Hi everyone my name is Kelsey!

Like what if there is nothing we can use in here? Oh okay hold on! Ohhhh! WHAT!? PRE-MADE STUFF!! This is a crocheted pumpkin. It’s so cute! We got a DIYed mystery box. Oh my *** I am dying. Oh! These are actually cute. What is going on?! I’ve been lied to, all the mystery boxes I watched on youtube were actual garbage. Look at this!! There’s another one you can wear too.. oh boy. Ok so though this stuff is very cute and I can’t believe we the DIYERs got a DIY mystery box. We got the best one, but it doesn’t help us. It doesn’t help us DIY with this stuff. So, I think what we are going to do

Is send Daniella. Daniella? If you guys don’t know Daniella she is like our one and only staff member *giggles* Yay Daniella! YAY We’re going to send her to the like the thift store, the dollar store, the trash, we don’t really care but she’s going to make us a TYPICAL mystery box because um although this stuff is like gorgeous and handmade we can’t do that much


So take this box fill it with whatever, we don’t know, yeah, bring it back to us gotcha okay well DIY with it cool okay so I see a bunch of halloween stuff over there um but I think i’m going to start in housewares! Thank you! Thanks Daniella So we’re back with our new mystery box! and we ACTUALLY don’t know what’s in it. It is truly a mystery. Oh boy..

Okay. Classic. We can work with this. DIY staple. I am staring at this bonsai tree thing and I have so many questions. HALO(graphic)! Hockey players that I don’t know..

Hey! These look familiar! Oh yes! I use these! With my across the world challenge! This exact one! Saucers Cute! Get saucy with some saucers. Oh! Nice. A nice belt! Why is there so many eyeballs? This is actually really cute.

That’s cute. Tea, for tea. Spill the tea with us. Okay! Now what Becky? I don’t know. Okay so we contemplated, And we separated our stuff into two slash three groups of projects. We couldn’t figure out one that used everything but we wanted to use everything. So for our notebook, we didn’t want to destroy it So we’re using it to come up with our ideas.

One is Using the coat hangers To make like this little Tray With the belt loops as handles. And for this pile of stuff We’re thinking to do a little lantern Slash candle holder, with some smashed glass accents. And, I bet you’re wondering how we’re going to use the eyeballs. Well, that one’s going to be a surprise! So let’s just start making and you take one, and I take one and see what we can do.

Yeah! Sounds good. I do feel mildly bad about doing this but do it for the DIY right? Meanwhile, I got one piece out So this turned out actually really cute. Despite it being some old teacups. I think the flowers really saved it, which was bless. Yes and this tray It’d work for anything. It’s pretty good, from like hangers and what it was. So our surprise For these eyeballs We didn’t know what to do with them.

Yeah. We are going to make them into String lights I guess Because Halloween is coming up actually pretty soon So this could be some sweet Halloween decor Or if you wanted you could just paint over the eyeballs. We’re gonna rock with the eyeballs! So those were our completed pieces um..

Creativity for the win Trying new things for the win Let us if you like this sort of challenge Or if you just want to see more stuff with mystery boxes I don’t know yeah, I was just going to say. don’t even say that cause I’m not joking It was so much work but it was kind of a fun thing to try. It was good to try once, but yeah, It’s an expensive and like complicated process And I you just don’t know were you’re gonna get based on our first mystery box.

Yeah, check it! But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you liked this post you should give it a like, and if you love it make sure you sub-it. Comment! And we’ll see you next time! We’ll do more normal DIYs nextGoodbye!.

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