Hi guys my name’s Abby today we are DIY something that I bet you didn’t even know was possible to DIY Sweden either we didn’t either. But we have a special announcement at the end of this post it’s going to change the way you guys DIY forever isn’t super requested and we’re so excited to be sharing with you so stay tuned to the end for that.

But before that let’s get into how you can DIY your own holly for a first palm style the banana leaf we are using a 14 gauge wire from the hardware store really you just need any kind of wire that bends easily. But also holds its shape, if you have any wire left over from the neon sign DIY this is the perfect use for it we got roughly two feet per leaf although this is the biggest you would probably want to make your leaf stem once your stems are cut out we need to wrap them in a green floral or garden tape you can find this at your local florist or craft store or online as we’ve linked below we’ve never used floral tape before. But it’s actually so easy it’s not sticky. But it uses a stretching and pressing effect to stick it to the wire start wrapping on a diagonal and make sure that you’re pulling the tape as you go and pressing it in with your finger use one hand to twist the wire and the other to pull and press the tape once that’s done you can rip it or cut it at the end and twist to secure in the end it will look like a green stem next we need some green fabric we got about a quarter of a meter and that gave us just over 5 leaves pick a material that has nearly no texture and is not super silky otherwise it won’t stay up we hand drew an asymmetrical leaf shape which you can do too or you can download our template which we’ve linked below on our website try to make each leaf slightly different in shape and size to make it look really authentic once you’ve cut that out we’re going to load our gun our glue gun and get to gluing our stem onto our leaf we simply put a small line of glue on the stem and then leave the fabric on top pushing down on the stem while the glue dries repeat in small segments until you’ve made it density xvr taking some Mod Podge and brushing it onto the fabric in a downward angle which will dry in a way that looks like the natural markings on a leaf let that dry and repeat on the back of the leaf we use a regular gloss Mod Podge.


But they also have a stiff Mod Podge for fabric and that might be something that you want to check out once it’s all dry which may take an hour or two go ahead and give your leaf a little trim just to make sure you get rid of any fraying bits the Mod Podge will also help to make sure that the leaf doesn’t keep on frame we also added small slits in random areas to replicate how the banana leaf looks like in nature then we just took a vase added some dry foam which you can find at the dollar store and began placing our stems in to finish it off we added some black stones also from the dollar store to make this split leaf philodendron will still not sure on pronounciation we use the same technique for the wrapping of the wire. But instead of a light green fabric we used a darker color for this shape we’re drawing out a kind of oval shape with a little butt so cute we also created two short pieces of floral tape wrapped wire to use as cross supports before getting to the gluing step we wrap these around the stem and then use the same gluing process for attaching the fabric to the stem we then used our modpodge again to stiffen and add shine to the leaf. But this time we put it on in a rounded motion again trying to mimic the way the leaf grows in nature once you’ve modpodge the front and the back and it’s completely dry we can give the leaf a trim just like we did in the last style. But this time we’re going to add these large round cutouts just like a real slit leaf philodendron has again we have a template online, if you’d rather use that.

But try to vary the designs a bit. So that each one is unique make sure you aren’t making the cutouts too big otherwise the leaf may be a little floppy go ahead and add your little stems to a vase and you’re all done alright I hope you guys liked that tutorial it’s actually a pretty simple tutorial we kind of just went with it like what, if we add wire what, if we had fabric and it came together and we’re pretty happy about it they honestly like look fairly realistic for the fact that they’re not real like we are mind blowing ourselves so that’s like crazy and we’re so excited that you guys got to see that and they look so good in like photos and posts like you guys are seeing them in the back of our posts and you’re like wait what where’d you get that from oh wait no we made it I never asked this or girls where they got something from so onto the special announcement was ever going to get into the first hugely exciting thing is we finally have a website yes this we’ve always had like a landing page I think I don’t know we’ve always had the soy soy girls calm. But we’ve never had blog posts before we’ve never had like all of our posts there like a place where you can go and it’s like the store girls hub of everything creative or like anything you need to know you can search the blog for old DIY like it’s just gonna be a lot easier to find things there’s and it will on so many, if you wanted like a written list of the supplies and all that. Because you’re more a reader, if you’re at work you can’t be playing posts yeah this will just be that for you and it’ll be like great pictures and like a whole bunch of just extra content that’s really exciting so as well as extra content it’s going to be on the website the big exciting thing that we’re telling you about today are these babies this little guy.

So we Becky. And I put this little thing together it is a DIY kit and this is the first post that’s ever happen with these before the bad girls basically you guys have told us that you sometimes can’t find a fabric store or it’s hard to get some of the supplies, and we always have extra. Because you just saw our shelter down post how much shelving and like products and everything DIY we have. So we decided to take the extra pieces that we get put them in a little kit based on our post and then you guys can grab it from us for that you save money it’s like the best thing ever yeah.

Because the biggest thing is like it’s so sad, when I just know those people out there that really want to do DIYs and make offs and stuff that they can’t. Because of location or whatnot. So I just I’m so having a car exactly that we can bring you the opportunity to be able to make cool stuff with us, and we can like help you I bet I know a lot of people do boxes with like a third party company. But honestly you guys this is just us which is our little team like me and Abby putting together.

Because we just want to like be there for you. And I provide cool stuff for you yeah so in this kit that’s the very first one ever this is like our test run yet so, if you guys love it like hopefully it does well. So we can do more of it. But this first kit is to this post that you just watched the DIY palm-leaf the kit comes with everything that you need to make this project yeah there’s gonna be another post more in depth about this box specifically.

But the whole DIY kits box project I guess we’re just like super excited to share with you yes so make sure you guys check out the information below it’s going to be a limited run so you’re only gonna have about 10 days to order this box and then that’s going to be it this is our test we just think, if you guys are interested we’re going to just see, if it works everything looks good you guys are happy and then hopefully we can do more I know where it was so excited we hope you guys are equally as excited as we are please let us know your thoughts below and, if you would like to order one remember to do the quick. Because again limit it’s time to order them okay all the implements below and links to where you can get them and like details with all that cool stuff is below for you yay careful don’t do that this is our precious little box the little box baby I love to be printed out a little sticker and everything guys we’re legit we guys we’re so excited. But again this is all Becky on recognize a little baby um alright thank you guys so much for listening to the longest rant ever we just had to share this with you and this is like the only way we know how is through through this so this little camera right here. But yeah thank you guys so much for everything all of your support and like dedication over the years has led up to moments like this where we’re launching our website we’re in our new office we’re trying to get this DIY kits thesauri kits off the ground and something happening.

Because you guys requested it yeah you guys wanted it so please keep requesting and like reading really cool stuff and let us know every yeah yeah we always are listening to you guys you guys are red and butter what we live for literally so thank you again for everything you’ve done thank you for reading this post, if you’re new and you’re like who the heck are these girls are why they’re talking about all this stuff you can comment and learn more about that join the family and by the fam, if you like this post make sure you like it, if you love it please make sure that you sub it I don’t see you next time bye guys you you.

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