Hi did you want to be a sexy nurse or a hot doctor firefighter nah nah man I’m so curious last year I was a lifeguard and this year for Halloween we decided to be something original original this year it’s all the checks oh yeah. So we started thinking about objects and we’re like it’s totally the new form to your costumes for this year. And I guess we were looking around the room.

Because everyone knows that highlighters are bright and fun and you have a highlighter there’s a party holla where the heck do you get highlighter coughs you you don’t give me anyone and that’s why you have a first you got a suit so what you need is some bright colored fabric neon preferably the color of a highlighter we chose to do pink and blue there’s no matter what fabric we chose spandex and then you need some black belt or once again in fabric over to make the letters a t-shirt that you are a dress that you like the shape of yeah, if it ain’t copy this shape alright first what you gotta do is you got a double layer your fabric and lay on the flat surface then you’re going to take your shirt or a dress or whatever has that nice form-fitting shape that you like and you’re laid on top and you’re going to trace it using a fabric pencil after that you take it away and then you put pins all along the outline. So that your two pieces of fabric stay together make sure that your students is about their learn after the same thing boys just stupid yeah what’s up waste time people then you cut like that and cut that shape out and give it all your extra fabric get out of there. So you can cut it out and then you’re going to stitch it yeah so it is a surgeon. But you can just equal use a sewing gene just make sure you hold four top and bottom so it can work as a dress yeah and you have a dress beautiful.


But doesn’t look at the high lift you’re just a neon thing next comes the actual highlighter part house like this. So we’re going to do is print out text that looks like this you can get the clock for it in the link below and then cut out the letters and trace them are two piece of black felt or black Pat reviews black belt yep and then once you have all your little letters cut out the faux highlighter you stitch that all to the dress I would do it while you’re wearing it. Because many on average you have how big you made it you might stretch it you put that on and then take pins and in the letters on and then you sew that and it ate off carefully don’t hurt yourself we’re not responding don’t pin fix people what are you not hotter, if you’ll have a lid now understand this you know I’ve seen this what we did is that we bought headbands from the dollar store and miss Morgan dollar store neon colors obviously imagine batch yeah and then just basically roll the bristol board into a tube shape or octagon whatever you feel like doing something that resembles this and you can glue it onto the headband and wear as a hat so once you have that do look is complete I’m going to give it the overall effect weaker add some neon highlights it’s black BOTS and probably some neon makeup yeah Oh enter lots of contests oh yeah yeah yeah in window. Because this is an original idea I have 10 rels on or anywhere trying to be a highlighter so go ahead win this contest for us let us know in the comments below, if you tried this book or something similar yeah post responses oh my gosh this is you do it do people do it love you guys pretty hard that’s Halloween good bye and dangerous, if you’re one of us then roll with us cuz we make the hipsters fall in love, when we got a hot pants on and up and yes of course.

Because we run in a town just like a club and know you don’t wanna mess with that guy Jesus on my necklace cute.

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