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Hi everyone welcome back thank you so much for stopping by, if you’re new here welcome don’t forget to hit the comment button and turn on the notification bar. So you can be notified, when I upload a post I’m going to be showing you how to make this candle holder set along with a couple of other DIYs so for this first one you’ll need one mirror frame from the Dollar Tree bling wrap three mirrored coasters three candles two small glass cups and a tall vase all from the Dollar Tree this glitter paper I got from Hobby Lobby for a dollar, when it was 50% off. But, if you go and it’s not 50% off there’s always a 40% off coupon you can use you will need rocks and a half pane I will use to paint the frame since my dollar she was out of the black merde frames and black rocks, if your Dollar Tree has the black rocks and mirrored frame then you can skip this step I went ahead and got a ziploc bag poured the rocks in and poured the paint inside and shook it I put the rocks outside in the Sun to dry meanwhile I finished the rest of the DIY so they’re ready, when I’m done you can keep your frame as it is, if you like it’s silver and the white rocks.

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But for me I just wanted to paint it all dark also go ahead and take the mirror out, if you’re going to paint it it’ll save you some time to have to clean the mirror off from the pain. But it comes right off with paper towel and water now grabbing the glitter paper I’m going to fold it. So I can fit in the flower vase and then I’m going to leave it about two inches of space from the bottom. So you can see the rocks, when I see where I want the paper to go I’ll cut a piece and repeat the same steps for the next two glasses for the candles I wants to bling them up a bit so I’m going to get the bling wrap and measure to see how much I will need and then use that piece I measured to cut two more strips taking the hot glue gun I’m going to put a drop and stick the bling wrap on since this is a wax candle the hot glue is sliding a little bit so be careful to not burn yourself now that the rocks have dried I went ahead and put them in the vase and now I’m going to take my hot glue gun and glue the top of the vase and add the mirror for the glue that you see dripping down once you put the mirror on top go ahead and pull the remaining off and here’s the final result of the candle holder set this would have been done so much quicker, if I had the black mirror frame in the black rocks.

But it was still worth it it was quick and easy plus it was fun to paint it since I’ll have to do. So I also added bling wrap to the frame to match the candles this set can be used for any occasion whether it’s for your home a party or a wedding on a budget the ideas are endless. So I would use style this set in your home this could also be used in the entryway table or on a side table in your living room here’s how they look lit up I do not recommend to light these up without supervision. Because of the bling wrap in the middle this is more for a decorative purpose for this second DIY I’m going to show you how to make initial flower letters all you will need is a foam board flowers of your choice from the Dollar Tree a pencil and a cutting blade I picked up a bunch of different flowers in different shades of pink.

Because they were just so pretty to pass up I went ahead and wrote two letters down just by looking at a picture on my phone it doesn’t have to be perfect just good enough to read the letters you can do a cursive letter. But I went ahead with something simple just to give you an idea this next step is super easy all you have to do is start gluing once you take the flowers off the stems they come right off there’s no right or wrong way to do this step unless you want it to have a pattern for your letters. But for me I just winged it and glue them as I went this is how my letters came out you guys to me they came out so beautiful. And I was inspired.

Because I saw a lot of these letters for sale online and some of them were pretty expensive. So I thought I can make them for way less and the color and flowers that I want. So I just added a little bit of green leaves from the roses to give it a little extra pop of spring these letters are my baby girls first and middle name initials, if you’re wondering where the pink rug is from expeller Innokin Elle’s rugs I absolutely love it how to share with y’all. Because this is going on our baby girls nursery, when I saw this son it was perfect for her nursery this rug was gifted by loretta canals they were so kind to send this to me and what I absolutely love is that this drug is machine washable so anytime it has a mess I can just put it right in the washer and dryer the second thing that I love most about it is that it has a light pink heart cushion that’s attached to the rug so, when our baby girl gets older she can just leaned against it for storytime or just to relax it’s super soft made with all natural dyes and handmade the heart shape is so adorable I’ve never seen a rug like this in this shape and they just have so many beautiful designs to choose from this is how the rug came packaged before I opened it I just wanted to share how it looks like with you all for the last DIY I’m going to show you how to make something super simple and beautiful you do not need any hot glue everything you can do by hand so first thing you will need our for acrylic gem bags one LED tea light candle box one bag of rocks satin ribbon a flower vase and flowers of your choice I already had this hydrangea from our wedding I wanted to display grabbing the rocks just place them in the vase and then grab the acrylic gems and layer them until you’re out of each one then add the box of gems and place the LED candle that comes in the box in the middle of the gems here I’m tying the ribbon to give it a nice complete look and this is the final result it’s so beautiful and very minimal and simple d.i.y to make it looks so girly and glam let me know what you think or really like how it turned out you can place this anywhere here’s another example of where you can place it in your entryway and this is what it looks like with the LED light on I also put water in the vase this light is waterproof and here’s another view of how it looks like with one of the lights turned off let me know which DIY was your favorite I had so much fun making these for you I hope they inspired you in any way thank you so much for reading and all your continued love and support thumbs up, if you enjoyed this post I’ll talk to you on my next post have a super blessed day.

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