Happy new year it’s almost dude we’re here to get you guys excited and prepared and accessorize for your New Year’s Eve parties in a very unique way I know that they can sell things like this I like the dollar store. But do they have holographic I don’t I don’t think so not the answer’s no they don’t. So we made some holographic inspired DIY and accessories for you we’re going to jump right into this DIY.


But comment, if you haven’t already commentd. Because we’d love to see you here more often especially in 2018 this New Year’s Eve we’re going hollow sexual our first accessory grab a sheet of super hollow scrapbook paper wrap it into a cone and then trim up the bottom for the details we’re adding this hollow cellophane wrap and cutting some strips glue a couple together in the middle and then fringe it up we added this as a trimmer on the bottom and bunch them together as a topper Papu the hat onto a headband and you’re ready to go for this headband we’re cutting out the numbers of the year 2018 make sure to add little tabs. So that we can glue them to the headband easily we’re adding a hollow accent strip to the numbers by lining the inside with hot glue and pouring some glitter on top tap off the extra glitter and then glue your numbers on to a headband we found those new years plastic necklace at the party supply store for a dollar. But it wasn’t quite cute enough on its own we cut a strip of our hollow cellophane thick enough to be a choker and then we cut out one of the happy new years from the necklace and hot glued it onto the cellophane strip we then added some extra cellophane to the end of the choker to act as ties and the choker is complete yo that’s so hollow good hello good this last accessory crowns ueee queen of New Year’s Eve tres little tiara shape onto some white cardstock folding it in half while drawing is a good tip to keep it symmetrical we’re drawing on the words happy New Year’s with hot glue and then covering it with silver glitter we added some hollow glitter accents smooth tips we needed to cut an extra strip of cardstock to complete the back of the crown close it up with some glue and it’s ready to rock all right thanks so much for reading that guys hopefully you enjoyed these super sweet accessories tell me which one was your favorite.

And I hope you have a safe and very very exciting and happy 2018 evening night and we’re super excited to see you guys next year and show you all the awesome content that we already have plans honestly we have a huge surprise for you guys it’s like a big deal like this is this is a game-changer for us stay commentd or comment, if you’re not already. So you can see that exciting news coming soon yeah and honestly Instagram and snapchat you usually see things first just. Because like takes us like a week or so to edit these posts so make sure you’re following us yeah that was a subtle hit okay well hope you guys have an awesome new year and we’ll see you next year Oh what that was weird okay bye thanks guys so much for reading this post hope you guys loves it, if you want any more newsies accessory tips and DIYs check out this post here is Sasha’s and this glitter type good or tight so good and also see that snapshot logo you can snap that and add us. Because why not actually you know what I’m loving right now instead I’m sorry go follow us on Instagram there’s links below.

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