So this DIY is perfect for any day that you’re really bored and, if we can do we’ve had these on our fridge and multiple customers and you guys love them and what it’s no I mix them. So we’re here for you so what your first thing need to do is get on your computer and download this app called Pola droid wow we’ve linked in the description and you can also choose your Instagram photos for this and time just put it on a word doc instead of downloading the program.

But we really like so once you download the program it should open up to look like a Polaroid camera on your desktop and you can just take whatever photos you want and drag and drop them into the camera and it will print them out for you which is so much fun it makes like real life Polaroid sound effects and then you can like shake it shake it like a Polaroid picture get it get it now. So you can have to wait a few minutes posts to develop once they’re done they will save to whatever folder you want and you can I’m up and see them all there and now we’re just going to put them into some kind of like TextEdit word doc just. So that they’re on a piece of paper, and we don’t print phonetic individually and also you need to resize them yeah we want our smaller. But, if you want them big then go for it so once you’ve printed them out we’re going to take a piece of foamboard, and we just had this extra piece lying around it’s perfect me to have to cut into a new piece.


But, if you don’t have a full board laying around you can also just use bristol board you just don’t have the definiteness so what you’re going to do is kind of cut out your Polaroids from the paper that you printed them on just generally so they’re in like a smaller size and then go ahead and glue them to the foam board. But, if you have stick glue we definitely recommend that instead. Because we tried to use liquid white glue and it was a little wet so to avoid wrinkles you stick glue, if you can yeah are just dry enough only meant to go use it so once s down you don’t want to let dry and then we just took some packing tape, and we took individual pieces instead of one long piece, and we laid them out over top of the polaroid so it’s covering it completely easy fake cheap linen yeah that’s just it looks like it’s laminate so once you have all your little Polaroids laminated include down now we are just going to cut them out of the foam board there on so take in he’s active knife, and we used a ruler to make sure that our arms are really straight and go ahead cut the moat once they’re all cut out we’re practically done we just take some magnets and you can use little strip magnets that have stickies on the back that’s what we use last time. But it didn’t stick in the long run.

So we decided to use these thicker Messick saying that’s so epic though they came from a dollar store they’re like it’s dollar for a pack of six so they’re still very cheap and affordable yeah, and we just pop a little on the back that’s dried you’re done with your cute little Polaroid magnets you can go ahead and sit in my fridge your whiteboard or anything metal really that’s how big it’s worth and it would make an awesome gift you print out like pictures of you and friend or something yeah birthdays or whatever. So I hope you guys definitely try this out and, if you did try to let us know. Because we love seeing you guys as the DIYs yes definitely treat us and instagram us both pictures, if you take now you should i we will see you guys that’s a good idea.

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