Hi baby elephant we do to yourself wait what is that do you ask you guys love puppy week so much. So we’re bringing back another themed week and this week is Judy your stealth week so inspired by Movember inspired by their male audience inspired by our male friends we’ve been asked to do these DIYs, and we just thought it’d be nice to like sum them up in this one week have posts on different platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat and right here mm-hmm so these are our collection of DIYs that were requested by our male audience and also we wanted to just put do to yourself in title. So that it guys don’t get intimidated by our sweet little faces and come watch this post. Because we have some pretty interesting content yeah so today we are doing a collab with our very good friend Anthony who happens to be a dude so it’s perfect we are making an industrial pipe kind of capsule wardrobe inspired clothing rack alright so before we head over Anthony’s we’re going to give you the quick lowdown on this piece of liver bringing with us all right so now we’re here with Anthony and his very cool loft moving friends in the community for a while now.


But you need to tell everybody what you do on your blog yeah so I’ve been kind of like the men’s beauty guru essentially that’s what people call me I don’t know, if I really call myself that. But it’s like I do men’s fashion I do men’s hair grooming skincare all that and so many people ask me to do this DIY so this was like a perfect pairing like these girls know exactly what they’re doing I’m really excited to see how this turns out yeah I’m so excited should we get into building this thing yeah let’s do it okay. So I had some questions before we even started so I’ve looked at this up on Pinterest before and about guys asked me to do this even before I kind of outfit in my place how do you start picking wood and like picking the pipes in the siding like that’s what’s the best option, when building this there’s definitely options in price ranges that you can do 100% like you can go to a special like lumberyard and get like the premium nice is smoothest whatever or you can go to your local like Home Depot place and get you know cheaper wood it really depends on how much you want to spend yeah this one was about $8 for a board double this length and they will cut it there at the hardware store for you for free which is great. So I mean that’s a pretty good option to go with yeah I think this one’s pretty good especially, if you’re, if you’re picky you can always stand it and make it even nicer yeah you want to yeah plus I imagine about the second half you could create shelves, if you wanted to get a really intricate with this.

But like a nice simple makes sense to show it yeah the more expensive cars are actually always like connector pieces yeah these will run you about like five dollars apiece so once you add all the shelves and the levels you’re starting to add more connector pieces and that’s where it yeah and the peipus while you have a little bit of choice – this is standard just black pipe they have a silver option that’s been area a little bit more inexpensive or, if you want you know the copper pipe that everyone loves that’s even more pricey than this so I’ll depends on what the look you’re going for and how much you’re willing to spend yeah okay so then we’re going to break this into two sections I’m assuming right so base and then actual like where rails itself yeah we have the wheels that are gonna be on the bottom and then the rail that’s on top. So we’re gonna start with the wheels all right I’ll give you guys some wheel okay thank you gonna measure these. But I’m kind of thinking just free engine remanded so this is another cost saving tip yeah these wheels are about two dollars a wheel. But, if you want the 369 over like seven ten dollars a wheel so again and you can give them like gold which is really nice.

But again more money and then you have to share this once your driver all right good night guys nailed it would mean a skateboard we made a skateboard see Forks oh yeah yeah wearisome. So we need I would assume we need to measure the width of this plus like the rods in order to understand where the connectors yeah there’s two ways you can do this you can measure and line this up. But, if they aren’t the right width by like a centimeter they won’t screw it right. So we’re gonna build the new part first with this on the bottom.

So we just played a nine and then you can measure there ya know for sure exactly so also talking about the types the there is two sizes we have options from right there is a shorter size and a longer size you can get them cut probably at your hardware stores you can. But we did it just. Because it’s a bit of a more like lengthy process. Because they come threaded yeah as opposed to a copper pipe that you can just straight cut so, if you’re going to cut this you to rehab the threads on which is don’t do that for you I’ll do it for you.

