Hi guys this is our Minnie Mouse Halloween costume tutorial post.

And I came a Donald Duck today Daisy Duck Donald is oh man that’s who I was going to make us anyways I think this is what I actually want to be on Halloween. But a lot of you requested it so it’s – we can collab like that so. Because she is a cartoon character that she’s sketch there’s like so many different ways you could do her this is just my personal take on even you know so yeah how we did it so start with the dress we took a tool or two up to – or crinoline white yeah you can find this anywhere around this time of year they just all like tulle me skirts to go under things yeah. So we started from of those and then we took laid it out on a piece of red and black red red and white polka dot fabric and it’s important that fabric you start out with will first make sure that it’s big enough to cover how wide your tutu is.

But start out by cutting it into a square this will help you a lot like, if you’re like easier yeah so once you have your square of polka dot fabric fold it in half and then fold that in half again so now you have a tiny square so what you’re going to do is take a measuring tape and measure the width of your tutu so that’s how wide it is. But. Because our fabric is folded in half just take that number and divide that in half yeah so basically that’s the what would be from like the middle of a drink at that’s it yeah so take that number and then just literally mark from the top corner of your fabric to what any center point and kind of do that in a half circle shape. Because basically we’re making a giant circle it’s kind of like knowing you’re a kid and you made those snowflakes yeah and then cups I’m going to open them up it’s like a circle yeah that’s how it works yeah so draw a kind of curved line along your fabric to goop in it to help you cut it out I’ll be a little easier and then just cut along that line and then, when you open it up it’s a giant circle.


But unfortunately you can you get your weights in that. So we then folded it in half from there and you have to measure around where you want your to to distance to adjust it and then you’re going to divide that in half well I might a couple inches just cuz I didn’t want to be loose I wasn’t sure. But it ended up setting anyways so yeah experiment yeah so once you cut that out we’re going to cut out an oval using that width measurement. So you can see here we’re just cutting out an oval and then, when you open it up it’s all done and then you’re gonna want to kind of split in the back just.

Because there’s not my fabric it has like zero stretch at all. So I couldn’t pull that up over me so yeah we need to cut a slit in the back yeah so. Because so the back is kind of laid out over your two tube and then just to close it up we just took two safety pins and or you could add velcro or, if you want to become more oh yeah zipper, if you intend Oh like that yeah. But it really worked out Chrissy can tell ya the pin especially.

Because we need a bow yeah. So we just took extra fabric that I have lying around so long strip of it and literally just bow like the way you would tie your shoelaces yeah to bunny ears yeah and then we could say that she was lying nicely and it’s got a little bit of flu in the knot just to hold it like that and once I was done with just pin that to the back and it covered like everything yeah it’s cute huh so the next step to finish off the whole dress we just added a black shirt you can do white, if you want, if you have bread that’s awesome do a red shirt as well anything now kind of matches the clothes I would say either do black white or red. Because those are her colors so to make the collar part we just took that middle piece of oval that was in. So we cut out some of the skirt and cut it in half and you actually have to call it pieces now Wow so can be me.

And I know we’re just like whoa this is amazing it’s a nice way to tie in the polka dot fabric instead of just having it here yeah it kind of makes it like look like a whole dress and then we just took and then we just took a little needle thread. And I want to use this shirt again. But you’re just going to do like couple these threads just literally to hold it and you can totally cut them out later and then you’re just getting do it to each of the shoulders as well. So that it stays on for the night and you can cut off later later and reuse your shirt yes so that’s the end of the dress part and you really hate someone you don’t care about the shirts glue it on just glue it yeah.

But we wanted to reuse the shirt again and Kat is awesome like you can’t like I never get to do it. But it looks like so much more like drap finished yeah yeah and with that we also disappeared some black tights you could use leggings or whatever yeah we could just not, if you want so yes so to make her shoes what I did was I went out or you can take shoes that you don’t care about anymore I got these from Walmart and believe it or not they were on clearance for three dollars amazing yeah. So I bought those and it’s better, if you get shoes in a light color. Because they’re easier to paint over so my more started out being like a tan color.

So I bought some yellow just plain acrylic paint and painted over the shoes I did about three coats. Because the paint was kind of thin, if you spray paint would work a lot better mm-hmm oh I also affected too I taped along the bottom of the shoe with some painters tape just. Because I didn’t want to get yellow on the bottom, if you don’t care whatever the whole thing yeah so we’ll say dry then we just made two ribbon bows by just cutting out a little strip of ribbon holding it in half go and gluing it and then take another piece of ribbon and wrap out around the middle to bunch it together and then just put them both issues and it looks exactly like many she’s so cute it really I think it makes it yeah no doubt no doubt alright and to make the headband we just took a heavy in from the dollar store and put it on a piece of thick paper we didn’t have any black with us. So we just used white for now.

But you can definitely use black bristol board and. But we just like use a sharpie to color ours in later. But you take that piece of card and your headband you put it down and then trace it out it’s the curve of the headband yeah and then you take a glass or anything that’s a circle that you can trace yeah and put it on your just gonna overlap the headband a little bit. Because the way her you’re go on her headband or on her head I guess it’s a little bit rounded like she doesn’t just pop to circle yet I like I cut off like yeah as you can see her acutely cut yeah so yeah you just trace them out like that you cut out your two circles in this space where the cuff circle and the headband overlaps it should be a little like new shape yeah and just draw some straight lines on there and that’s what’s going to help us to glue the actual yearsof headband yeah so you’re going to draw those lines and then cut them into little strips and now this is where we colored ours and, and we also added some glue in some black glitter you definitely skip that step, if you don’t want it really does ask me know we weren’t going to do the the glitter at all.

But then we decide why not and it just makes it look so much more and posh to me yeah yeah and then you just bend up those strips where you cut them along so it kind of makes a curve and then really simple you take your headband hot glue a little strip where you want the u.s. to sit and then you just like put them in place really easy and just push those fold a little cut up strip into the glue yeah and it’ll literally like make it perfectly rounded and like she fits the date with your headbands put it on the headband yeah and then we just did a bow the same way we did before with the piece of ribbon fold it in half we wrap around the piece and this time we made it a little bigger and then it goes between your ears glue it like that and then to finish off the look we decided some bright red lipstick and took a black island drew a little mouse nose on like Google how to do that yeah like the shape and overall I’m going to say it’s the best mini costume I’ve ever seen me too yeah see the depth sensor so thanks for reading guys have a safe and wonderful Halloween we hope you enjoyed this post and you can click the link below or the little thing right here we have a Halloween playlist of all of our other posts yeah Barwood made for halloween. Because we have a lot from like two years ago last year this year and a big thank you to everyone who has suggestions for us I appreciate them I’m sorry I couldn’t get around to all of them yes maybe in the future yeah all right thanks guys.

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