from the thrift store and cut the fingertips off using the shiny blue and red spandex we cut out pieces to fit over the various parts of the glove and glued them on top for her hair we’ll be using a light blonde wig tied into two pigtails we’re using this blonde movie already had from our Daenerys & Elsa costume posts make sure you check those out as well we’re not sure, if the pigment will end up staining.

But that’s okay since this wigs been well loved by us we found this temporary hair dye stick that conveniently came in blue and pink color onto the ends of the pigtails working your way up about two-thirds of the way repeat this with the blue as well we also added hair ties to our wig using the fan decks from our shorts for her bat we’re using this plain wooden baseball bat either get one in a light wood or paint it white like we’re doing next we’re going to wrap the bottom part in some white tape next we get three diamonds out of tape and place them around the bottom of your bat and add tape lines above and below color in the wood with red paint once that’s dry take off smaller diamond shapes inside of our white diamonds and paint them blue lastly tape off two bands on the outside and paint these black to add the goodnight text to the bat first print out your words we’ll have a link to this one below as well tape the words onto a sheet of vinyl and use an exacto knife to cut out the letters stick your vinyl down onto the bat and don’t forget to stick the middle of any letters like the O back in as well paint over your stencil with a red paint and then peel it off to make our lines sharper we trace the letters leave black sharpie once the paint was dry and to add the writing on the bat we looked up some classic Harley quotes and phrases and wrote them in a jagged handwriting to the back we did some words in black as well as some in reps we’re not sure exactly what her back does say in the post. But we just kind of took inspiration from what we found online for her wrist accessories were starting with this black studded belt from a thrift store cut a piece off about the size of your wrist and attach it together with a piece of velcro repeat this. So that you have two for her belt we’re taking this studded belt also from a thrift store and taking off the buckle luckily ours came apart.

But you might have to cut yours open we’re going to spray-paint the buckle gold since we took the buckle off we are securing our belt back together with some velcro we’re then attaching the buckle onto the front of the belt and tilting it on an angle to create a diamond shape like Harley zé’s in the post we’re using a strong glue like e6000 to do this for her boots we lucked out big-time by finding these athletic inspired heels from the thrift store you can use plain white heeled boots instead as those may be easier to find we started by taping off parts of the boot that we didn’t want to be black we left two shapes on the side plus a stripe all the way around the bottom and the top as well as the lace-up holes PSU ran out of tape and that’s why they’re it’s two different colors spray paint this black we then colored in the back of the heels with a red sharpie to make Harley’s shorts start with a pair of well fitting shorts that we’ll be using as our template this is way easier than describing measurements as this would be different for everyone fold your shorts in half along its natural seam lines.

And trace the shape onto a piece of paper repeat this for both the front and the back half of your shorts draw a line about a quarter inch out from your template for seam allowance and then cut this edit using some shiny blue and red spandex we cut out a front and back piece in each color don’t forget to flip your template around too. So that you have a left and a right side next place your good sides together for both the front and the back pieces and sew up the middle of each piece you should now have a single front and back piece that are half blue and half red placing the good sides together line up the bottoms and pin them together we’ll be sewing along this line as well as up both sides once it’s done flip it inside out. But you should have a pair of shorts feel free to add a hem line around the top and the legs as well, if you want for Harley’s choker start with a nude white or clear belt cut off an amount long enough to fit around your neck attach the two ends together with some velcro for the letters we hand drew out the word puddin onto some foam making sure they were the height of the belt feel free to also use any wooden or foam pre-cut alphabet letters, if you want, if that’s easier once they were all cut out we spray painted them gold and lastly we’re puttin them onto the choker with some hot glue haha get it for the makeup we’re starting with this white creme face paint and spending it all over the face set it with a light powder for the eyes use a bright pink and blue eye shadow let it messily around the eyes and down the side smudge a black eye liner under the eyes finish with a top winged eyeliner and some mascara and we’re going to add a red lip and we’re going to add a black heart under the pink eye for the arm we made this super simple stencil by cutting out some diamonds on a strip of card and painting the diamonds with some blue and red face mail use eyeliner to draw some.

Harley designs on your legs we’re writing things like put in and adding some diamonds and hearts according to some reference photos that we found to put on the costume add a pair of fishnet tights and put on your shorts over top use some scissors to rip a couple of holes in your tights add your wrist cuffs and glove we’re also adding these studded bracelets that we already own from Topshop we’re going to add our puddin choker add your shoes wig and fat and you’re done your Hollywood costume from the new Suicide Squad Oh so hopefully you guys love that we think it turned out amazing and we’re super excited just like we are with every costume that we kind of pull out in every DIY that we do the six in the end we’re just so happy so thank you so much for enjoying this post with us hopefully you guys learned something and, if you’re gonna do a Harlequin costume let us know below instead of pictures yeah just a minute and, if you guys want any more halloween inspiration for us we have an entire playlist of everything halloween that we’ve ever done to make sure click on long last it’ll be at the end of the post, and we can thank you guys in the bottom of our hearts for all the love that you guys have been giving on our last costume furiosa you guys are always like so supportive and, if you want to support us you know pick up comment button and share with your friends it really helps out, and we appreciate how much you guys like our posts it’s not too late to get your submissions in we are again this year doing another last-minute Halloween costume post idea we do though every layer. And I don’t know how we still keep coming up with ideas for them yeah I guess it’s mostly thanks to you guys to make sure you comment below what you’d like to see is in a really easy last-minute Halloween costume and me I do this year yeah yeah and make sure you check out all the other years laughing at Halloween costume posts for more ideas oh my god they’re so good they’re my favorite they’re so silly.

But I love them thank you guys so much for reading, and we will see you next Tuesday and our next time.

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