Honestly like you can use this ain’t a fear especially, if you’re going to Oktoberfest Oktoberfest is super big in certain parts of Canada obviously huge in Germany and since it’s so popular I always want to go. But I don’t have the outfit.


And I’m like you can’t go, if I don’t have the outfit. So we’re here to DIY it and since we’re not German experts we kind of did a mash-up of traditional costumes for Oktoberfest and like the ones you see in Halloween stores I think the actual name for this costume is called it’s dirndl. So we’re just calling it kind of you know your generic beer girl tow request dress hit comment, if it’s time for a beer wherever you are and let’s get into how to make this costume to make our talk we started with a loose white shirt from the thrift store we’re turning it into an off-the-shoulder top we have a super detailed post on this, if you want to check that out here to summarize we’re cutting off the top in a curved line and then shortening the sleeves roll in pin a tube along the top and the bottom of the sleeves wide enough to add an elastic inside sew up these tubes. But don’t forget to leave a small gap in each one to thread the elastic through once it’s all sewn add a safety pin to the end of your elastic and thread it through make sure the elastics are at a length that wraps snugly around your shoulders repeat this for both the arms using an elastic that fits your arms tightly so the end of the elastic together and then fill up the gap it was dirt we were fortunate enough to find this long corduroy printed skirt from a thrift store since we wanted our costume to be a bit more playful we’re going to cut it to a shorter length, when you lay open the skirt inside out you can clearly see this just a long circle skirt, if you aren’t able to find a skirt any pattern that you like in the first store or not the right size check out this post here we explain how you can make a circle skirt from scratch after we’ve cut it shorter we’re just going to hem around the bottom so it doesn’t fray to make the vest start with any plane best on the thrift store you can even use a sweater or a thin jacket since we’re going to cut it anyways with it inside out we drew out the adjustments the neck cut needs to come down under the bus, and we need to make it tighter cut it in enough.

So that there is a gap between the two sides, when you pull it together towards the front we also need to make the whole thing shorter next cut out your adjustments we use the first half we cut out as a template for the other side just to make sure that it’s symmetrical since we cut the vest we of course need to hem back up the edges again we lift the front sides open for now this is the cord going to use to lace up the front. But first we’re cutting ten small pieces to create loops to string our cord through pin and hem the sides and add five loops on each side so the loops in place as you do the hem now you can lace the cord through the loops like you would lace up shoes and how professional does this look I’m so excited with how it turned out the final step is to add a mini apron to our skirt use some plain white fabric and cut a small angled rectangle shape like this hem up the three bottom sides for the waistband we’re using this thick white ribbon pin on the top of the apron piece to the ribbon we offset a bit slightly. So that the bow would end up at the side instead of the back sew these pieces together and your apron is done to complete this outfit we added some knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes some pigtails and a persevere chin thanks to versed in Toronto for letting us post here alright that’s how we made our beer girl costume I think it’s like the perfect line it’s not too sexy you guys are interested in more Halloween costume posts there’s so many that we’ve done on this blog is our playlist at the end as well as so much stuff we’ll link below for you and more coming up this year we’re not done yet. But and, if you liked this post make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it alright see you next time bye.

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