I remind walking to Pew okay like how do we Saturday hi we’re on my name is Abby, and we are today we’re bringing you more neon sign DIY yeah I was going to say you asked for it so you’re getting it. But you can really ask for it you just think that you really want it you asked for with your views and your fan recreations. Because everyone has made these signs that post did so well you guys love it in the comments we want to do it again yeah there’s these are like totally different method so I’m loving what happened by God and this time we have one that’s even simpler, if you don’t want to get you ly or we’ve got you covered yeah let’s jump right on in how to make these neon sign for your dorm room or department or your bedroom or like decor for party oh my god going up so that’s firstly on time we’re going to make is this 3d standing up neon sign of a flamingo so to do this you’re going to need to buy some VL wire online which we will link below and then we also got some wire from our hardware store that’s going to create the shape for us.

Because this stuff doesn’t hold its own shape. But a metal wire will and this one just happens to have a pink coating so like win-win we will mention the size of wire and everything there will be more details on the blog check that out so something else that will also be on the blog is a template which I’m going to make right now of a flamingo. Because you want to figure out what shape you’re making first and then trace it out with the wire the key is to make this all one line. Because your L wire is one line.


So you can’t really have like multiple lines. So we have our template now you can draw out whatever template you’d like and this will be linked on our blog so next you’re going to take a thick wire that holds its own shape and we’re just going to trace out our shape with the wire bending it and making sure that I can kind of hold its own shape. So we ended up adjusting the template just slightly. So that it was a little bit smaller so that, if you purchase this wire off of Amazon that the template we give you will be the right length so this is what it looks like, when it’s all traced out so our next step is to superglue our e-l wire just onto the outline of our metal wire so all of the e-l wire is glued on.

And I just kind of looped it at the bottom and then this whole thing is going to sit in the cement and just make sure you take note of where kind of your bowl or base is going to end. So that you don’t see any of the wires or anything all right next we’re going to mix the cement take a look at what’s on your bag. But you kind of want to make a peanut butter consistency and we’re doing four parts cement to one part water. So we ended up just picking up this plastic container from the recycling and cutting out a small little square at the bottom.

So that we can slide our cords through. So we just wrapped it to make sure it’s protected. Because we use this as a cement carrier and then we plugged it back into the power-on box and then you just pull the cord through. So that your flamingo is sitting nicely in your container and then we just added tape over that little square down there.

So that no cement pours out let me just add it in measurement and then we let it dry and it dries super quick. Because we use quick reads so once it’s all hardened we can take off the plastic we’re just going to use a exact length of this once it was out of the plastic container we actually just sand. But I just make it nice and smooth holy crap this is so cute so this neon DIY is going to be a DIY neon wall sign and this one is great. Because it looks good during the day and it looks awesome at night so for this one we’re going to be making a giant monster relief using some green PL wire I will link this all below for you so the first step is going to be to take some foam core and draw out your design you don’t have to do a lease.

But, if you do I made a template for you guys on our blog which you can get below, if you want to make things a lot easier for you so now that I have my shape all traced out I’m going to go ahead and use exacto knife and cut this out okay so my leaf is all cut out and looking so cute so I’m just going to paint it now with some green paint all right so our green leaf is painted and looking amazing now it’s time to add the neon effect to it. So we bought five meters of this bright green neon PL wire which we will link below for you. And I’m going to use some super glue and glue it along the outside shape of the leaf as well as up the center to form the chest so once I got finished outlining my leaf and going up the center I had some extra wire. So I brought it around the back and stuck it through the holes in the leaf I was able to trace around the holes I went through the first one and then came around to the second hole and that way I was able to outline the whole shape with the extra wire I just brought it up the back to hide it and then I super glued the battery pack to the back of the leaf as well I then used this little picture frame hanger and glued it to the top of the battery pack.

So that I can hang this whole thing on the wall make sure you don’t glue up the battery pack. Because you want to be able to open it to replace the batteries so this is the leave all finished and it looks so amazing and it’s not even lit yet so next up we’re going to make quite a neon sign. But more of like a light-up sign still very cool. So we started by writing the word feels onto this sheet of paper you can use whatever word you feel like and Eva don’t have like a cross sword dot as far as like a cursive letter goes it’s going to be a lot easier this is a good sign option, if you don’t want to buy e l wire.

Because fairy life or string lights are a little bit easier to find in store. So we’re going to start with some wire that’s thicker and it will hold its shape, if you begin to shape it and we’re going to go ahead and do the similar thing to the Flamingo where we just traced out the letters with the wire okay. So we have the sign all traced out it’s looking really good. And I was actually super easy now we’re just going to take our fairy lights and start wrapping it around the wire we got 15 feet of fairy lights once you’ve wrapped your string lights all the way to one side of the word, if you have extra you can go back and this time I just did the big loose versus the small little areas okay so now that the lights are all wrapped around we’ve used up all of our rope lights I’m just going to cut off the extra wire bits that I have on the very end and this is what it looks like all lit up it’s really cute we want to know what word you guys would do in the comments below.

Because it took us a little while to figure out what we’re to do and also, if you want to hang it instead of setting it down somewhere you definitely use fishing wire that would be an excellent option. Because it’s see-through and you could really just focus on the light thanks guys for reading this post and hope you got inspired by some neon decor and lighting let us know which one was your favorite solo yeah and make sure you check out our neon sign post that was made last two years ago a little years ago that was a fan fave and there’s like you know it’s typical neon sign in that one we get down there to go check it out yeah these are just some old sentence which I love you even more than the ones we’ve done in the past so light love them yeah we get pegged with your DIY neon signs all the time on instagram so, if you’re not following us on incident make sure you follow us okay thank you guys so much for reading, if you liked this post make sure that you give it a link and, if you loved it make sure you spell it see you next time.

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