I guess it’s Abby today we have a hat slash hair accessories post. Because those are always in style always cool, and we want to make them our own. So we have this headband we have an accidently to Drake inspired hat sorry I don’t even know how that happened we were like what what can we do this hat to make it cool right oh do this can we do this hat to make it cool oh this oh wait we just like everything Drake oh sorry guys sorry representing the six too hard.

But we also want to let you guys know that this hotline bling hat was inspired by somebody who came to our meetup, when we were in Calgary so thank you thank you so much for the inspiration for that and we’re actually going to give it away at the end of this post so make sure you stay tuned for those details alright let’s get on to these hats D I was in this thing yeah for a first hot we’re starting off with something super simple start with a basic hat that needs some jazzing up and grab a trendy iron-on patch we picked this black and white six patch up from the craft store remove the paper backing off the patch and place it on your hat we stuff the hat with some extra fabric to help it keep its shape and then placed a piece of cloth over the patch iron over the patch for 30 seconds flip the hat inside out and iron the back for an additional 30 seconds and there you go your super simple hat update is now complete for the second hat we’re going to show you another super simple technique. But this one is a little bit more time-consuming we’re going to start with this pink hat we linked one below for you and we’re going to embroider 1/800 hotline bling on to it we printed out the hotline bling image from the web.


So we can use it to get the spacing just right tape it onto the Hat just below where you plan to importer using a white pencil crayon or fabric crayon draw out your words next using a needle and some white embroidery threads start from the back of the Hat and thread your needle through the bottom of your first letter loose the thread around your letter horizontally we’re basically sewing short horizontal lines all the way up the letter or in this case number, when you get to a part of your letter that goes horizontally switch your stitches to vertical wrapping so you’re always going around the white pencil line for any round letters loop your stitch around on an angle you shouldn’t need to cut your thread each time just bring the thread from the back to the bottom of your next letter and continue once you reach the end tie a knot in the back and cut your thread tell me this does not look so legit call me on your cell phone and tell me that once you get that look of a bandana without the worry of it constantly slipping off this DIY is for you start with a bandana and fold it into a triangle grab the two ends and tie them together into a knot like you would, if it was on your head next cut the bandana in the middle opposite of your knot take a plain hairband and glue the knot down to the center of the band pull down the bandana around the band and cut off any excess cut a small strip from the excess and we’re going to use this to secure the bottom bunch up the bottom of the bandana tightly around the headband glue one end of the strip down wrap the fabric strip around the bandana and headband tightly and then glue the end into place repeat on the other side and now you have a pretty convincing bandanna headband all right how cool those hats DIY and this thing guys and this thing literally I was like Becky I can’t I tried wearing this trend. But my head is just oddly shaped I hope I don’t have enough of a like that a shelf back here a problem I think for a lot of people yeah I just are you making fun of me no no I bet it is let us know below do you have this problem I feel like I’ve had this problem too I can’t wear these without it like totally falling off my head.

So I was like I’m gonna make it bandanna headband, and we did it cuz they’re so in right now so it’s like even more frustrating yeah, when you can’t wear the trip. Because your head is shake don’t worry you got us good and so onto the giveaway we’re giving like a hotline bling huh I know it’s nothing big. But as you guys know we like to give away our DIY some time to time half of them, and we all don’t just sit in the office we want someone to love them we could only have so many hats so many drinks related hat with Drake related things in total for this giveaway we’re calling the notification squad team into action I pretty girls like her all these people in the comments being like notification spot I’m like what is that and then I realized and then I was like so happy for you guys. Because you’re my favorite people ever so what it is is there’s a little bell on our tailgate or below this post on mobile yes and, if you click on it it turns great and what that means is you get a notification every time we upload a post like right away.

So you know there’s new post from us just like on your phone just like the circle is closed in the post yeah it’s nothing like oh my god so annoying it’s like yeah thank you me like once or twice a week so it’s not gonna be too crazy, if you guys want to go ahead and turn that little Bell gray and become a part of the TST notification squad and just tweet something like anything just using the hashtag thght notification squad and then you guys can automatically be entered like we’re not we were like should we send that make them send us a screenshot nah it’s fine we trust you guys hopefully you care enough to be notified yeah it’s a post anybody can enter will into any country yeah and thanks for supporting us guys thank you form us to you hope you guys like this post thank you so much for reading, if you liked it make sure you like it, if you love it make sure you sub it and see you next week as you want to see it make sure that you bail it Oh ballet ballad.

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