Hey guys we’re here today with another triplet for you last time we’re at the thrift store we saw an entire aisle of amazing purses that just wanted to be made over I think one of you guys even requested to do a person egg over so that’s what our plan is today I on the purse fries okay what is this okay we need a rug for the office and like this looks like not the worst it’s not Chevron.

But it’s it’s cool guys one idea we have is use animals in some way we’ve done a couple already with like little animals. But what else could we do okay you guys saw our marble table post you know that we were saying that it’s a struggle to find contact marble paper in Canada we just found like five rolls of it we’re sorting out the purses aisle to start I just have some fanny pack oh alright so today’s haul includes some personal items as well as some items that we are going to use for today’s thriftless I got this super cute leather um what is it Oh fanny bag we’ll try to make fanny packs come back and be like a thing they kind of already are and this one has leather straps too sometimes this part is cloth so this one’s like super high quality. And I’m excited to wear it and not carry out a person’s are very cool and then I found this which I think I feel like it’s just for like paper files. But I’m gonna use it as a laptop case and it’s very like minimalist and black and it’s like the way it opens is like metal and it snaps shut I don’t know I just I just liked it and then lastly for today’s DIY we want to do a backpack made out of a purse like a mini backpack you know those ones that are like super in right now you guys know you guys know um.


And I have a tip we found this like in the / style. But also spatula size satchels they kind of like look like a backpack as they have like all the little like zippers and stuff and they often have that like floppy over part it makes it look like a backpack. So you can look at the side satchels to turn into a backpack and this one’s kind of like just a really basic purse. But super cute and minimalist there are so many like this and it’s like so many.

Because it’s kind of out of style now. But there have a perfect base turn into a mini backpack that’s we’re gonna try and do today yeah we also got this leather belts that we’re going to cut apart to use some add some extra straps um and basically turn it into a mini backpack all right let’s see what we can do so as you guys can see our new purse here is not so new it has a little bit of dirt and dust and some grimy spots. So we want to get rid of that before we turn this into a super cute backpack so what we have here is just some warm soapy water nothing too crazy and taking some paper towel we’re gonna give it a nice little sponge brush or a paper towel bag so now that our bag is looking a little bit more new and shiny we’re gonna start putting this together the plan is to use the back strap as like extra material and choose the French strap as our two straps and we’re to have this nice like buckle here we’re gonna cut this baby in half oh my gosh it’s so backpack already and these guys we just kind of need to like either cut off or seam rip out looking pretty good we could just do this right here, if we were child. But we’re not we’re gonna need longer straps than just this let’s go ahead and cut this guy in half so taking our little strap here we’re going to secure it down here at the bottom this way so that, when we wear it it will flip up like this now just taking a needle and thread I can secure it okay so both straps are now sewn on you can see we just put a couple stitches there and then they’re going to flip up like this, when you’re wearing it and it looks pretty profession I do say so myself so once we have it on and cuz.

So you can see that actually pretty much just need to sew them together and not there’s not much overlap for it to hang properly on my back what’s a Shawn Mendes song. But, when I’m with your kisses I’ll be needing stitches so all done sewing our little Strappies on and it’s looking like a backpack. So that our last step was maybe adding a piece of this belt on just. Because pretty much all these backpacks have something that goes like this way so let’s try cutting this off okay so I’m all done stitching it up there at the top and down here at the bottom and hot damn this little minimalist backpack is looking yep.

But so very last step is to add our little faux fur pom-pom, if you guys haven’t seen this post and you want to know how to make this go check it out it’s so unbelievably easy just attach that little guy for the final touch and oh my god and the last step is modeling becky fill Aleppo with all this like fur yeah look gorgeous thank you oh my god we like actually match so well this is our furry I wa there’s like fur floating in here now this is our little fur baby for a baby or family and then this is for sheep ski sheep skin DIY sheets easy woman I can’t even say it now either she’s skins yeah why, if she’s feeling the other fur DIYs go check them out anyway about this yeah I watch ami, and we really care about so cute this is how our big turned out you guys obvious already, and we love it it’s adorable yeah and you know what we decided we loved it so much that we want it you guys one of you guys have our family of bags is too big already. But this is too cute to just like not in closet yeah exactly. So you want to give this away so what we’re gonna do is make a cut down version of this post it’s gonna be on our Facebook page so head over there just share that post and last note you want to win it and we’ll pick someone yes yes so this I can have a hole I’ll come with a little fur baby too. So I can have fur baby fur babies so cute alright well thank you guys so much for reading this post let us know what you’d like to see us do for our next theme for next throw flip yeah has like a certain part of the home or a certain clothing item you want to see us try and like do a quick flip or let us know.

Because we always take your suggestions for those yes we do and to end this post, if you liked this post make sure that you like it, if you loved it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you guys next time you.

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