Hey guys my name is Abby this week we did for you DIY and young times yes we did yes we did job yes kid I’m over Yas okay so neon signs very tumblr we made them for cheap what else how do we sum this up any better it’s really easy Oh what I was gonna say yeah we needed two different ways to do them yeah in this post you can decide the funny thing it’s easier they both kind of has its pros and cons what do you want to do. But both – really good yeah – really good ways to make your own neon vines for easy.

Because are you saying freak. Because you were saying like are we really gonna take a big black glowing yeah like this is Ben on the DIY to-do list for literally like half a year. And I’m like Becky can we learn how to blow glass I don’t even know how they make the neon signs. But like, if I’m spinning is not very easy Oh and she was like no pup’s you can’t do that and then recently discovered e-l wire.


And I was like our life is jeans and. So we are here today with that posts teach you how to do it to start this first method of neon sign start with a large piece of paper and tray so whatever word or phrase that you want in cursive cursive is the best. Because we need the letters to connect we drew out the words dream on to make sure you’ll have enough wire to fit your words cut a piece of string the length of your wire and roughly lay the string along the words and see, if you have enough, if you do, if you’re good to go, if not you may need to make your words a little bit smaller next you’re going to need some wire that’s easy enough to bend. But strong enough to hold its shape we found this pink wire at Home Depot and officially called t90 14 solid, if you’re curious bend the wire along the shape of your word we found it helpful to have someone hold down the letters you’ve already completed as you do the rest carefully use a pair of pliers to tighten any sharp curves in your letters cut off any excess, when you’re done to make the actual neon effect we’re using e-l wire which is battery-operated and magical and we’re still I’m alone on how it works so what we’re using is three meters long and 2.

3 millimeters in diameter we got our yellow wire off of Amazon for $8 take your eel wire and slowly glue it along the path of the wire we originally tried using hot glue. But found that it didn’t stick to our wire base that well we would suggest giving hot glue a try. Because it is much easier. But, if it doesn’t work for you either you will need to use superglue we applied small amounts of superglue at a time and held the eel wire on top for a few seconds until it’s stuck you probably need to loop your wire through some of the letters a couple of times to properly trace the path of your wire once it’s finished it should look something like this this last step is optional.

But we chose to wrap the rest of our cord in white tape. So that it would blend into our wall and be less of an eyesore for our second method of neon sign you’re going to need something to act as the background of your sign we use this thin piece of plywood and they leave it somewhere came with water to create a whitewashed finish print off whatever text you’d like to use a font that uses straight edges instead of a lot of curves works better for this next we’re going to draw out a path for our wire the blue pens will be the visible wire and this red pen will be for whatever frets of the wire we want to hide and they will end up at the back of the board draw an X at every entry and exit point of the wire so our wire will come from out behind go around the W and go back behind it comes back to the front again to start the H and it’ll need to go back behind again and come out in the middle to form the bar in the Aged and here’s what our final path will look like at every X point we’re going to be drilling a hole for our wire to go in and out poke a pencil through every ax we’ve made and to make sure that you’ll have enough wire cut a piece of string the same length is your wire, and we threaded this string through the holes in the path your wire will go, if you have enough string you get to go it’s not try a smaller font or less words next take your template onto your board and using a drill bit roughly the size of your wire to drill holes at every exit I know drills might seem scary. But we promise they’re actually really easy to use as long as you follow safety precautions once it’s done it would look like this now our original plan was to super glue the wire along the curves of the W a and F. But we soon found out this didn’t stick or look very good.

So we ended up adding two small holes at each missing point of our letters now on to the fun part start at the back of your board and thread your wire through the first hole and pull it all the way through tape down your battery pack to make it easier to continue using our path we drew out before thread your wire in and out this kind of reminds us of the shoestring books we had as kids that teach you how to tie your shoelaces and once you get to the very end make sure your water comes out at the back and take the excess down. So I hope you guys enjoyed that post tell us which method you like better which means thinking better and, if you were to do this what quote would you use yeah I’m really interested in that. Because we like thought of a couple one. But we were also a little bit limited.

Because they only had three meters of RDL wire and they come in like nine meters and 12 meters so like we could’ve had more options yes and you’re gonna use more than you think you’re gonna use yeah oh yeah so buy more it’s really cheap that’s another thing about the Sierra Chase is so happy that it’s really cheap to do like the e el wire is so inexpensive the actual $11 wire comes home depot with you centimeters so and it looks so expensive which is one of our favorite things to do on this blog of gara is done are real cheap just, if it looks cheap alright that’s a good look so expensive like literally looks like I could have bought like on those kinds of things a really cool hipster stores watch out we take an over mixture yeah wide revolution nuts and our crew are kicking over by do out in the world for cute squad DIY squad that’s hot stuff me and you that’s all of us that’s our little family speaking of family, if you guys do like this post or you think that you know someone who would like this post make sure you share with them yeah you guys are always so nice in the comments you’re like I can’t believe you don’t have like three million commentrs we were like we know it. But I don’t know like I’m just don’t water that you even think that oh yeah I think our blogs too like baby yeah even though it was come a long way. And I’m so happy. And I’m so excited that you guys are liking it so thank you thank you everybody.

But yes it’s also easier to do some of my DIYs with two people like you might see like two hands creep in sometimes in the post. Because I go easier to do with the Sun and faster yeah so make sure you share this post with a friend that you would like to do this DIY with no yes, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you guys this week bye bye what, if we have it yeah we almost were asked to tell you guys though we have a meet-up coming up on August 22nd we are so excited it is like legit our first meetup right Becky right yes so make sure you go to the link down below yeah it’s a Facebook event page where you can find out all the details we’re gonna flash tattoos and a photo booth and a whole bunch of other stuff we’re going to be giving away some craft supplies we’re going to be selling some DIYs we’re super cheap it’s gonna be in Toronto so, if you’re anywhere in the GTA or like Ontario come see us cuz we want to meet you guys. And I can put you’re so excited, and we hope to see you guys so make sure you join like ours.

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