But luckily these are in our right size for us to make this clothing rack. So we just don’t understand what they have available yeah I mean they’re even like naturally thinking, if I’m gonna put something or, if I want to put this in a post and show ya is like it’s the right height yeah do the connectors require like anything I was just like actually just twisting on know you get like probably add a little bit of glue. But I think said they’re going to be fine to write it on so this is a double threaded corner piece. So we’re going to thread it on this one and then we’ll be able to add on the crossbar piece in the top and it won’t go all the way on.

But like that’s not going well I’ll add yours yeah sure. But, if you got the mean, if you got the turning custom I’m sure that they can also make the threading less visible oh you don’t want it definitely perfect and then we’re going to add in our short bro hold that wait can they be done simultaneously. Because they need to be spun let’s try what happens is – we twist adopts the direction so now I’m lying I have a choice we’re going to twist this whole thing literally one person hold on I grab the other reason Walter Allen we wait put down here oh let me get it walk around like this okay hold on figure this out guys so what you actually need to do is put the corner piece on this long piece add in your short bar into this corner piece add on this corner piece and then this guy can just go up and screw it in last in brilliance real it is now I’m assuming you’ve add the base before that and then you’ve laid on top yeah I just sit it on it exactly so then you don’t have to worry about measuring these out and hoping it lines up perfectly we brought a measuring tape. But like Shh don’t make it harder for yourself no.

So we’re just going to take these and screw them onto the bottom of so, if you guys are looking on screen right now you can see that we have the board and the actual rods placed on top of it simply just to show where they’re going to rest that we haven’t screwed anything screwed anything in yet. Because you don’t want to make sure that it like lines up pretty evenly oh yeah. So we’re going to actually use the measuring tape to do this just. So that we make sure that the width up there is the same with them yeah 90 degree angles are sturdy true let’s go ahead and give this a measure yes so it’s about 37 inches okay so come down here make sure that this is about 37 so bring your oversight in a bit yeah that’s about a good distance apart so okay honestly how long does that take you like this in a long cold it’s, if you think, if you honestly think about like this growing time with less than 20 yeah we get our drill yeah just you could make this in an hour yeah serious little problems crazy very impressive how quickly it took us and it looks amazing yeah I love the black pipe with the dark wood like this looks so expensive which is my favorite kind of DIYs that we do where things don’t cost a lot.

But then they look really good yeah maybe amazing and we’re done and we’re done all right do you love or do you love I love I honestly it fits so well in my apartment like, if you look at the post I live in a kind of like industrial loft so this blends so well it’s so much more affordable than some that I’d see in store oh my goodness it’s gonna easily go for two and a $300 and yeah hi fashion designer like piece store yeah. And I love how you can customize it to whatever you need, if you need like more shoe racks you make it low – and just kind of do like some wood shoe racks yeah I know we saw Anthony’s shoe collection he should rack we can hook them up do some other DIYs let us know in the comments let us know we want to see another collab with organizing some shoes on my blog, if you guys want to take a look we did a post on distressed denim some different techniques and tips, if I can lift this up here and they apply to like jeans they apply to jackets yeah I think it works for everyone. And I know that distressed denim has been requested by you guys on this blog. So you can go check us out doing that with Anthony over at his blog, if you’re one of my commentrs stay along the comments and make sure to comment to these girls they do an amazing job welcomewelcome yeah we do DIYs all year round yeah and as you know the series called do to yourself for doing dude DIYs on multiple platforms.

But we do DIYs that will apply to dudes other times the year to that exist yeah and for a lot of the girls reading too like a lot of the tips and stuff that are on my blog are unisex so, if any of you are interested in hair care or skin care you know you might find it useful go comment you will love it I guarantee alright thank you guys so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time or anything you know or on my blog alright bye guys bye alright here’s some other posts you can check out during dude it yourself week this one here is on Facebook it’s pretty sweet to cure into sports I like this one the best the soap dispenser turned out so amazing what about snapchat are we doing something – we are doing snapchat. But there’s no clip for. Because it’s happening live see you Friday make sure you guys are following some snapchat.

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