Hi everyone you guys love, and we love making me on sign so much that we sing a holiday version yeah I know I don’t know, if we’re going crazy or, if this is just a genius idea its genius its genius, if you guys don’t know we’ve been doing lots of holiday content so make sure you’re checking that out we did a whole week of gifts easy DIY gifts that you can do for just anybody in your family friends circle co-workers whatever, and we have so many fun holiday ideas still coming up so make sure you comment, if you aren’t already let’s show you how we made these fun holiday neon signs yeah so this first woman is a fun way to make a holiday Prop neon. So we’re gonna show you how to make a neon candy cane basically we took a plastic candy cane from the dollar store and we’re gonna get some PL wire that we can link below for you and we’re also using super glue for this project we decided to wrap the EO wire along the candy cane where the white meets the red going small portions at a time we super glued and held the wire in place after you’ve made it to the ends you can hide your loop in the candy cane, if it’s hollow or just make a nice you to come back down the candy cane following the other red and white border on the cane once you reach the bottom you can just stuff any excess wire inside so there’s multiple fun ways that you could use this neon candy cane and one tip I would suggest is don’t put it out in the snow as like lawn decor. Because the snow and the rain could definitely ruin the batteries.

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But you could use it as like party decor or like a photobooth prop anything fun I mean let us know what you would use this for below do you know somebody that can’t have a real Christmas tree this season or even like a really big one you can DIY them this cute little neon Christmas tree so for this DIY some key items you will need our e/l wire which you can pick up the really cheap online obviously we will link it below for you you’ll need bendable wire and a pot to plant your tree in and floral foam first draw or print an outline of a pine tree we have a template you can find on our blog linked below we picked up this wire from the electrical section of our local hardware store, when picking up our wire we just kind of go by what’s sturdy. But still bendable that we can make it to the right shape. But it’ll hold its shape we ended up using a 12 gauge, and we found it in green which was another reason why we went with this wire. But honestly we just like play with them until you find the right wire the guys at the hardware store love us yeah they’re like what what what electrical thing are you building and we’re like we’re not it’s it’s a different project and then they’re always confused and we’re like give me the wire we have extra wire extending out of the bottom of the template.

Because we’re going to be placing this tree into a pot next start with the portion of the e el wire next to the battery and carefully use super glue to secure portions of the e el wire onto the electrical wire you’ll need to hold the wire in place for about 10 seconds to make sure it stays in place once you’ve made your way around the entire tree e el wire can actually be snipped as long as you’re doing it at the end and not the battery side add the cap from the end of your wire onto the new end to protect it and next we chopped our floral foam to fit into the pot leaving a little bit of space for the battery pack we bent the wire base to also fit in the pot and push it all in make sure to leave the button end of the battery pack near the top of the pot so it’s easy to turn off and on to cover up the foam we added some faux snow you could also try whoop look look what the hell is work you could also use wood chips or rocks it kind of depends what you have later in the house and you guys can able to use this technique for other plant shapes mmm cactuses I know you guys have definitely seen that one yeah, if you make it fun sauce on Instagram hashtag sorry girl squad all that check it out so this last one is are lit up antlers basically we’re taking your standard let’s dance floor wall decor piece and making it neon which is so much cooler and the best part about this one is, if you don’t do the neon step it still looks wicked on its own for this neon antler mount you’ll need some key materials such as foam core PL wire which will link below and some more electrical wire make sure it’s bendy. But sturdy the first step is to print out the template you can get on our blog and bend the white electrical wire in the shape of the antlers make sure this is one continuous wire for both antlers instead of two separate antlers you can flip the wire over once you’re half way through to use the template for the other side next head on a plaque using our template on a foam core sheet join the ends of the antlers together with some sturdy clear tape use an awl or another sharp object to poke holes in the plaque in for spots poke holes on either side of the wire and use clear fishing wires to tie the antlers to the plaque. So you could stop here. But to make these antlers neon we’re gonna use some il wire poke an additional hole in the foam core and string your wire through the hole so the battery pack is at the back use super glue to line your antlers with the eel wire once you make it to the end cut up any extra L wire and, if you want a great tip on how you can hang this check out our DIY monstera leave neon sign that we made previously I show you how to add a house to the boxing I think I so much for reading this in the post I think this is like what part this is part 3 now we love making me on sides, if you can’t tell we have a bunch of other ones go watch that, if you love me as much as we do links below links below and also just a shameless shout at our Instagram right now.

Because Danielle’s been doing a great job coming through with the Instagram we love Instagram I hope she loves Instagram, and we want to see you there ah yeah and there’s giveaways I hop in there like this there’s other stuff that happens there I feel like so so much stuff, and we love to repost your DIYs so, if you’re making any this holiday stuff for like family members of friends please share it with us on Instagram definitely alright, if you guys like this post make sure you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you stop it.

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