Hi guys today we have a DIY for you it’s a usable paint chip calendar it’s reusable. Because you can wipe right on it with the way for marker and it comes right off yeah, and we just made it using a picture frame and paint chips so, if you have an old picture frame that you don’t want to use anymore then it’s essentially free we got ours for 20 dollars from indigo mm-hmm alright that it so to make this DIY you’re going to need a picture frame this is actually a document holder so it’s two pieces of glass some paint chips some scissors and some erasable markers so first you’re going to measure your picture frame I believe ours was 15 by 10 or 11 this is just to figure out what size your squares need to be so remember there is seven days in a week so just divide 7 by however wide your picture frame is so mine worked out to be about one and three-quarter inch squares so here I’m just drawing out a little square that size on an extra paint chip that I’m not using so once you’re done this you will have something that you can use as a template so now you can just line the square up with all the paint chips that you actually want to use and cut them all out you’re going to need to do this 35 times. Because there’s about five weeks in a month and seven days a week so once you have that finished open up your picture frame and slide them face down onto the frame so place seven in a row and do that five times down once you have this finished I just add a little piece of tape to all the back of the squares. But, if your picture frame is really tight then don’t worry about this I just didn’t want my to fall, when I flipped it up so put your picture frame back together and, when you flip it over it should look beautiful like that so once you’re done then you can just take your whiteboard marker and draw on the days of the week and fill in the numbers for whatever month you’re using it January just.


Because it’s January right now and the best part about this calendar is that it’s erasable so, if you need to remove an event or add one you can erase it or at the end of the month erase it all and draw on your next month all right for the other version you’re going to need all the exact same materials so you’re going to start by opening up your picture frame and this one isn’t actually you can’t see through it so a picture frame with a back would work just as well you don’t need it to be two planes of glass alright and to do this version I just started laying out all the different paint chips in a row of course you’re going to need seven. So I just eyeballed it to see to spaced out seven and then, when the paint chips started hanging off the edge of the plane of glass I just cut them to size you can measure out all the pain trips to make sure that they’re even. But you honestly won’t really be able to tell the difference, if you just eyeball it. And I also tape them down so they wouldn’t move around on me and then I just repeated this again I slid the new roll paint chips underneath the first year Oh paint chips and once again you just cut the paint chips to size once they start to get too big for the plane of glass, if you’re having any trouble holding them in place you can always add a piece of tape on the back and, when you’re all done it should look like this I only did four rows rather than five just end up slain why in a minute so, when you put it all together you just put on your backing and closer up and, when it’s all done I look like this alright.

So you might have been wondering why I only did four rows, when a month would usually have at least five or use up five rows so this is how it works I start with the day of the month so let’s say it’s the 14th on the Monday. And I would draw out all the days of the month so this is January so there are 31 days all right so after I’ve used up the entire month of January I would start again on February 1st and keep going second third all the way until all the squares are used up and then I’ll go back to the beginning and start at 10 and then, when Monday the 14th of January is over I would erase it and it would become Monday February 11th so it’s kind of like a slinky effect and you never really have a full month on there at a time you just have a continuation all right we hope you guys are inspired to make something like as you can see there’s like couple variations and it’ll look really cute in your house, if you do like the right color scheme, if you do like this make sure to tweet us our links are below yeah we’d love to see it.

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