Hey guys so today we have a really easy DIY probably the easiest we’ve done in a very long time. Because it takes little time and very little supplies so to start you’re going to need 12 popsicle sticks and we’re going to mark off the round edges, and we used a ruler to make sure they’re all about the same length and once you have the edges marked off you can go ahead and cut off the round ends so the next step is optional depending on what color you would like your pallet coaster to be. So we decided to stain and instead of using wood stain.


Because that can be a little bit pricey we use the DIY version which is coffee or tea. So we just poured our fresh hot coffee into a bowl and soak them we just held them down using a fork otherwise they float we left them in there for about five minutes and, when you’re done you can take them out to dry you can either let them dry or use a hairdryer. But just make sure they are fully dried before you move on to the next step so next is pretty self-explanatory just hunting the post. But you’re going to take a hot glue gun and start by laying out two of the popsicle sticks flat down and then glue two more popsicle sticks on their sides connecting to make a complete square once that’s done we’re going to add one more popsicle stick also on its side down the middle of the square so next to just add the top of the pallet coaster, and we used seven popsicle sticks across.

So we recommend starting with your two outside pieces and then add the middle one just to make sure they’re all evenly spaced out and the very last step is to use a silver sharpie and add two little dots on the edges of the popsicle sticks on each end of the top of the palette this is going to make them look like nails like a real palate would have thanks so much for reading guys, if you did like this it really helps, if you give it a thumbs up and share it around it also, if you made these. Because they are really easy I’m gonna go ahead and show them with us on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or all that good stuff we also have another palate inspired DIY which is a palette coffee table so, if you’re interested in that you can take a clickety click right here, and we will see you guys next week I oi.

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