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Happy new year everyone welcome back to algae Queen home decor I hope you all had the best and happy holidays I’m so excited to share with you all these home decor DIY so let’s get started for this first DIY you will need 8 square mirror coasters from the Dollar Tree gorilla constructive adhesive glue I purchased from Walmart silver spray paint from Walmart ain’t diamond knobs from Amazon I’ll link the ones I used in the description box you will need a smooth wood board I got this one from Lowe’s for $6 it was three times as big as this. So I had them cut it to 10 by 20 inches as long as he purchased wood from them they’ll cut it for you for free you will also need to ring hangers to screw in the back of the wood board for this DIY my husband helped me he went ahead and spray painted the sides of the board the smell is so strong he gives me a headache especially since I’m pregnant so he was glad to take over you don’t have to spray paint the middle or the back of the board.

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Because the front is going to be covered with the mirrors anyways and the back you won’t even be able to see it unless you want to paint it’s your preference he’s skirt in the ring hangers and it’s ready to be hung so now he will begin to glue the mare coasters down we left the black little circle pads since they are so thin it wouldn’t even bother leaving them on. So you can take them off, if you want to. But we just left them on so just repeat this process for the rest of the coasters and press firmly on the mirrors now that all the mirrors are glued down add a drop of glue to the center of the knob and press firmly we didn’t measure where the knobs would go exactly my husband just looked to the center of each mirror after doing this step for the rest of the knobs let it all dry for at least today and then it will be ready to hang here’s how the mirrored coathanger turned out it looks even prettier in person you can add keys purses umbrellas I have my husband’s jacket on there along with mine to show you how it looks I absolutely love it it looks like it was brought into store I prefer without anything though. But, if you have guests this is perfect for them to hang their things on for this second DIY I will be making a mere tray.

So you will need nine octagon mirror coasters from the Dollar Tree three bags of the acrylic gems from the Dollar Tree one foam board from the Dollar Tree a glide knife and a hot glue gun I use this eleven by fourteen frame to trace on the foam board and cut it to use as a base for the mirrors you can use a wood board for more durability I recommend wood wine. But I just had this foam board leftover on hand now that it’s cut I place the mirrors on the foam board so it’s ready to hot glue and easier for me to keep track where it is I want my marriage to be placed I will repeat this process for the rest of the mirrors now that I’ve glued all of them down I’m going to fill in the white areas with the acrylic gems taking my hot glue gun and glue the board. And I grabbed some of the gems and let them fall wherever they land in that little spot. Because I want that clustered look here’s how the mare and Trey turned out you can put perfume bottles on there for display jewelry you can put some candles in the center or even glasses for a more elegant look on your table while hosting the ideas just go on and on I recently started collecting these crystal perfume bottles and my sweet friend Karen sent me this beautiful rose gold perfume bottle on the far left on top of the bottle has tiny little crystals which are absolutely gorgeous let me know in the comments below, if you would make this and what you would style in the center of this mare tray for my last DIY I will be making a hanging flower wall mirror all of these items are from the Dollar Tree I picked up a round mirror ribbon two sets of the pink peonies and a one white rose set you can use whatever ribbon you want I had this silver glitter ribbon leftover from the holidays.

So I just wanted to go ahead and use it I took the flowers off from the stems they came right off. And I hot-glued the inner border and married to lay the flowers on you can spread the flowers apart or push them together to give it a fuller look which is what I’m doing here’s a close-up and better view of how I glued each flower down now that I finished gluing the flowers down you can either leave it like it is and place it on a table or display it wherever you want for spring coming up. But I’m going to turn this over and put the ribbon through the hoop and just cut a good piece of ribbon off to make a bow and, if it’s too long I’ll just cut it to my liking at the end this is the finish result you guys that came out so adorable and perfect for spring decor coming up soon a wedding baby shower even for a little baby girls nursery as soon as I saw these pink flowers I knew I wanted to create something with them so let me know which DIY you like best out of all three thank you so much for reading and thank you to everyone who always shows me your love and support it always means so much to me I hope that any of these ideas inspire you to create something for your home and that it’s just a fun little project to make with a loved one I’ll talk to you all in my next post.

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