DIY Home Decor for Halloween

Hi I’m Isabella and we’re go on show you how to make glam pumpkins. So do you ever want to get crafty and do a DIY but feel like those skills may have left you in elementary school. Well I know I do so I have got a super simple easy DIY that we are going to do together. So today we are going to make a pumpkin display that you can put in various places in your home. So tip 1 for your pumpkin display is I say buy five pumpkins. A rule of thumb in design is odd numbers so either 3, 5, or 7 in this case we used five pumpkins. Also another great tip with that is to get the pumpkins from your flower shop. Now I know we all love going to the pumpkin patch and that’s fun but I really wanted to get white pumpkin so we could paint them and a lot of times your local flower shop will be doing decorating and also sell pumpkins so there’s extra tip for you. Tip number 2 when getting your five different pumpkins is buy 5 different sizes.

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So start with the big one then get a medium size smaller and then two small ones that could put together. So look for different sizes and different shapes. Tip number 3 we say pick non traditional Halloween colors. What color did we choose? Gold and silver. We say go Halloween glam for this DIY. So tip number 4, once you painted your pumpkins in your glam silver and gold colour, and we suggest using spray paint is the easiest then you want to arrange them in different places in your house. You can arrange them at your front door you can arrange them on your side table you can arrange them in a centerpiece on your dining table we say spread em around.

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