Hi guys we are posting our first post in our new office how exciting so this is a place you’ll be seeing us in from now on pretty much this little P, and we still to play around. But this is pretty much what’s gonna be was so excited yeah, if you guys don’t follow us on snapchat we we’re looking for an office. Because we were shooting in my apartment and now we have an office space which in a real life business people nap so yes the a-team J’s Sam Sam I know it we’re so excited cuz it’s like you guys will see we’re going to do an office to her it’s like a DIYs dream so speaking of office DIYs the first thing on our list was to do was to do a office table that we built ourselves it was the perfect size that we needed and it was cheap. Because it was DIY instead of bought from Ikea for lots of monies so we’ll tell you exactly how we made this awesome table for our office to make our table we really only needed a couple of materials the first have some IKEA trestle legs we’ve linked the kind below that we bought and since we know our office decor is going to be raw light wood and white we want to give these guys a little makeover we took them outside and gave them a coat of white primer followed by a couple coats of flat white now we’re in the new office space, if you’re wondering why the floors are a little bit of a different color we have four by six planks of pine wood we went to our local lumber store to pick this up rather than a hardware store to make sure we’re getting quality stuff this wood is also priced and cut by the foot so no more extra pieces of wood lying around, if you’re in the GTA like us check out the description to find out exactly where we went we rearranged them.


So that they were lined up the way we wanted them to be and then flip them all over so the back sides were facing up and the good sides were facing down next we went in and figured out where we wanted the top bar of our trestle legs to sit, and we made equal marks on each side now we just took some 1 by 5 you can pretty much use any scrap wood you have that reaches all the way across your planks of wood at this point we also mark the middle of our 1 by 5s on both sides. So we know where to line up our trestle using some screws we then attach the boards to our 4 planks of wood and yes we did this by hand. Because we didn’t have the right drill we did two on each plank and then came back and did a couple more to really hold it down next we are using this metal stuff called rule chain or all round to secure our trestles to the table. Because small pieces of it and bent it around our trestle pole then we found our drill and screwed the metal tight around the pole and into the table we did this in two spots on each trestle leg once it was slipped over we gave it a quick sand just on the sharp edges and then we used a tack cloth to get rid of any dust and finish off the whole thing with three coats of matte clear finish to protect the table we love the way our table turned out, and we know we are going to get lots of work done at it and eating so, if you guys liked that super easy like what are we calling this is the plank table or like.

Because it’s not like rustic we didn’t want rustic this is like a modern plank table raw wood super chill and easy like it was so easy for us to do so easy so, if you guys like this post and you want to see more bigger DIYs um let us know. Because we always like doing that don’t worry it will be small easier things coming as well. Because we can do all the things we want, and we booked all the things all the ties yes it’s really good we’re really happy. And I hope you guys are excited for us and not sad that we’re like not my apartment.

Because I’m not sad don’t worry it only means bigger and better things for us and you guys so make sure you guys are staying tuned. Because we have so many more DIYs things that we made for this office, and we posted all of it so it’s going to be coming too soon yeah. And I can’t wait for you guys to see the office to bear alright thanks so much for reading comment you guys already commentd like this post, if you liked it and thanks for ruining my line, if you like this post make sure that you like it, if you love it make sure you sum it stay commentd be comments be part of the family would love to have you we’re so excited you’ll see our next post.

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