DIY Home Decor Ideas 2018 Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Decor

Hi everyone welcome back I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far, if you’re new here welcome don’t forget to hit the comment button and turn on your post notifications. So you don’t miss, when I upload a post I want to thank everyone who has shown all their love and support it always means so much and today’s post I’m going to share how to make some super quick and easy home decor DIY is using items from the Dollar Tree for this first DIY you will need 1 foam board 4 square mirror coasters Diamond wrap 2 packs of the three pack clay mini pots and 2 bouquets of flowers of your choice placing the mirrors down on the foam board I grabbed a pencil line where you will need to cut the foam board and cut an extra board the same size to glue them together and make a thicker board now that I hot-glued the two thumb boards together I’m going to hot glue the top of the post board and place the mirrors on top next I’ll add hot glue to the sides of the foam board and attach the diamond wrap. But be careful the glues really hot and we’ll go through the wrap do this for the sides and back as well I love painting so this is my favorite part I actually wanted to paint the mini pots white.

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But I ran out of white paint. So I had black paint on hand and just went ahead and used it you’re welcome to use whatever color you want I purchased this one from Walmart for a dollar and some change I let the paint dry for about 15 minutes and then glued some extra diamond wrap on top of the pot to give it a little extra glam it makes it look even cuter, if Silver’s not your think they had gold green red they had a lot of different colors. But I love silver. So I just went ahead and use this one I went ahead and added the flowers in each pot so now this is the finished result you guys I left it right here in the entry table and loved the way it looked, when my husband got home he really liked and he was so impressed that this was made using things from the Dollar Tree I’d love to hear your feedback what color would you paint your flowerpots and what flower colors would he use for the second DIY I wanted to make something quick simple and glam I love Trey’s and this was the easiest thing ever to make all you will need are four silver friend mirrors and eight octagon mer coasters from the Dollar Tree all I’m going to do is place the frame down on the table and add the coasters in the frame they will fit perfectly.

And I want to make a circle with the coasters you don’t have to glue anything down or put anything underneath the picture frames unless you want a permanent look then I would suggest getting a foam board and hot gluing the frames on it I didn’t want to glue them down to the foam board. Because this could also be used as another decor piece in your home you can make a unique wall mirror just use e6000 glue to glue the mir coasters on the mirror frame, if you plan to hang them and here’s how the mirrored tray came out you guys I’m actually really impressed with the way it looks again this was super easy. And I didn’t have to use my hot glue gun or any extra materials to make this tray you can even make a larger one. But, if you do then I suggest getting a foam board and gluing the frames on it so they don’t scatter everywhere you can use this for decor purpose only to host for a party or any event I really like how this came out by adding the octagon mirrors it just gave it more dimension and elegance I placed it on my coffee table with some decorations like to keep throughout the year like flowers candles and sparkly things of course for this third DIY you will need two silver round plates from the Dollar Tree one candle holder four packs of the acrylic gems and a lazy susan which I didn’t end up using I like this guy way better without it.

But it’s your preference taking my hot glue gun I will add glue all around the border of the silver plate and place the gems around and repeat this process for the second plate as well next I’ll grab the candle holder and glue the top and face it down in the center of the plate and press firmly I like to add a lot of glue just to make sure it’s secure I’m going to add glue to the bottom of the candle holder to give it extra support and place more gems around it also don’t worry about the glue that’s left on the plate that you see. Because it comes right off after it’s dried for this final step I’m gonna add some glue on top of the candle holder and place the second silver plate on top and press firmly here’s how the two-tiered tray came out I really like how it looks the plates resemble a mirror and what’s best is how affordable it is you can add fresh fruit for example on the top and the bottom like strawberries berries or grapes, if you want to use this to host with guests you can also use this to display jewelry just make sure it’s nothing too heavy and add in my perfume bottle on the center since its small and not having the ideas just go on and on. So you guys I have a surprise giveaway in this post I’m going to be giving away gold Kate Spade heart eyes necklace, when I saw this I knew I had to buy it for one of you all I wish I could give everyone a necklace. Because you all are the best so, when this all you have to do is mentioned in the description box I have missed uploading posts with many of you know I’m pregnant I have been away for some time.

Because I’m enjoying the miracle of our first baby growing inside of me our baby is due next month so I’m soaking in these last weeks even more I’m so excited to announce we’re having a baby girl I just wanted to update you guys and what I haven’t posted a post so thank you to everyone that has reached out this concludes the post thank y’all so much for reading have a beautiful and blessed day.

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