Well as you know where to put your jewelry or it gets all tangled up with you like leave it on your desk I know I just leave it in a big pile and then it’s like a knotted mess and then I just feel like I’m never gonna wear jewelry ever just give up on life this is your solution I saw his picture on Pinterest which I’m always looking at DIY things on there.

And I was like wow that’s beautiful and there was no tutorial and so like God forgot to do that share with the world so this is how I made it you’re going to go out and buy a wooden hanger got me wooden. Because I stir it up into it plastic would be really hard so most hangers come with like that rod at the bottom. So you can hang pants on there – whatever. But we don’t need that so just break it off this is so I’m gonna get rid of it don’t eat it either just get in the way um then you’re going to want to get hooks I got these from Home Depot and think through three quarters of an inch.


But honestly just get whatever size you want or however big your hangers and get as many as you want I think we bought two packages of hooks. Because it came with like five in package so yeah then you’re going to want to decide how spaced apart yeah how yeah you’re gonna want to decide how far apart you want hooks to be from each other so take a ruler or a measuring tape or whatever you have and then measure how lying hangar is and then just do little PennDOT’s of where I think you want your hooks to go. So I whatever I talk to you this was Gabby’s ten books that’s fun so then you’re just going to want to start screwing the host and hopefully like our would was easy to screw them into so just you can do it through pans to screw it in and then near the end they got cut tight. So we just use pair of pliers to screw it in like the final couple turns or whatever and then obviously make sure that they’re all facing the same way of same direction that would be a mess, if they weren’t haha and then continue that for the rest of the hair and it should look something like this, when it’s done okay so then this is great.

Because it’s hot. So you can hang it in your closet and hang all your necklaces or your aims off it and it’s a great space saver and it’s really good. Because it stops them from getting tangled which I know is a huge mess like this is it is fine I’m like mine, when it’s on my cap like a taste of so much room on my desk it’s like a jewel retrigger yeah yeah it goes are cute. Because they like people they add they look nice.

But, if you just want something that’s out of the way practical and doesn’t take up a lot of space this is perfect specially about another things with chance to attend to get in a big pile yeah. Because you’re treating only so Glick long and also like, if you got bigger hooks you can hang belts and stuff off of it yeah oh my gosh you totally I know perfect so yeah this is really easy to make hopefully you guys do this as well and it works out for you we’re gonna call it our Julie jewelry hanger in your hair say yeah do it do I enjoy guys 6 for reading see ya hi that’s all I own jewelry needs.

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